Best Colors for Blondes to Wear (Including Top 5 Colors)

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Best Colors for Blondes

Choosing the right color to wear can make a BIG difference in how you look (and feel!).

If you are a blonde, the right colors will complement your light hair color and make heads turn when you walk in the door!

This guide is all about the best colors for blondes.

You'll find:

  • The best flattering colors for blondes
  • Makeup tips for blondes

5 Most Flattering Colors for Blondes to Wear

There are many flattering colors for blondes to wear, but some colors are better than others.

Below are the five colors best colors that look stunning on blondes. Cute dresses are included too!

1. Bright Red

best colors for blondes + honey blondes

Red looks amazing with blondes, especially if you have golden locks like Heather Graham or Katherine Heigl. For example, check out how AMAZING Katherine Heigl looks in this red dress!

best colors for blondes + blonde woman in red dress
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Choose red for date night or a day at the office when you are giving a presentation.

2. Emerald Green

best colors for blondes + blonde in Emerald Green
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Jewel tones (emerald green, purple, and dark blue) look great on blondes.

Emerald green looks rich and is a great color for blondes to wear in the late summer and fall. For example, check out how AMAZING Reese Witherspoon looks in this emerald green gown!

emerald green silk dress
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3. Light Pink

best colors for blondes + blonde in light pink midi dress
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Light pink is one of the BEST colors for women with blonde hair. It’s feminine, approachable, and very flattering.

cute casual summer dresses for women
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Pink is also perfect for blondes to wear to a spring wedding!

4. Classic White

White is so classy and crisp! White is ideal for fair and honey blondes.

best colors for blondes + blonde woman in white bodycon dress
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You can't go wrong with wearing white as a blonde.

Below are two super cute white dresses on Amazon that are affordable too!

cute white dress for blondes
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This white dress is perfect for graduation too!

5. Baby Blue

best colors for blondes baby blue
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Like light pink, baby blue looks great on blondes.

Pair with light pink blush and pink lipstick for a natural makeup look and a pretty outfit.

More Awesome Colors for Blondes to Wear

When picking a color, stick to jewel tones, earth tones, pastels, and classic white or black.

Here are more amazing colors for blondes.

6. Bright Yellow

best colors for blondes + blonde woman in off shoulder yellow dress
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Yellow is just so bright and cheerful! It’s fun for blondes.

yellow sundress for blondes_KILIG Women's Summer Floral Dress Spaghetti Strap Button Down Sundress with Pockets
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7. Soft Gray

best colors for blondes + blonde woman in gray sweater
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Soft colors like gray look great on blondes.

light gray WEACZZY Women's Mock Neck Sweaters Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Loose Pullover Knit Jumper
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8. Earthy Brown

best colors for blondes + blonde in brown vegan leather jacket
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Blondes look great in earth tones like brown, mustard, and dark green.

9. Light Gold

best colors for blondes + gold sequin dress for bachelorette
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A shiny gold dress for nighttime is a sexy and fun outfit idea.

sexy gold spaghetti bandage bodycon strap party dress for blondes and brunettes by houstil
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10. Bright Pink

best colors for blondes - bright pink
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Bright pink says “look at me!” It also looks great on blondes.

11. Pretty Coral

best colors for blondes - coral
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Coral is a great mix between bright pink and baby pink. It’s a great pastel color on blondes.

12. Dramatic Black

best colors for blondes + blonde woman in black t-shirt

Black can be a bit serious looking, but it does bring attention to your face and adds a nice contrast to light blonde hair.

The Best Colors for Blondes (By Shade of Hair)

The great thing about being blonde is that there are SEVERAL shades of blonde to choose from!

You can be honey blonde/golden blonde, ash blonde/platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, and many shades in between!

The Best Colors for Ash Blondes

Ash blondes look great in soft gray and soft pastel colors like light pink and baby blue.

Dusty pink, mint green, and lavender look amazing too.

The Best Colors for Honey Blondes

Golden blondes look great with rich jewel tones. Try turquoise, yellow (think lemons), coral, or deep purple.

best colors for honey blondes cream
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Cream and champagne are super flattering colors for golden blondes too!

The Best Colors for Strawberry Blondes

Strawberry blondes look great in earthy tones like emerald green and dark brown.

