Austin Girls Weekend Trip: Ultimate Austin Weekend Guide

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Austin, TX Girls Weekend Trip Guide

Austin Girls Weekend

Are you planning a girl’s trip to Austin, Texas?

If you are planning a trip to Austin for the weekend, you are in for a LOT of fun!

Austin has great restaurants, AMAZING nightlife, Vegas-worthy pool parties at luxury hotels, and super friendly people.

My friend and I recently went to Austin, TX for three nights and had an amazing time.

If you are searching for a guide for a girl’s weekend trip to Austin, TX, I have tips on what to do!

Below are the best restaurants, bars, and things to do for a girl’s weekend trip to Austin, TX.

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Best Food in Austin, TX

There is so much food in Austin, TX!

Below are a few top picks, according to a local. 😊

1. Suerte 

Suerte is the best “semi-fancy” place to eat in Austin. If no reservations are available, show up right when Suerte opens. Perfect for weekend brunch!

2. Cosmic Coffee and Beer 

Cosmic Coffee and Beer is wonderful during the day or at night. Very Austin!

3. Food Trucks

There are so many food trucks in Austin! Check any of them out.

4. Franklins

Popular BBQ spot. Very popular and expect a line. If you want, check out Terry blacks BBQ. It is also great and easier to get into.

5. Texas Keeper

Great for a Cider tasting. Very authentic vibe and only 15 min from downtown.

6. Moonshine Grill

We loved Moonshine Grill so much that we ate there twice! Plus, it is within walking distance of the Fairmont Hotel (so convenient!).

7. Other Places

Perla’s, El Alma, Zanzibar (for late night drinks), Amy’s ice cream, and more!

Best Activities and Things to Do in Downtown Austin

Here are the best things to do during the day/early evenings in Austin.

1. Walk Around Lady Bird Lake

Walking Path in Austin, Texas Around Lady Bird Lake
Perfect for a Morning Walk!

The walking path around Lady Bird Lake is beautiful!!!

things to do in Austin, TX
Image via Tomek Baginski on Unsplash

2. Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake

Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake in Austin for Girls Weekend Trip
So Much Fun!!!

Rent a kayak and kayak down the Colorado River to Barton Springs. We rented our kayaks from Austin Rowing Club.

3. Grab Lunch at Zanzibar

We grabbed drinks and lunch on the rooftop bar at Zanzibar. Really cool vibes!

4. Walk Around South Congress Street

South Congress is fun for exploring shops during the day.

5. Check Out the Murals

Austin has so many cool murals to check out!

Murals in Austin, TX for Girls Weekend Trip
Murals Right Outside of Veracruz All Natural

6. Go to a Pool Party!!!

Pool Party in Austin, TX at Fairmont Hotel
Pool Party!

The luxury hotels in Austin have AMAZING pool parties. You can often get a pass for $40 or so if you are not staying at the hotel.

You can see what the pool scene is like at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin below. It's so much fun!!!

7. Check Out the Bats in the Evening

You can either watch the bats or take a boat sunset cruise.

Best Bars and Nightlife in Austin, TX

From my weekend girls' trip to Austin, I learned that there are three main areas for nightlife in Austin.

The popular places to go out in Austin are Rainey Street, 6th Street West, and 6th Street East.

1. Rainey Street

Rainey Street is my favorite. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! dancing at Cantina 512 and bar hopping. There were lots of fun bars with music and dancing. We even found a bar with a slide!

We liked dancing at Cantina 512 on Rainey Street the most. Plus, it was the closest to our hotel.

2. 6th Street East

6th Street East is more “college” kids and not very nice. Don't bother going there.

3. 6th Street West

6th Street West is nicer, but still really crowded.

We had a fun time listening to the music at Rustic Tap. Plus, they have good places to take fun photos!

Rustic Tap on 6th Street in Austin, TX for Girls Weekend Trip
Great for a Fun Photo!

Best Luxury Hotels for a Weekend in Austin, TX

We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin and LOVED it. It is expensive but is definitely “the place” to stay. Everyone we met out and about on Rainey Street was staying there too!

Fairmont Hotel Austin, Texas Room Tour
See Our Room at the Fairmont in Austin!

View Our Room on YouTube!

Other great options include JW Marriott Austin, Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, and the Hilton Austin.

Other Notes About a Weekend Trip to Austin, TX

Here are a few helpful tips to help you plan your girl's weekend trip to Austin, TX.

1. Austin is very walkable.

No need to get a car. You can walk anywhere! But if you want to go hiking during the day or make it out to one of the cooler lakes, you’ll need a car.

2. Austin gets hot!!!

Plan on staying out late to party and going to the pool or staying inside during the day.

3. Target and Whole Foods are Walking Distance

Target and Whole Foods are super close to the Fairmont Hotel. Great if you forgot to pack something!

4. Plan for Weather

Weather can be crazy! So pack lots of layers and be prepared for rain.

5. The Domain is Over-Rated

My friend wanted to check out The Domain (about 15 minutes north) because she heard it was like the LA of Texas. Boy…was she disappointed! The Domain is nice for shopping and has a few restaurants, but it is nothing special.

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Austin, TX Girls Weekend Trip Guide
Austin, TX Girls Weekend Trip Guide

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