50+ Engagement Photo Ideas for Your Photoshoot

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Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement Photo Ideas

If you just got engaged – congrats!!

Ready to capture some amazing moments? If you are searching for engagement photo ideas, you are in the right place.

From sunny spring vibes to cozy winter scenes, I've got tons of photo ideas for you. Whether you're thinking formal or casual, with or without your furry friend, let's make these memories unforgettable! Check out over 50 ideas and engagement photo outfit suggestions below. 📸

Engagement Photo Ideas for Spring and Summer

Click on the images to view the dresses and outfits featured in these spring and summer engagement photo ideas.

These engagement photo ideas are perfect for spring and summer.

1. Take Photos In Front of a Church

engagement photo idea for fall with plus size woman in green dress and man in khaki pants and suit jacket
Emerald green is perfect for summer or fall engagement photos

2. Snap Photos On a Local Walking Path

Engagment photos in Atlanta, GA on the Beltline near Inman Park and Old Fourt Ward for engagement photo shoot
Photo by A Creative Pear Photography

This casual engagement photo idea is perfect for summer.

3. Include Your Dog (or Dogs!)

Engagement photo ideas with dogs!

Engagement Photo Idea with Dog

4. Be Romantic By the Lake

engagement photo idea for summer with girl in flower print dress outside on the lake with fiancee
This delicate dress is perfect for summer and spring

5. Take Photos Along a Hiking Path

engagement photo idea for summer with woman in maxi flower print dress and man in jeans and collared shirt
This casual dress gets great reviews

6. Be Sweet In a Grassy Field

Outdoor engagement Photo Idea for summer for couples with woman in flower print maxi dress and man in blue shirt
This engagement photoshoot pose is so cute!

7. Check Out a Monument for Photos

engagement photo idea for couples in the spring with woman in light pink dress for outdoor spring engagement photoshoot
Spring Engagement Photoshoot Dress

8. Take Photos In Front of the City Skyline

Jackson Street Bridge fall and summer engagement photoshoot and photo shoot idea in Atlanta for downtown Atlanta views
Take engagement photos with the city skyline!

9. Have Fun On a Grassy Field

summer engagement photo idea with maxi dress
Adorable Summer Photoshoot Idea!

10. Take Photos On a Bridge

Summer Engagement Photo Idea
So Pretty!

Engagement Photo Ideas on the Beach

Head outside for romantic beach engagement photos! Be prepared to get wet too!

Check out more beach engagement photo ideas.

At Sunset on the Beach

Beach Engagement Photoshoot Idea and Pink Dress
So Romantic!

On a Rocky Beach

Sexy V Neck Red Beach Engagement Photoshoot Dress
So Sexy!

In the Ocean

Beach Couple Engagement Photo

In Semi-Formal Attire

Beach Engagement Photoshoot Ideas
So Pretty!

Walking Along the Rocks

Sexy Red Dress for Engagement Photoshoot
Great Pose!

On Top of Rocks

Outfit for Beach Engagement Photoshoot with Black and White Couple
So Unique!

Kissing at Sunset

Beach and Water Engagement Photo Idea
So Pretty!

Standing in the Sand

beach anniversary photoshoot idea with light green and blue dress
So Sweet!

Engagement Photo Ideas for Fall

Fall makes for romantic photos. It's a popular time for engagement photos too!

Want more fall engagement photo ideas? Check out this post!

On a Walking Path

engagement photo idea for fall with a girl in a long dress and boots kissing a guy outside
So Cute!

In the Street

fall engagement photo ideas and fall engagement photo long elegant, fancy dress in green from Amazon
So Pretty!

Showing Off the Ring

light pink fall engagement photo dress and engagement photo ideas for fall
So Unique!

Smiling BIG!

orange wrap long fall engagement photo shoot dress idea
So Sweet!

Kissing Up Close

fall engagement photo ideas for outside photos and dress for engagement beach photos in the fall
So Romantic!

In the Mist

Romantic Fall Engagement Photoshoot Idea and Dress
Such a Great Background!

Jumping Up for a Kiss

fall engagement photo shoot outfit idea with green dress and boots for fall photos
Love This!

Giving a Piggy Back Ride

fall engagement photo shoot outfit ideas
So Fun!

On a Bridge

fall engagment photo outfits of jeans and simple shirt
Perfect for the City Couple!

In a Local Garden

engagement photo ideas fall
Love This!

At a Local College

romantic fall engagement photoshoot at Berry College and photo shoot session outfit ideas and locations outside Atlanta for fall engagment photo session
So Romantic!

In Front of a Church

Winter Engagement Photoshoot Outside Cathedral

At a Winery

Engagement Photo Ideas Outdoors
Love this Dress!

Outside Your Favorite Restaurant

fall engagement photo idea of a skirt and a blouse with yellow pleated skirt and blouse
Perfect for Fall!

At the Park

fall outside engagement photo with pink skirt
Love This!

Outside a Barn

fall engagement photoshoot idea outside with red off the shoulder dress

Cowboy Themed

Fall Engagement Photo Idea Cowboy
So Much Fun!

Engagement Photo Ideas for Winter

Check out more winter engagement photo ideas.

If you are taking engagement photos in the winter, make sure to bring a coat and be prepared for cold weather!

Under the Bridge

Winter Engagement Photos and Outfit
Perfect for Formal Photos

On the Street

Winter Engagement Photos Dress
So Fun!

On Top of a Parking Garage

Silver Sequin Dress for Winter Engagement Photoshoot
Unique Winter Engagement Photo Idea

In Front of Barn Doors

Winter Engagement Photoshoot Dress
So Pretty!

With Mountains in the Background

Engagement photos with snow in the background are so pretty! Just be prepared for super cold weather!

Winter Outdoor Engagement Photos with Snow
So Stunning!

In the Forest

Winter Engagement Photoshoot with Red Dress
A bold dress will stand out in the snow

Inside with Gold Balloons

Winter Engagement Photoshoot Idea with Black Couple and red dress
Get glamorous in a stunning red dress for your winter Christmas photos

Christmas engagement photos are so fun! Make sure to have a good Christmas or holiday-themed background in your photos. And of course, wear red!

Check out the best red plus size Christmas dresses and red Christmas Day dresses for more outfit ideas.

Outside by a Christmas Tree

winter and Christmas engagement photo idea outside with Christmas tree
Sweater dresses with tights are perfect for winter photos!

On Your Front Porch Steps

red sexy dress for fall engagement photo shoot ideas and fall engagement photo dresses
This off the shoulder red dress is perfect for Christmas!

4 Best Heels to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

Here are my top picks of the best heels to wear with your engagement dress.

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