20 Affordable and Cool Teen Boy Gifts for Christmas

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teen boy gifts

Teen Boy Gifts

It can be nearly impossible to figure out what gifts to get for teens. Teenage boys are even harder to buy gifts for than teen girls.

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for teenage boys under $30, tech-related gifts for teen boys, or gifts for active and outdoor teenage boys, we have you covered.

This teen boy gift guide is all about the best Christmas gifts for teen boys.

These gifts for teen boys are easy to buy online. No need to run to the store. Hooray!

P.S. – Need Christmas gift ideas for others on your shopping list? We also have gift ideas for teen girls, boyfriends, and gifts for guys.

The Best Teen Boy Gifts for 2023

Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

1. Nintendo Switch

Boys and men of all ages will love the Nintendo Switch, assuming they are into video games.

Nintendo Switch with Blue and Red Joy-Con for Teens
Nintendo Switch with Blue and Red Joy-Con for Teens

View on Amazon

2. Electric Skateboard

Skateboards are making a comeback and are so popular right now.

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard
RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

View on Amazon

3. Madden NFL 20 (PS4)

Madden is one of the most popular video games right now. Your teen boy likely has Madden on his Christmas wish list already!

Madden for PS4 as a Christmas Gift for Teenage Boys
Madden for PS4

View on Amazon

4. Nike Air Force 1's

Nike Air Force 1’s are a popular sneaker for both teen boys and teen girls right now.

Nike Air Force 1s Teen Boys

View on Nike

5. Nike Pullover Fleece Hoodie

You can’t go wrong with a Nike sweatshirt for your son (or husband).

Nike Pullover Athletic Sweatshirt for Teenage Boys
Nike Pullover Athletic Sweatshirt for Teenage Boys

View on Amazon

6. Adidas Training Pants

Adidas makes great-looking (and fitting!) Adidas pants for teens and athletic guys.

Adidas Black Jogger and Training Pants with 3 White Stripes
Adidas Training Pants

View on Amazon

7. Gift Card to Amazon

Teens (and adults) love money. This Amazon gift card comes with a pretty holiday gift box. If you aren’t sure what your teenage son or daughter will like – just get them a gift card to Amazon!

Amazon Gift Card with Gift Box
Amazon Gift Card with Gift Box

View on Amazon

8. Herschel Classic Backpack

The Herschel backpack is popular among teens right now.

Herschel Classic Backpack for Teenage Boys Gift in Black
Herschel Backpack

View on Amazon

9. Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball is a popular game for both teens and adults. Your teenage boy will love playing this outdoor game with friends. This gift works well for boyfriends too!

Spikeball Game Gift for Teenage Boys, College Guys, or Boyfriend Gift

View on Amazon

10. Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

This simple Himalayan glow light is a perfect “manly” decoration and light for your teen to put on his desk.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Gift for Teenage Boys Under $25 for Christmas
Himalayan Salt Lamp Gift

View on Amazon

11. Apple Charging Station

This Apple charging station Christmas gift will help your teen keep track of their phone, watch, and AirPods and charge all three apple products in one place. Talk about a useful Christmas gift!

Best Apple Charging Station on Amazon

View on Amazon

12. Echo Dot

The 4th Gen Echo Dot is on sale on Amazon and comes in charcoal, grey, pink, black, and white. Any tech-loving teen will love this Christmas gift.

Echo Dot on Amazon

View on Amazon

13. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets reduce tossing and turning in bed and will help your teen feel more relaxed and less stressed out. This is a great Christmas present for college students too!

Weighted Blanket for Adults and Teens
Weighted Blanket for Adults and Teens

View on Amazon

14. Magnetic Dark Board

Dartboards are a fun game room addition. Darts are a great indoor game and the whole family can play together.

Magnetic Indoor Dart Board Gift for Adults and Teens
Magnetic Indoor Dart Board Gift for Adults and Teens

View on Amazon

15. Inflatable Couch

Your teen will love this inflatable couch for festivals and picnics in the park. This lounger also comes in handy for beach trips with friends.

Inflatable Lounger for Festivals and Camping
Inflatable Lounger for Festivals and Camping

View on Amazon

16. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

Teenage boys and teenage girls will love the Beats headphones as a Christmas gift. These headphones come in a TON of colors, including gold, black, red, and rose gold.

Beats Headphones Dr. Dre

View on Amazon

17. JBL Waterproof Portable Speakers

Teens (and adults!) love listening to music. If your teen doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker then they need one!

