Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses Under $45

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Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses Online

Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses

A girl needs to have at least 2-3 cute, casual dresses in her closet.

But where does one go to buy cute, casual dresses?

You probably want a casual dress that is under $45 for spring/summer, and you probably want a cute dress that is comfortable too. 😊

If you are ready to add new, cute, casual dresses to your closet, you are in luck.

This guide is all about where to buy cute casual dresses.

You’ll also find casual dresses for summer, plus size casual dresses, and lots of cute casual dresses for wearing over swimsuits, taking evening walks, going out for drinks, and more.

10 Best Places to Buy Cute Casual Dresses for Women

Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses Online

These are the best places to buy cute casual dresses for women.

And this list isn’t just based on my opinion. 😊

I belong to a woman’s Facebook group where one woman asked, “Where do you shop for cute and casual sundresses? Bonus if you shop online.”

Below are the top-rated places to buy cute and casual dresses according to a poll sent to women ages 20-45.

Summary: The best places to buy cute casual dresses include Amazon, Lulus, Target, and more. These stores sell LOTS of cute casual dresses under $50.

1. Amazon: Best for Affordable and Cute Casual Dresses

Cute Casual Dresses on Amazon
Cute Dresses on Amazon

Shop Dresses on Amazon

Amazon is my top pick for cute and casual dresses, and women in my Facebook group all LOVED Amazon for summer dresses.

Amazon sells flattering dresses for curvy and plus-size women. Plus, Amazon has free shipping. 😊

Below are some of the top-rated cute and casual dresses on Amazon according to my friends. This includes women with curves who usually wear a size large.


Cute Floral Casual Maxi Dress for Women
Sizes Up to 3X-Large

View on Amazon

KILIG Summer Casual Sundress

Casual Summer Dress with Buttons on Amazon
Sizes Up to 2X-Large

View on Amazon

MEROKEETY T-Shirt Casual Tie Dress

Casual Cute Dress on Amazon for Women with Pockets
Over 16,000 Positive Reviews!

View on Amazon

2. Lulus: Best for Casual Date-Night and Going Out Dresses Online

Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses for Women on Lulus
Cute Casual Dresses from Lulus

Shop Dresses on Lulus

Lulus is amazing for cute summer outfits, especially wedding guest dresses.

3. Target: Best for Affordable Cute and Casual Dresses (in Many Sizes)

Target for Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses
Cute Casual Dresses from Target

Shop Dresses on Target

Target has so many affordable and cute dresses for spring and summer.

You’ll want to shop on Target online, as many of the cute dresses in popular sizes sell out in the stores.

Target also has lots of cute plus-size casual dresses for women.

4. Pink Lily: Best for Girly Cute and Casual Dresses Online

Cute Casual Dresses from Pink Lily
Perfect for Spring and Summer!

Shop Dresses on Pink Lily

I recently discovered Pink Lily, and OMG…I have been missing out!!!

Pink Lily has lots of cute and casual sundresses and outfits for summer.

Plus, Pink Lily has a great selection of plus-size dresses for women.

5. Baltic Born: Best for Casual Maxi Dresses

Baltic Born for Buying Cute, Casual Maxi Dresses Online
Baltic Born Maxi Dresses

Shop Dresses on Baltic Born

Baltic Born is a little bit expensive, but they sell lots of cute dresses for summer. Baltic Born is great for longer-style dresses too.

6. Old Navy: Best for Affordable Cute Dresses + Plus Size + Maternity Dresses

Cute Casual Dresses on Old Navy for Women
Casual Dresses from Old Navy

Shop Dresses on Old Navy

Old Navy has lots of cute and casual dresses for summer.

Old Navy is also great at selling cute and casual plus-size dresses for women.

7. Francesca’s: Best for Cute Casual Dresses for Teens

Cute Casual Dresses for Women and Teens from Francesca's
Cute Dresses by Francesca's

Shop Dresses on Francesca's

Francesca’s has lots of cute dresses, rompers, shorts, and shirts for summer.

Plus, you will LOVE the accessories (purses, earrings, sunglasses, shoes, and hats) from Francesca’s.

8. Vici Collection: Best for Sexy Casual Dresses Online

Cute Casual Dresses for Women Online from Vici Collection
So Cute and Sexy!

Shop Dresses from Vici Collection

Vici Collection isn’t cheap necessarily, but they sell lots of cute midi dresses that are just perfect for summer.

9. Express: Best for Stylish, Cute, Casual Dresses for Women

Cute Casual Dresses for Women from Express
Cute Dresses from Express

Shop Dresses on Express

Express can be a hit or a miss for cute summer dresses. Check out their website to see if any of their cute, casual dresses catch your eye.

I personally LOVE Express for cute going out tank-tops too.

10. ASOS: Best Plus Size Casual Dresses Online + Brightly Colored Vacation Dresses

ASOS for Cute, Casual Curvy and Plus Size Dresses Online
Includes Dresses for Curvy Women

Shop Dresses on ASOS

ASOS has free returns and trendy outfits and dresses for women.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cute and Casual Dresses

When deciding on which cute, casual dress to buy, here are a few tips. 😊


What style of dress do you want?

A-Line dresses that flare out at the hips are attractive on women of all shapes and sizes.

Maxi dresses are comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Mini dresses are fun and flirty for spring/summer. 😊


Dresses made from cotton are stretchy and comfortable for casual dresses.

Reviews Online

What do other women say about the dress online?

If other women love the dress, you will probably love it too. 😊

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Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses Online for Women
Where to Buy Cute Casual Dresses Online for Women

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