What to Wear in Miami: 35 Miami Vacation Outfit Ideas


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what to wear in Miami

Cute Miami Vacation Outfits

Welcome to MIAMI!

If you are going to Miami for vacation, you’ll probably want to add a few new and cute outfits to your wardrobe. 😊

The best Miami vacation outfits come in bold and bright colors.

Miami Vacation Outfit Ideas: What to Wear in Miami

Cute Miami Vacation Outfits and What to Wear in Miami for Vacation at the Beach

What to Wear in Miami: Downtown and Daytime

In general, great things to wear in Miami include sexy two-piece outfits, dresses with cutouts, and short jean shorts. Miami is also the place to wear cute rompers, sexy and tight dresses, and stylish beach cover-ups.

You'll want to avoid wearing flip-flops and clothing with excessive holes or rips.

What to Wear in Miami: Pool Parties

In general, you'll want to wear a swimsuit and a cute cover up! REVOLVE has lots of sexy cover-ups that would be perfect! And of course, don't forget cute flip-flips and a hat.

Below are cute outfit ideas for Miami.

You’ll find LOTS of cute Miami vacation outfits, including Miami vacation outfits for women size 16 and up.

Cute Two-Piece Outfits for the Daytime in Miami

A two-piece outfit is a must for Miami. It's flirty, comfortable, and cute! 

These two-piece outfits are perfect for wearing on hot Miami summer days.

Cute Two Piece White Romper Outfit for Miami Vacation
Enzo Romper


Cute Two Piece Lemon Print Dress and Crop Top for Miami Vacation Outfit
So Cute!!

View on Amazon

Tropical Green Two Piece Outfit for Hawaii Vacation
Open Side Wide Leg Pant


Sexy Miami Two Piece Tropical Vacation Outfit with Skirt and Crop Top
Aro Lora Two-Piece Maxi Dress

View on Amazon

Cute White Two Piece Miami Vacation Outfit with Pants and Crop top
FANCYINN Two-Piece Outfit

View on Amazon

Cute Miami Beach Vacation Two Piece Outfit with Skirt and Shirt with Fringe
So Cute!

View on Amazon

Casual Cute Shorts and Crop Top Miami Vacation Outfit for Women and Teens
Cute and Casual 2 Piece Outfit

View on Amazon

Sexy Miami Vacation Outfit with Red Crop Top and Mini Skirt with Ruffles
Comes in Plus Sizes Too!

View on Amazon

Midi Tan and Nude Dresses with Cut-Outs for Miami Afternoons

There's no need to be shy while in Miami! Cutout dresses and showing off some skin is a must-do!

These cute dresses with cut-outs are perfect for a Miami vacation.

Sexy Miami Vacation and Tropical Vacation Tan Dress with Cutouts
Pink Queen Dress (Sizes Up to X-Large)

View on Amazon

Sexy Tan Maxi Dress with Cutouts for Tropical Vacation, Florida Vacation, Miami Vacation
So Sexy and Cute!

View on Amazon

Sexy Two Piece Miami Vacation Outfit and Tropical Vacation Dress
Available in 10+ Colors Online

View on Amazon

Sexy Tan Ribbed Bodycon Maxi Dress for Vacation
So Sexy in Beige!

View on Amazon

Bright Yellow, Orange, and Pink Outfits for Casual Miami Vacation Vibes

Go bold and bright! If you love neon, Miami is the place to wear it.

Miami Beach Neon Twist Dress with Open Stomach for Going Out
Sexy and Fun for Miami Vibes

View on Amazon

Bright Pink Miami and Tropical Vacation Two Piece Outfit with Slit Pants and Bikini Top
Sizes Up to 2X-Large and 20+ Colors

View on Amazon

Miami Neon Yellow Two Piece Vacation Outfit and Tropical Outfit for Going Out
SEXY and Fun!!!

View on Amazon

Palazzo Pants or Skirts with Crop Tops for Walking Around Miami

Palazzo pants and skirts are comfortable and flattering for wearing in Miami.

Cute Miami Vacation Outfit with Palazzo Pants and Crop Top
Photo by Jessica L.

View Pants on Amazon

View Top on Amazon

Miami Beach Classy Vacation Outfit with Tan Palazzo Pants and One Shoulder Tank
So Classy and Sexy!

View on Amazon

Miami, Florida, West Palm Beach Vacation Outfit with White and Pink Stripe Palazzo Pants with Palm Trees
The Resorts Pants

View on Kenny Flowers

Shorts with Ruffled Blouses for Hot Miami Days

Jeans shorts with a cute blouse is the perfect outfit for Miami.

Cute Miami Beach Outfit with Tropical Shirt and White Jean Shorts
Cute and Tropical!

View on Amazon

Cute Miami Beach Outfit with Pink Tank Top and White Shorts
So Cute and Beach-Perfect!

View on Amazon

Sexy Swimsuits with Sarongs for Miami Beaches

A sarong over a sexy swimsuit (like a monokini!) is perfect for Miami beach vacation outfits.

Plus, don't be shy about wearing a revealing swimsuit! 

Sarong Over Bright Orange Swimsuit for Miami Beach Vacation Outfit
Under $20 on Amazon!

