5 Cutest Hair Clips for Women That Aren’t Too Girly


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the cutest hair clips for women on Amazon

Cute Hair Clips

Hair clips are so fun! They hold back your hair (so practical!) and are an easy way to jazz up any hairdo or outfit.

Here are the 5 cutest hair clips. Best of all? They are all under $10 on Amazon!

Where to Buy Cute Hair Clips for Women

If you are on the hunt for a cute hair clip, below are my top recommendations on where to shop!

  • Amazon: Amazon is my go-to for finding cute hair clips for women. They just have so many options!
  • Target: Target always has cute and affordable hair accessories for women.
  • Lululemon: Does Lululemon have hair clips? You bet! Lululemon has come out with some super cute and classy hair clips!
  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom has some fun and statement hair clips for women. Check out the hair clips by France Luxe, L. Erickson, BP, and Lele Sadoughi on Nordstrom.

The 5 Cutest Hair Clips for Women on Amazon

Happy shopping!

1. Cridoz Acrylic Resin Hair Clips

These hair clips are so beautiful! These hair clips are gentle on your hair, pretty, and sturdy too!

Cridoz 12 Pcs Acrylic Resin Hair Barrettes Hair Clips for Women Hair Accessories
Cridoz 12 Pcs Acrylic Resin Hair Barrettes Hair Clips

View on Amazon

Women love these cute hair clips because they hold hair really well!

cute professional hair clips for women
Acrylic Resin Hair Clips

View on Amazon

2. SYEENIFY Fashion Hair Clips

If you have thick hair, then you will love these hair clips.

SYEENIFY Fashion Hair Clips Set, 20 PCS Pearls Hair Clips Acrylic Resin Hair Barrettes, Hollow Geometric Hair Clip Hairpins for Women Girls and Ladies Headwear Styling Tools
SYEENIFY 20 Piece Hair Clip Set

View on Amazon

Women say that these hairclips are super cute and great for thick hair!

cute hair clips for women on Amazon
Cute and Affordable!

View on Amazon

3. Gold Silver Minimalist Hair Clips by QIEIMUFHD

Gold Silver Minimalist Hair Clips Dainty Feather Hollow Hair Clips Set Feather Hair Pins Geometric Barrette Hair Accessories for Women
Simple and Cute Hair Clips

View on Amazon

These hair clips are more for decoration vs. for holding up hair, but they are so cute and stylish!

moon shaped simple hair clips
Moon Shaped Hair Clip

View on Amazon

4. Brown and Nude Hair Clips 

brown and nude hair clips
Pack of 8 for Under $15

View on Amazon

These hair clips are more practical vs. cute, but they hold up thick hair really well! 

5. Pearl Hair Clips by E-accexpert

12 Pcs Pearl Hair Clips Large Hair Clips Pins Barrette Ties Hair for Women Girls Elegant Handmade Fashion Hair Accessories Pearl Hair Clips
Pearl Hair Clips

View on Amazon

These hair clips have over 6,000 positive reviews on Amazon. These pearly hair clips are so pretty!

cute pearl hair clips for women
Cute Pearl Hair Clips

View on Amazon

My Personal Favorite Cutest Hair Clip for Women

My personal favorite? These Hawaiian hair clips! I actually bought mine when on a trip to Maui, but you can buy them on Amazon for less than what I paid!

Hawaiian Flower Clips
Hawaiian Flower Clips

View on Amazon

More Cute Hair Clips to Consider

These cute hair clips didn't make the top five list, but they are still super cute!

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