10 Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers Under $20


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the best gifts for teachers

Best Gifts for Teachers

If you want to get a Christmas gift (or any gift) for a teacher that your kid’s teacher will like, then please don’t gift them a mug or a scented candle.

This post is all about the best gifts for teachers…according to teachers.

This teacher gift guide includes gift ideas for teachers under $25 and the best Christmas gifts for teachers on Amazon.

How We Came Up with This List of the Best Gifts for Teachers

So how did we come up with this list of the best Christmas gifts for teachers?

By asking teachers of course!

This gift guide for teachers is the result of more than 100 comments from actual teachers in a women’s Facebook group.

1. A handwritten note

A heartfelt note from your kid is the #1 Christmas gift that teachers said they loved the most…really!

Kind words from students and teachers go a long way.

2. Coffee or coffee gift card

Starbucks coffee gift card
Coffee Gift Cards

View Gift Cards on Amazon

A coffee gift card and/or a bag of ground coffee is usually, if not always, appreciated.

You can get a Starbucks gift card online or a gift card to a local coffee shop.

3. Target or Amazon gift card

Amazon e-gift card for teachers
Perfect for Everyone!

Order Amazon Gift Card

Who doesn’t love a gift card?

A Target or an Amazon gift card will definitely be used by teachers.

Teachers spend a lot of money on school supplies too, and a gift card from Target or Amazon can always be used to buy more things for the classroom too.

4. Ornaments for a Christmas tree

handmade nut ornaments for
Perfect for Kids to Make!

Handmade ornaments are loved and cherished forever.

Even store-bought ornaments will be loved for decorating a Christmas tree!

Want a relatively easy handmade Christmas ornament idea? Check out these painted nut ornaments from Handmade Charlotte.

5. Homemade goodies

homemade fudge with salt and walnuts
Yummy and Delicious!

Most teachers said they like homemade goodies like fudge, cookies, or chocolate.

6. Chocolates

Lindt Lindor dark chocolates with blue wrapper
Tip: Get the DARK Chocolate

View on Amazon

Fancy chocolates, like Lindor chocolates, with a hand-written note, are a great gift idea for teachers.

7. Alcohol (if appropriate)

Depending on your child’s school, a teacher may love alcohol.

Trader Joe’s sells a lot of affordable and highly-rated wines.

Gift Idea for Teachers: Buy a pretty plant (or flowers) from Trader Joe’s with wine and a card and you’ll have a great gift!

8. Classroom supplies

Teachers spend a lot of their personal money on office supplies.

Ask them what they need, and then go out and buy the classroom supplies.

Or ask your kid’s teacher where he/she buys classroom supplies, and then give them a gift card to that store.

9. Grocery gift card

A grocery gift card will most certainly be used.

You can get a gift card from Trader Joe’s or Aldi.

For a creative note, write, “Thanks for ‘Aldi’ love you give my daughter/son.”

10. Restaurant or Uber Eats gift card

Uber Eats e-gift card
E-Gift Cards Available

Order Uber Eats Gift Card

Give your kid’s teacher a gift card to a restaurant close to school.

Your child’s teacher may also love an Uber Eats gift card.

Gifts that Teachers Hate

“Hate” may be a strong word, but here are gifts for teachers that I would NOT suggest gifting.

Teachers get so many mugs, candles, and lotions each year. Please don’t gift these gifts to teachers!

1. Mugs

One mug is nice; 10 mugs each year by students is a bit much!

A teacher can only have so many mugs.

Skip the personalized mugs and Christmas mugs as a Christmas gift for teachers.

2. Candles

Teachers get so many candles from students each year.

Your hairdresser may appreciate a candle for Christmas, but it will be an overload for teachers.

3. Lotions

Most (if not all) teachers don’t want lotions as a Christmas gift

4. Personalized bags/mug

Your mom may love a personalized mug for her birthday or a Mother’s Day gift. A teacher? Not so much.

Skip the personalized bags and mugs for teachers.

5. Candy

A teacher can only eat so much candy. Skip the candy as a Christmas gift.

How much to spend on teacher gifts?

So how much should you spend on a teacher gift this year?

Most parents said that they spend $10 to $25 on a Christmas gift for teachers.

You may want to spend $50 on a gift for your kid’s teacher if you want to be generous…teachers really do go above and beyond every day!

Are you a teacher? What gifts do you love the most?

Are you a teacher? If yes, I’d love to hear from you!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to leave a comment with your favorite gift to receive from students.

If there’s a gift on Amazon that you would love to receive from your students, I’d love to hear from you too!

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The Best Gifts for Teachers
The Best Gifts for Teachers
The Best Gifts for Teachers
The Best Gifts for Teachers


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