26 Cute Vacation Outfit Ideas for Mexico (all Shoppable Online!)


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Vacation Outfits for Mexio

Heading off to Mexico for a vacation? Lucky you!

If you are searching for vacation outfits for Mexico, you have come to the right spot.

This vacation outfit guide is all about cute and sexy vacation outfits for Mexico.

These Mexico vacation outfit ideas all feature clothes from Amazon (or Lulus!), so you can easily copy these cute Mexico vacation outfits! 

This post contains affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Cute Vacation Outfits for Mexico

Think bright colors, sexy dresses for night-time, cute mini dresses, and fun swimsuits for your vacation outfits for Mexico.

If you are heading off to a destination in Mexico, don't forget to check out these wedding guest dresses for Mexico

1. Yellow Off Shoulder Maxi Dress with Sandals for Mexico

You can't go wrong with bright colors for your vacation outfits for Mexico.

black girl vacation outfit for mexico
Mexico Vacation Outfit

View on Amazon

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2. Floral Print Tropical Dress with Beach Hat for Mexico

Nothing says vacation to Mexico like a floral print!

off the shoulder cute tropical floral print Hawaiian Maxi dress for beach vacation and Mexico
28 Palms Women's Tropical Print Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

View on Amazon

3. Fun Two-Piece Jumpsuit

Cute Two Piece Yellow Jumpsuit for Vacation Outfit in Mexico or Beach Vacation
Available in Yellow, Purple, Red, Orange, and White Too!

View on Lulus

4. White Maxi Dress with Sandals

A simple tropical maxi dress with a hat is perfect for a cute vacation outfit!

beach vacation outfit with maxi white dress
LILBETTER Womens Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress

View on Amazon

You'll want a hat to protect your face from the sun!

5. Colorful Wrap Dress for Mexico

Go with bright colors and sexy v-neck dresses. Perfect for sipping margaritas too!

ZESICA wrap dress
ZESICA Long Maxi Dress

View on Amazon

6. Tropical Short Dress with Sandals

This green tropical dress is perfect for a beach resort in Mexico.

Floerns Women's Floral Ruffle Off Shoulder Party Sexy Bodycon Dress for beach vacation outfits
So Pretty in Green!

View on Amazon

And this off the shoulder dress is perfect for a fancy dinner while on vacation in Mexico!

7. Cute Orange Mini Dress with Wedges for Vacation in Mexico

Cute Vacation Outfit for Mexico with Bright Red Dress and Wedges
Red Orange Multi Stripe Tie-Back Mini Dress

View on Lulus

8. White and Yellow Maxi Dress with a Sexy V-Neck

This dress is so, so pretty for a vacation outfit for Mexico.

sexy, cute deep v neck tropical floral print maxi dress for beach vacation outfits
FANDEE Sexy V Neck Dress in Orange Yellow

View on Amazon

9. Green Jumpsuit with Accessories

I love bright rompers for a vacation to Mexico.

Mexico vacation outfit ideas
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

10. Tropical Top with Palazzo Pants

This cute tropical outfit is so classy and sexy! 

Tropical Floral Blouse for Vacation Outfits

View Top on REVOLVE

You can buy the matching bottoms from REVOLVE too!

11. Cute Beach Cover Up with Bamboo Tote

I love a cute beach cover up for vacations!

Pink is super fun and girly.

Hot pink coverup with sandals for a beach vacation outfit
Pom Pom Kaftan Beach Swimsuit Cover Up in Pink

View on Amazon

This cute bamboo handbag will work with any of these cute outfits for a beach vacation. And it gets amazing reviews on Amazon.

12. Super Cute Spaghetti Strap Cute Mini Dress 

This mini dress is one of the most popular summer dresses on Amazon.

short ruffle pink dress for beach vacation outfit by ECOWISH
Cute Pink Dress for Beach Vacation Outfits

View on Amazon

It's perfectly acceptable to wear short skirts for your vacation outfits for Mexico. 

13. Cute Mini Dress with Long Sleeves

This blue and white dress is one of my favorite cute dresses for spring or casual dresses for summer.

Dokotoo spring, summer deep v neck ruffle mini dress on Amazon
Dokotoo Summer V Neck Dress

View Dress on Amazon

14. Off Shoulder White Dress

An off-the-shoulder dress is flattering on women of all body types, especially if you want a flattering dress for an apple shape.

Vacation Dress Outfit for Mexico
Vacation Dress Outfit for Mexico

View Dress on Amazon

15. Short Tropical Blue Boho Dress

This is my favorite dress for an outfit idea for Mexico.

ZESICA boho v-neck, short wrap floral ruffle dress for vacation outfits
ZESICA Boho Dress

View Boho Dress on Amazon

16. Girly Blue Dress with Ruffles

This dress is so girly! It's one of the most feminine, girly dresses.

