11 Dreamy Milk Bath Maternity Ideas & Dresses for 2024


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Milk Bath Maternity Photos

Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

Many women get traditional maternity photos outside, but what about getting milk bath maternity photos?

Milk bath maternity photo shoots are a unique way to capture your baby bump.

But how does one make a milk bath? What does one wear for a milk bath maternity shoot?

Continue reading for everything you need to know about milk bath maternity photoshoots.

This maternity photoshoot guide includes:

  • How to make a milk bath for a milk bath maternity shoot
  • What to wear for a milk bath photoshoot
  • Ideas to inspire you for your milk bath photoshoot

How to Make a Milk Bath

Setting up a bathtub for a milk bath is easy.

All you need to do if fill up your bathtub with water (about halfway) and then add 1 gallon of whole milk. That’s it!

If you want creamier-looking water, use 2 gallons of whole milk.

What to Wear for Milk Bath Maternity Photos

See-through boho dresses are a popular choice for milk bath maternity photos.

Many women opt for white lace maternity gowns. Light cream and light blue are popular colors too.

Depending on how much you want to reveal, you may want to wear a lace gown that shows off your tummy and is see-through.

Flowers for a Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot

You’ll notice that most women include flowers in the milk bath.

Popular options include roses, peonies, daisies, and carnations.

Milk Bath Maternity Photo Ideas & Dresses

Now for the fun part! Milk bath maternity photo ideas!

Below you will find ideas on what to wear for your milk bath maternity photo shoot and ideas for poses and outfits.

1. Take the Milk Bath Photos from Behind

Maternity Milk Bath Shoot
Dress by Pink Blush Maternity

Most women have their milk maternity photos taken from the side, but you can change things up and have the photos taken from behind!

The dress shown in this bathtub maternity shoot gets amazing reviews too!

2. Wear a White Maternity Gown and Light Some Candles

Maternity Milk Bath Photos
Dress by ZIUMUDY on Amazon

You can decorate the outside of the bathtub with candles for soft and romantic maternity milk bath photos.

This bathtub maternity shoot idea is easy to do at home for a DIY maternity bathtub photoshoot.

3. Add Sunflowers to the Milk Bath and Smile

Maternity Milk Bath Photos Smiling
Dress by AYMENII on Amazon

Most women make somewhat serious faces in a milk bath photoshoot, but you don't have to! Make a big smile for fun photos!

4. Move the Bathtub Outside for You Milk Bath Shoot

Milk Bath Maternity Shoot Outside
Dress by ZIUMUDY on Amazon

Who says you have to take your milk bath maternity photos inside? If possible, get your photos taken in the great outdoors!

4. Show Off Your Stomach In Your Bathtub Maternity Shoot

Milk Bath Maternity Shoot
See-Through Maxi Dress on Amazon

I personally LOVE the milk bath maternity shoots where women show off their stomachs. This dress turns out beautiful in milk bath shoots!

5. Wear a Black Maternity Dress for Your Milk Bath Shoot and Add Red Roses

Maternity Milk Bath in Black Dress
See Through Kimono on Amazon

The contrast of the white milk bath with a black maternity gown and red roses makes for an excellent combination!

6. Don't Be Afraid to Wear Red

Milk Bath Photoshoot Idea in Red Gown
Dress by COSYOU Maternity on Amazon

This red maternity gown looks stunning in milk bath photos! Many women wear white or cream gowns, but you don't have to.

7. Add Bright Blue Flowers

Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot with Blue Flowers
Floral Lace Dress on Amazon

This is such a unique idea for a milk bath photoshoot!

8. Add Red and Yellow Flowers to Your Milk Bath

Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot Idea with Red and Yellow Flowers
Dress on Amazon by COSYOU

Add yellow and red flowers to your milk bath and you will end up with great photos from your maternity milk bath photo shoot.

To look extra vibrant, wear bright red lipstick and red fingernail polish.

9. Get a Close-Up

Milk Bath Maternity Photoshoot Idea
Floral Lace Gown on Amazon

Try different angles for your milk bath maternity shoot. Close-ups turn out really well!

10. Wear a Flower Crown

Maternity Milk Bath Photo Idea with Crown
Dress by COSYOU on Amazon

A flower crown/floral crown looks GREAT as an accessory for a maternity milk bath photoshoot!

11. Take Milk Bath Photos in a Unique Bathroom

Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot in Burgundy Dress
Dress by Saslax on Amazon

If you can find a bathroom with unique wallpaper or unique siding (like the green walls surrounding this bathtub), go for it! The contrast between the walls and the bathtub result in really unique milk bath maternity photos.

Best Maternity Gown for Milk Baths

There are so many maternity gowns to choose from! Most women wear a see-through lace maternity gown/robe for their milk bath.

I highly recommend the COSYOU Maternity Dress on Amazon for your milk bath. This maternity dress comes in 15+ colors on Amazon and is available in plus sizes up to 3X-Large and 4X-Large.

Maternity Bath for Milk Bath COSYOU
COSYOU Maternity Dress

View Dress on Amazon

Plus, look at the reviews and you will notice that MANY women have worn this dress for their milk bath photoshoot!

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