View on Amazon

Sexy White Crochet Beach Cover Up for Miami Vacation
Sexy Beach Cover Up!


Sexy Wrap Skirt and Tie Dye Beach Sarong for Beach Vacation in Miami
Sizes: S to 3XL

View on Amazon

Cute Tropical Rompers for Wearing All Day in Miami

Cute tropical rompers are easy Miami vacation outfits.

Cute White Off Shoulder White Floral Romper for Miami Vacation Outfits
Sizes Up to 2X-Large

View on Amazon


Sexy Floral Turquoise Romper with Long Sleeves for Miami Vacation Outfit
X REVOLVE Nesh Dress


Tropical Romper for Vacation Outfit in Miami
Merino Dress by AFRM


Sexy V-Neck Romper for Miami Vacation Outfit
By Rococo Sand


Jumpsuits and Dresses for Evenings Out in Mami

Why not wear a sexy jumpsuit or dress with a plunging neckline? These bold and tropical dresses are so cute to wear around Miami!

Long Sleeve Plunge Maxi Dress for Hawaii Vacation
Flora Plunge Maxi Dress


Cute Dress with V Neck, Tie Front, Pocket, and Leopard Print for Miami Beach Vacation Outfit
Comes in 30+ Patterns on Amazon

View on Amazon

Sexy Red Silk Satin Dress for Miami Vacation Outfit
X REVOLVE Jacinda Dress


Cute Floral Dress with V-Neck in Floral Print for Beach Vacation Outfit, Miami, West Palm Beach, or California Vacation
Sizes Up to 22 Plus

View on Amazon

Black and White Geometric Jumpsuit with Belt and Low Neckline for Beach Vacation and Going Out
Sizes Up to 3X-Large

View on Amazon

Bodycon Mini Dresses for Clubbing in Miami

You’ll definitely want to pack dresses for clubbing in Miami. Or, if you happen to be in Miami for NYE!

Sexy Sparkly Bodycon Bandage Mini Dress for Clubbing in Miami on Vacation
20+ Colors Online

View on Amazon

Sexy Hot Pink One Shoulder Mini Dress for Clubbing, Miami Vacations, Beach Vacations
So Fun and Bright!


Sexy Khaki Red Glitter Bodycon Clubbing Dress for Miami Vacation
Fun and Sexy!

View on Amazon

Jeans with Crop Tops, Tank Tops, and Blouses for the Daytime in Miami

Jeans with crop tops and tank tops are perfect for Miami vacation outfits.

Sexy Miami Beach Outfit with Green Off Shoulder Crop Top
Sizes Up to 2X-Large

View on Amazon

Sexy Miami Vacation Outfit and Tropical Outfit with Tropical Blouse, Jeans, and Heels
Blouse: Sizes Up to 3X-Large

View on Amazon

Sexy Cute Miami Beach Outfit with Jeans and White Crop Top and Studded Sandals
Available in 25+ Colors Online

View on Amazon

Cute Accessories to Wear with Miami Outfits

Accessories can make your Miami outfit complete!

Tropical Florida Vacation, Miami Vacation, and Beach Vacation Earrings with Flowers
So Pretty!

View on Amazon

Cute Beach Earrings for Hawaii Vacation Outfits
Set of 9 Earrings

View on Amazon

Shoes and Heels to Pack for Miami

You’ll want to pack a mix of casual flip-flops for the beach, dressy wedges or heels for the evening, and cute sandals for walking around Lincoln Street.

VETASTE comfortable wedge Espadrille sandals in tan for vacation outfits, wedding guest dresses, and summer outfits
VETASTE Espadrille Wedge Sandals

View on Amazon

Cute Strappy Tan Sandals for Beach Vacation Outfit, Hawaii Vacation, and Summer Outfits
Simone Nude Strappy Block Heels

View on Pink Lily

Cute Straw Bags and Beach Bags to Pack for Miami

You may also want to check out these cute beach bags with a zipper and these canvas beach bags

Cute Straw Beach Bag for Hawaii Vacation
JOSEKO Straw Tote

View on Amazon

Cute Miami Vacation Tote Mesh Beach Bag
So Cute and Easy to Pack!

View on Amazon

What to Pack for Miami: MiamiPacking List for Vacation

Here are a few essentials to pack for Miami. These are things you won’t want to forget!

Packing List for Miami

  • Sunglasses
  • Sexy dresses for clubbing at night
  • Extra phone charger
  • LOTS of hats
  • Rashguard (to protect your skin!)
  • Cute beach bag

What NOT to Pack for a Vacation in Miami

These are a few things that you won’t need in Miami. 😊

Beach Towel

Most hotels, resorts, and Airbnbs will provide you with a beach towel

Conservative Clothes

No need to be conservative in Miami. Go all out!


Show off some skin!

Black and Brown Clothes

Go bright and bold in Miami!

Guides to Get You Ready for a Trip to Miami

You may want to check out these travel and packing guides for Miami too!

Cute Outfits for the Beach

Best Swimsuits to Hide a Tummy

Best Linen Beach Cover Ups

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Cute Miami Vacation Outfits and What to Wear in Miami
Cute Miami Vacation Outfits

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