15 Amazing Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas and Tips


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Summer Maternity Photo Shoot Dresses and Ideas

Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Are you searching for maternity summer photoshoot dresses and summer maternity photoshoot ideas?  

This maternity photoshoot guide includes ideas on where to take your summer maternity photos, summer maternity photo tips, and the best summer maternity photoshoot dresses! 

You'll find the best (and most affordable) summer maternity photoshoot dresses for AMAZING maternity photos too!

Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

These summer maternity photoshoot dresses get great reviews from pregnant women.

Plus, explore these photos for lots of easy summer maternity photoshoot ideas too!

1. Include Your Hubby

For a cute and fun summer maternity photoshoot idea, include your husband or partner! To dress things up, go with an elegant blue or royal blue maternity dress with a rhinestone necklace. You and your partner can take photos outside on a bench in your neighborhood or in a local park.

blue multistrap maternity photo shoot dress
Royal Blue Maternity Photo Shoot Dress

View Blue Maternity Dress

2. Find a Green Space with Water

Green is one of the best colors to wear for a summer maternity photoshoot, as it compliments the green leaves on trees and the grass! For a simple summer maternity photoshoot idea, go with a green maternity dress and take your summer maternity photos by the water.

green dress for spring or summer maternity sexy photo shoot
Sexy Green Maternity Photo Shoot Dress Idea

View Green Dress on Amazon

3. Take Photos on the Beach

A pastel colored maternity dress is perfect for sweet and cute summer maternity photos...and your dress doesn't have to be fancy! Wear a simple cotton dress in a light pink, peach, or baby blue color and snap photos on the beach.

Mother Bee light pink or peach maternity photo shoot dress for beach pictures
Mother Bee Maternity Dress - Pink

Mother Bee Maternity Dress - Pink

4. Go Bold and Show Off Your Baby Bump in a Satin Dress with a Train

For bold maternity photos that really show off your bump, find a dress that is slightly open in the front to show off your full belly.

Summer Maternity Photoshoot Dress
Sizes XXS to 5XL

View Dress on Etsy

5. Take Your Maternity Photos in a Garden

For sweet maternity photos, head to a local garden for your summer maternity photos. Wear any maternity gown with a train, and search for a dress in yellow, vibrant blue, or pink to play up the colors in the garden.

yellow spring maternity photo shoot dress for outside and outdoor pictures - Saslax Maternity Off Shoulders Half Circle Gown for Baby Shower Photo Props Dress
Yellow Maternity Dress for Outdoor Photo Shoot Idea

View Yellow Dress on Amazon

6. Wear a Stunning Yellow Dress Outside

The right dress can really make your summer maternity photos turn out amazingly well! This yellow dress (on Etsy) is stunning! Earrings and a pretty necklace are a great wear to make your maternity photoshoot outfit come together nicely.

Summer Maternity Photoshoot
Sizes Up to 2X

View on Etsy

6. Snap Photos by Stairs

Find a stairwell outside in a local garden, along a hiking trail, or near a local college. Then, go with a light blue maternity dress or another pastel colored dress for this summer maternity photoshoot idea.

summer maternity photoshoot idea
Image via Amazon

View Light Blue Dress on Amazon

7. Go with a Boho Chic Style

A boho dress is perfect for wearing for a summer maternity photoshoot. Search for a white or cream lace dress with long sleeves, and style your hair in loose waves or curls. 

lace spring maternity photoshoot dress and boho maternity dress
Stunning Maternity Dresses Gown

View on Amazon

8. Wear a Blue Maternity Dress Outside for Your Summer Maternity Shoot

Blue Summer Maternity Photoshoot Dress
So Pretty!

View on Amazon

9. Get a Bright Pink Summer Maternity Photoshoot Dress with a Train

Pink Summer Maternity Photoshoot Dress
Sizes Up to 20 Plus

View on Sexy Mama Maternity

10. Wear Light Green Maternity Photoshoot Dress for a Summer Shoot

Light Green Summer Maternity Photoshoot Dress
Sizes Up to 2X Large

View on Amazon

11. Get Photos in a Light Purple Maternity Photoshoot Dress by Flowers

Light Blue and Purple Maternity Photoshoot Dress
Perfect for Spring/Summer

View on Amazon

12. Take Your Photos Under a Tree

Summer is a great time to take photos outside (assuming it's not too hot!). Find a large tree and take your maternity photos under the tree. To play up the green leaves, wear a green dress for your summer maternity photoshoot. 

Summer Maternity Photoshoot Idea
Dress: Sizes X-Small to XX-Large

View Dress on Amazon

13. Head to the Beach!

summer beach maternity photoshoot
Image via MamaGama

Find a fun and flirty maternity swimsuit and take your maternity photos at the beach! Why not?

14. Go with a Casual Outfit

casual maternity photoshoot
Image via Ruffled Blog

If you don't want to wear a formal gown for your maternity photoshoot, then why not wear a cute summer outfit? Pair any maternity dress (like this cotton dress) with a cute jean jacket for your summer maternity photos. Anywhere outside would be a great place for your maternity photoshoot.

15. Head to the Water

summer maternity photoshoot idea
Image via Pinterest

If you are lucky enough to live near the water (or vacationing somewhere with waterfalls!), then taking your summer maternity photos outside in the water is a creative idea! Plus, you can really show off your bump.


Well, that's it! We've come to the end of our journey through the world of summer maternity photoshoot dresses. I hope you've had as much fun reading this article as I had writing it! Remember, being pregnant during the summer doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort, especially during your photoshoot! With the right summer maternity photoshoot dress, you can embrace your baby bump and capture those beautiful moments in a way that truly reflects your vibrant personality. Whether you opt for a flowy maxi dress, a cute dress, or a semi-sheer dress, the choice is yours. So go out there, rock that photoshoot, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Have a great maternity photoshoot!

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