Yobecho summer ruffle blue polka dot mini dress for beach vacations and Mexico vacation outfit
Yobecho Mini Dress

View Dress on Amazon

It looks great on women if you are okay with a short dress!

cute Mexico vacation outfit and dress by Yobecho
Perfect Vacation Dress!

View Dress on Amazon

17. Polka Dot Red Dress with a Sun Hat

This cute dress comes in red too. Add a hat and earrings for a cute vacation outfit for Mexico.

black woman vacation outfit with red polka dots
Yobecho Dress in Red

View on Amazon

18. Cute Swimsuit with Shorts and a Hat

I LOVE wearing cute, short jean shorts over a swimsuit in the summer for a cute beach outfit.

Sexy One Piece Bikini with Ruffles, Shorts, and Hat for a Beach Vacation Outfit
Cute Swimsuit by CUPSHE + Shorts!

View Swimsuit on Amazon

A hat with a swimsuit and shorts is a perfect vacation outfit for Mexico. 

You can shop similar jean shorts on Amazon (for less than $35!).

19. Bright Boho Dress with Wedges

This cute boho dress reminds me of Mexico.

cute beach vacation outfit with red dress
Floerns Floral Short Dress

View on Amazon

20. Sexy Skirt with Crop Top

A midi skirt with a crop top is classy AND sexy.

African American black woman in yellow skirt and tank top for vacation outfit
Skirt from SHEIN on Amazon =)

View On Amazon

21. High Rise Skirt and Crop Top

Two-piece outfits with high-rise skirts and crop tops are so IN right now.

sexy two piece beach vacation outfit by Aro Lora
Aro Lora Two Piece Outfit

View on Amazon

This two-piece outfit is so trendy and fun!

Aro Lora cute two piece sexy beach vacation outfit
Cute and Sexy at the Same Time!

View on Amazon

This two-piece outfit is perfect for Cancun, Mexico!

Cancun mexico beach vacation outfit two piece
Aro Lora Two-Piece Maxi Dress Outfit

View on Amazon

You'll be wanting to go out in this outfit every night. 

22. Off Shoulder White Floral Dress

off shoulder dress for vacation outfits
Photo by Danielle

View on Amazon

23. Yellow Maxi Dress with Earrings

yellow maxi vacation dress outfit for Mexico
Photo by Amanda

View Dress on Amazon

24. Cute Dress with a High Slit and Sandals

A high-slit dress is modest and sexy at the same time for vacation outfits for Mexico.

white off the shoulder dress on black woman for beach vacation outfit
Perfect Beach Maxi Dress!

View on Amazon

25. Long Tropical Yellow Maxi Dress with a Sexy V-Neck

I LOVE a long maxi dress with a sexy v-neck. It's also a perfect beach wedding guest dress.

FANDEE Summer Dresses for Women Maxi Sexy Strap Floral Chiffon V Neck in yellow for beach vacation outfit
FANDEE Summer Dress in Orange

View on Amazon

26. Floral Maxi Dress

Cancun vacation outfit
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

This floral maxi dress is perfect for wearing on vacation in Cancun! This maxi dress also looks AMAZING in plus size fall engagement photoshoots!

The Best Dresses to Wear with Vacation Outfits for Mexico

Searching for cute dresses to wear to Mexico?

Check out these best-selling tropical dresses for women and these cute and stylish plus size beach vacation dresses.

Cute Purses, Totes, and Clothes to Pack for Mexico

Cute Vacation Bags for Mexico by Chic Lifestyle
Cute Vacation Bags

You will LOVE these cute bags. They have a tropical vibe and are perfect for wearing with cute Mexico vacation outfits. 

Woven Tote for Mexico Vacation

Cute Woven Tote Bag for Vacation Outfits
Market Marvel Tan Woven Tote

View on Lulus

Fun Geometric Tote Bag

Cute Geometric Tote Bag for Vacation Outfits and Beach
Got it All Multi Geometric Print Tote Bag

View on Lulus

Adorable Tropical Clutch for Dinner While on Vacation in Mexico

Cute Green Floral Beaded Clutch for Vacation and Dinner at Resorts
Tropi-Call You Later Green Floral Beaded Clutch

View on Lulus

Best Wedges and Sandals to Wear to Mexico on Vacation

Best Raffia Wedge Sandals in Tan to Wear to Mexico and for Vacation Outfits
Biava Natural Raffia Wedge Sandals

View on Lulus

KOLILI white flat slide cheap sandals on Amazon
KOLILI White Sandals

View on Amazon

Cute Wedge Suede Espadrille Sandals to Wear with Maxi Dresses for Summer
Beachy Dreams Natural Suede Espadrille Wedges

View on Lulus

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