JBL gets the best reviews for its speaker quality and having a waterproof speaker is a must for beach vacation trips and pool parties.

Teen Boy Gift Ideas JBL Wireless Speaker

View on Amazon

Tip: You can buy the JBL Charge 3 for sale right now if you are okay with an older model. 

18. Under Armour Gym Duffle Bag

Between basketball, track, and sports practice – your teen likely has a large gym bag for carrying everything. If your teenager’s gym bag is starting to look worn out get them the Under Armour duffle bag.

This duffle bag is a great size and comes in many colors.

Teen Boy Gift Under Armour Gym Bag

View on Amazon

19. Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods are a game-changer. If your teenager doesn’t own a pair then this is a MUST Christmas gift. Seriously – they are wonderful.

The AirPods Pro is more expensive than the prior generation of AirPods, but everyone says that noise cancellation is a game-changer.

View on Amazon

20. Cards Against Humanity

Teens and adults love hanging out with friends for a good game night. Cards Against Humanity is a great party game that every teen should have handy for hosting friends over.

Cards Against Humanity Gift for Teens and Adults
Cards Against Humanity

View on Amazon

Gifts to Avoid for Teen Boys

Don’t get fooled by some of the teen boy gift guides out there!

From the comments online, teen boys HATE these gift ideas.

  • A cashmere sweater
  • Puzzles
  • Soap or body wash
  • Movie posters
  • A Hydro Flask water bottle
  • A pizza blanket

Preteen Boy Gift Ideas

Need a gift idea for a preteen boy who is 11 or 12 years old?

Good luck! (joking)

Here are some easy gift ideas for preteen boy

1. Laser Tag Set

Younger boys love nerf guns, and they may still love them as preteen boy too! But to be really cool, get a preteen boy a laser tag set for Christmas or his birthday.

Preteen Boy Christmas Gift Laser Battle

View on Amazon

This is perfect if there are siblings in the house too.

2. Drone

If you want to splurge, get your preteen a drone. He’ll love it! Just make sure he doesn’t fly it into the trees and have it break. 😊

Pre-Teen Boy Gift Drone

View on Amazon

3. Flashing LED Gloves

10-year-olds LOVE these fun LED gloves.

Teen Boy Gift LED Gloves

View on Amazon

4. I’m Gaming. Do Not Disturb Sock.

Preteen boys (and teenage boys) love video games (at least my preteen nephews do!). These fun gaming socks are a fun gift idea that’s under $10.

5. Catan

Preteen boys (and adults!) love Catan. You get to build your own civilization. Make sure your preteen boy has a mom or dad willing to help him out with this game. It’s lots of fun once you learn how to play it.

6. Camo Slippers

Don’t let your preteen boy get cold in the winter. Camo is cool, and these slippers are soft and cozy.

LA PLAGE Little/Big Kids Boys Camouflage Grey Slippers with Cozy Warm Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Slip-on Durable House Shoes
For Cold Winters!

View on Amazon

7. Gravity Maze

Teen Boy Gift Educational Gravity Maze

View on Amazon

This Gravity Maze is the best STEM gift of 2023. This gift is popular among 12 year olds, 9 year olds, and adults. Seriously….read the reviews on Amazon. Everyone LOVES this gift!

What to give a teenage guy for his birthday

Not sure what to give a teenage guy for his birthday? Ask him!

If you can’t get an answer out of him, here are some gift ideas for teen guys.

  1. Airpods
  2. A video game on his wish-list
  3. New running shoes or sneakers
  4. A skateboard
  5. Amazon gift card
  6. An outdoor speaker
  7. Heats headphones
  8. A zip-up fleece jacket
  9. Spikeball game set

What to give a teenage guy friend for Christmas

If you have a teenage guy friend and are clueless about what to give him for Christmas, here are some easy gift ideas for under $35.

  1. T-shirt from his favorite band
  2. His favorite candy or chocolate
  3. Board game
  4. Amazon gift card

What presents do teenage guys like?

Teenage guys can be difficult to shop for.

Most teenage guys like cool gadgets, speakers, AirPods, Amazon Alexa stuff, portable chargers, video games, gift cards, clothes from their favorite brands, and cash to go out with friends.

Have a teenage son? What gifts did he like receiving?

Do you have a teenage son at home?

What is on his Amazon wish list? What gifts has your teenage son loved receiving?

Please leave a comment and share.

I’d love to hear from you!

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