DIY Tai Clueless Costume: What You Need to Dress Up as Tai

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Tai Clueless Costume

DIY Tai Clueless Costume

Want to dress up as Tai from Clueless? Lucky for you – I’ve done the research for you.

This Tai Clueless costume guide covers:

  • The best Tai from Clueless sweater to buy
  • A skirt and tights from your Tie Clueless costume
  • Tai from Clueless accessories and shoes

You can buy the Clueless Tai costume on Amazon, but the reviews are pretty horrible (2.5/5.0 stars). So...why not create your own DIY Tai costume?

Continue reading to learn what you need to make your own Tai from Clueless costume. I've included Tai from Clueless outfits too!

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Tai Clueless Costume: What to Buy for a DIY Tai Clueless Costume

Below is exactly what you need to buy on Amazon for a cute Tai Clueless costume.

1. Tai Clueless Costume Skirt

black and white plaid costume skirt
Black and White Plaid Skirt

View on Amazon

You’ll need a black and white plaid skirt to dress up as Tai Fraiser for Halloween.

2. Tai from Clueless Costume Sweater

green v-neck sweater with buttons for women
V-Neck Sweater

View on Amazon

Tai wears a dark green V-neck sweater in Clueless.

3. Tai Clueless Costume Shirt

cute light green crop top with twist front
Light Green Shirt

View on Amazon

4. Tai from Clueless Costume Tights

opaque ribbed grey tights for women
Ribbed Tights

View on Amazon

Tai wears thick tights in Clueless. Technically Tai wears ribbed sweater tights. Perfect for Halloween on cold nights! 😊

5. Tai Clueless Costume Shoes

cheap brown ballet flats for women on Amazon
Simple Brown Flats

You can wear whatever shoes you want for your Tai costume. 😊

brown closed toe heels with strap
Brown Pumps

View on Amazon

6. Tai from Clueless Costume Accessories

brown velvet scrunchie
Brown Scrunchie

View on Amazon

Wear a brown scrunchie and carry some books to complete your Tai Clueless costume.

Tai Clueless Outfits

The main Tai from Clueless outfit is a blue shirt (with a white neckline), a v-neck emerald green sweater, a laid skirt with buttons, and tights.

However, Tai does have quite a few outfits in Clueless. Below are all of the outfits won by Tai Frasier in Clueless. I've also included what to buy on Amazon to copy these Tai outfits...either for a fun '90s party or for Halloween!

Classic Tai Outfit: Plaid Skirt + Green Sweater

Tai from Clueless Outfit

Get this Tai from Clueless Outfit

If you love plaid skirts, check out more plaid skirts from Lulus or from Pink Lily (especially for plus-size skirts!). These two stores will also have more plaid skirts to choose from for making your own DIY Tai costume.

Tai Workout Outfit: Matching Sports Bra + Biker Shorts

Tai Clueless outfits workout

This Tai from Clueless outfit is so cute!! It's not as popular, but I love the matching bra + biker shorts idea!

Get this Tai from Clueless Workout Outfit

Tai Overall Outfit: Jean Overalls + Pink Long Sleeve Shirt

Tai outfit with overalls

This Tai from Clueless outfit is bringing back serious 90s vibes. You'll love this! All you need for this Tai outfit is overalls and a pink t-shirt. And of course, a bandana for your hair!

Get this Tai from Clueless Outfit

Tai First Day of School Outfit: Plaid Shirt + Troll T-Shirt

Tai Clueless Outfits

Remember trolls from the 1970s...and the 1980s...and the 1990s? Well, you'll definitely stand out in this Tai from Clueless outfit with a troll t-shirt!

Get this Outfit Tai Wore in the Movie Clueless

Tai Makeover Outfit: Blue Shirt with a Heart + Corduroy Skirt

Tai Clueless outfit corduroy skirt

You'll love wearing a corduroy skirt to dress up in this Tai outfit!

Get this Tai Outfit with a Heart T-Shirt

Tai Tweed Outfit: Pink T-Shirt + Tweed Jacket and SkirtTai Clueless Outfit Tweed JacketThis Tai from Clueless outfit really stands out! 

Get this Tai Outfit from Clueless

Clueless Costumes for Cher and Dionne

Clueless Costumes: Tai, Cher, and Dionne

If you are dressing up as the girls from Clueless with friends, check out this Dionne DIY costume guide and this Cher DIY costume guide.

Or you can just buy the costumes on Amazon too.

Cher Costume on Amazon

Dionne Costume on Amazon


In summary, it's super easy to dress up as Tai from Clueless for Halloween! All you need is a light blue T-shirt, a green sweater, a plaid skirt, and tights. And lucky for you...I've included the links for everything you need to buy on Amazon for an easy DIY Tai from Cluless costume.

And if you want to dress up with your friends, you can dress up as Tai and your friends can dress up as Dionne and Cher from Clueless for a fun group Halloween costume idea!!

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