25 Beauty Hacks to Save You Time and Money


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Beauty Hacks

I’m all about making my life easier.

Whether it’s related to 1) getting ready quickly in the morning, 2) being more productive when I work from home, 3) going grocery shopping done during lunch, or 4) saving time and money with the best beauty and makeup hacks.

Whether you want to simplify your skincare routine, find a quick and easy way to put on makeup in under 15 minutes or save money with beauty hacks for your skin, face, and home – I’ve got you covered.

This post is all about beauty hacks to save you time and money.

This guide with beauty hacks includes:

  • Beauty hacks for face
  • Beauty hacks for skin
  • Beauty hacks you can do at home
  • Beauty hacks for girls to try out 😊
  • Other tips and tricks to save you time

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

25 Beauty Hacks to Save You Time and Money

Below are beauty hacks that I personally do. 😊

P.S. Do you have a beauty hack that you love?

Please scroll down to the bottom of this post and leave a comment to share your beauty hack with others!

1. Use Cuticle Cream for Soft Hands

Lots of hand lotions have alcohol that dries out your skin.

Instead, use Burt’s Bee’s cuticle cream for pretty nails and hydrated hands.

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2. Sleep on Your Back

Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles on your face. If you want to look younger than your age, try sleeping on your back.

3. Use Biore Nose Strips

Use a deep cleansing pore strip to remove blackheads. It is cheaper (and faster!) than getting a facial. 

4. Use a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases help to prevent wrinkles!

5. Use John Frieda for Darker Hair

The John Frieda hair treatment works wonders for getting beautiful, brunette hair at home.

P.S. – Check out this YouTube video with before and after results of using John Frieda.

6. Use Hair Lightener for Streaks

Want instant highlights?

Use John Frieda's lightning spray for at-home highlights.

7. Buy Sunblock from the Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree has GREAT sunblock, and it’s cheap too!

8. Buy Beauty Products from Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has some great serums and skincare products. Check them out!

This YouTube video has my favorite beauty and skincare products from Trader Joe's.

9. Use Generic Version of Eye Creams from Target and Walmart

Target and Walmart both sell great anti-wrinkle eye creams at affordable prices.

10. Buy Estee Lauder Beauty Set When It Is on Sale

The Estee Lauder Beauty Set goes on sale from time to time.

The Estee Lauder gifts usually include their expensive eye creams and serums for a really good price!

Check out this YouTube video with an unboxing of the Estee Lauder travel and gift set

11. Use Neosporin for Dried Out Lips

Are your lips super chapped? If Burt’s Bees isn’t doing the trick, put Neosporin on your lips!

12. Use Aussie Deep Hair Conditioner

Few deep conditioners beat the Olaplex No. 3 deep conditioner, but the Aussie Deep Hair Conditioner Treatment is a good alternative.

13. Braid Your Hair at Night

Want wavy hair? Put your hair in braids at night.

14. Put Your Hair in Space Buns at Night

Want curly hair, but hate using a curling iron? Put your hair in 3-5 space buns at night (use a bobby pin).

When you take out the bobby pins in the morning, your hair will be curly.

Check out this YouTube video to learn how to get curly hair without a curling iron.

15. Let Under Eye Concealer Set for 5 Min

A beauty hack is to put on under eye concealer, get dressed, and then rub it in.

Under-eye concealer works best if you let it set for 5 minutes!

My Favorite Under Eye Concealer (I use color: 110):

16. Look Awake with Highlighter

A little bit of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes will brighten your entire face and make you look more awake.

17. Add Translucent Powder Over Your Under Eye Concealer

Hate how your under-eye concealer sometimes crinkles after a few hours?

Add translucent powder over the top to prevent under-eye concealer from crinkling.

Everyone swears by the Laura Mercier translucent powder.

17. Define Brows Quickly with an Eyebrow Pencil

You can define your eyebrow pencils with a GREAT eyebrow pencil.

For big defined brows, use Billion Dollar Brows.

For a more natural look, try the Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil in Fair Blonde.

18. Prevent Acne with Noxzema Wipes

I still get acne, even though it has been years since I’ve been a teen with acne!

Acne medicine doesn’t work for me (and it bleaches my sheets at night!), but using the Noxzema wipes every morning (or night) works wonders.

19. Use Crest White Strips

You don’t need to use them often (maybe 2-3 times a year), but Crest White strips do work. Just put them on while you get ready to go out.

20. Do Your Own At-Home Hair Treatment

Want shiny, soft, and smooth hair?

Buy Olaplex No. 3 and put it on your hair for 30 minutes (or more). Your hair will be soft and silky smooth afterward!

21. Use a Nail Buffing Block for Shiny Nails

Want natural-looking nails at home?

Use a nail buffing block. It takes less than 2 minutes, and your nails will look so shiny afterward!

22. Get Super Strong Nails

Want strong nails?

For starters, try getting manicures less often (gel and SNS isn’t the best for you).

Then, start having Collagen every morning. I personally add one scoop of the Orgain Collagen Peptides to my coffee each day.

23. Check Out the Beauty Products from Walmart

Did I have a typo above? Not at all. 😊 Walmart actually has LOTS of cute clothes and affordable beauty products. Check out the beauty products by Equate.

They are the exact same formula as the more expensive stuff, but for about 25% off!

Shop Beauty Products by Equate at Walmart

24. Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Confused about which skincare products to use?

Make your life simple. You can just use KOOPE face wash and moisturizer each day, and you are good to go!

Check out my review of KOOPE.

You can save 20% off too! Get 20% off your first purchase of KOOPE online.

25. Do Your Own Hair Gloss at Home

Want shiny hair?

You can do your own hair gloss treatment at home.

Just mix an equal ratio of Redken processing solution with Redken EQ gloss, apply to your hair for 20 minutes, and rinse out with a sulfate-free conditioner.

What’s Your Go To Beauty Hack?

Do you have a beauty hack that you love, or a skincare or makeup product that is amazing?

Please leave a comment below to share it with others!

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Beauty Hacks to Save You Time and Money
Beaut Hacks to Save Time and Money

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