Steph Clair Smith as a golden blonde in light pink
Steph Claire Smith in Light Pink

Light pink, warm coral, and creamy beige look great too!

The Best Colors for Platinum Blondes

platinum blonde in lavender sweater
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Some of the best colors for platinum blondes to wear include pastel colors (like pastel pink and pastel blue), soft lavender, silver gray, and mint green. Other colors that look great on platinum blondes include neutral colors (think white, black, and gray) and jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue.

The Best Color for Blondes with Blue Eyes

If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, try wearing blue or turquoise to make your eyes pop.

While blue or turquoise tones can indeed accentuate your eye color, other colors and shades can work wonders for enhancing your overall look:

1. Shades of Blue:

  • Navy Blue: This deep, rich shade can provide a sophisticated contrast to blonde hair and make blue eyes appear brighter.
  • Sky Blue: Lighter shades of blue, like sky blue or baby blue, can create a soft and pleasing harmony with your eye color.
  • Teal or Turquoise: Vibrant shades like teal or turquoise can bring out the blue in your eyes and add a pop of color to your outfit.

2. Earthy Tones:

  • Soft Neutrals: Colors like beige, taupe, or soft gray can create a subtle backdrop that allows your eyes to be the focal point.
  • Olive Green: This earthy tone can complement both blonde hair and blue eyes, enhancing their natural beauty.

3. Pastel Hues:

  • Lavender or Lilac: These pastel shades can complement your blonde hair while making your blue eyes appear vivid.
  • Soft Pink: A delicate blush pink can add a touch of warmth to your complexion and complement your eye color.

4. Contrasting Colors:

  • Coral or Peach: These warm, contrasting tones can provide a striking contrast against blue eyes and blonde hair, making your eyes stand out.
  • Emerald Green: This jewel tone can create a captivating contrast with blue eyes, drawing attention to their vividness.

The Best Color for Blondes with Brown Eyes

If you have blonde hair and brown eyes, try wearing soft gray or gold.

Metallic shades, natural shades, and purple will all make your eyes stand out. Here are more details on what colors to wear if you are a blonde with brown eyes:

While soft gray and gold are recommended, exploring a wider range of hues and tones can elevate your style and enhance your natural beauty:

1. Soft Gray and Gold:

  • Soft Gray: This neutral shade can provide an elegant and subtle backdrop, allowing your brown eyes to be the focal point. Consider clothing items like blouses, dresses, or accessories in shades of soft gray.
  • Gold: Warm, metallic tones like gold can bring out the richness in brown eyes. Incorporate gold accessories such as jewelry, belts, or handbags to add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

2. Natural Earthy Tones:

  • Warm Browns: Shades like caramel, tan, or warm brown can complement both your blonde hair and brown eyes. Opt for clothing items in these tones to create a harmonious and earthy look.
  • Olive Green: This earthy hue can enhance the depth of brown eyes while adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

3. Purple and Jewel Tones:

  • Purple: Shades of purple, such as plum or lavender, can create a captivating contrast with brown eyes. Consider incorporating these hues in blouses, scarves, or even eyeshadows to make your eye color pop.
  • Deep Jewel Tones: Colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red can complement brown eyes by providing a striking contrast that highlights their warmth and depth.

4. Metallic Shades and Contrasting Colors:

  • Bronze or Copper: These metallic shades can add warmth and depth to your overall look while complementing brown eyes beautifully.
  • Teal or Turquoise: These vibrant, contrasting colors can create a stunning contrast with brown eyes and add a touch of boldness to your attire.

Colors for Blondes to Avoid

If you are a blonde, be careful about wearing dark colors. Black, dark browns and dark green can be too harsh for many blondes.

If you have ash blonde hair, be careful about bright colors like red or purple. It can be overwhelming!

Summary: The Best Colors for Blondes

In summary, blondes look great in soft pastel colors, jewel tones, earthy tones, or classic black and white.

the best colors for blondes to wear
The Best Colors for Blondes

What’s Your Favorite Color to Wear as a Blonde?

Do you have a shirt that you love in a GREAT color, or a stunning go-to dress in a dazzling color?

Please leave a comment below and share your favorite color and/or outfit to wear as a blonde!

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