Grenada Cruise Port Guide: Best Beaches & Things to Do

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Grenada cruise port guide

Grenada Cruise Port & Things to Do

Welcome to Grenada! Grenada is not pronounced gra-nah-da (like Grenada in Spain), but rather gra-nay-duh.

If you are on a Caribbean cruise that is stopping in Grenada, you are in luck! Grenada is one of the most southern islands in the Caribbean, so the water will be warm and beautiful.

This Grenada cruise port guide includes:

  • Basic information about St. George’s Grenada cruise port
  • Photos of the Grenada port authority cruise ship terminal
  • The best excursions to take from Grenada cruise port
  • Things to do in Grenada cruise port
  • Information about the best beaches near Grenada cruise port (giveaway: it’s Anse Beach!)
  • Fun facts about Grenada
  • Guides to more cruise port information for cruise travelers

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Map of St. George’s Grenada Cruise Port

Grenada’s cruise port is on the southwest side of Granada.

When your cruise ship pulls into Grenada, you will notice that Grenada is luscious and green. Grenada is beautiful!

Grenada view from cruise ship
View of Grenada from the Cruise Ship

Because Grenada is so South, it will likely be warm!

Map: Grenada vs. Other Islands in the Caribbean
Grenada vs. Other Islands in the Caribbean

Below is a map showing where the Grenda cruise port is exactly.

Map of Grenada Port Authority Cruise Ship Terminal
Grenada Cruise Port Location

Pictures of Grenada Port Authority Cruise Ship Terminal

The Grenada cruise ship terminal is relatively small. You’ll find indoor shops selling souvenirs.

Grenada Cruise Port Indoor Mall
Grenada Cruise Port Indoor Mall

The Grenada cruise ship port terminal is like a small indoor mall with shops and souvenirs.

St. Georgia's, Grenada Cruise Port Area
St. Georgia's, Grenada Cruise Port Area

To experience Grenada, you will really need to take an excursion, go to the beach, or walk around the spice market.

Taxis for a DIY Ride Around Grenada

Grenada Private Taxi Tours and Costs
$90 for a Private Tour

3 Best Excursions to Take from Grenada Cruise Port

The best excursions to do in Granada are the West Grenada Mountain Rain Forest, river tubing down the Balthazar River, and taking a catamaran and snorkeling around the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park.

3 Best Excursions from Grenada Cruise Port

1. West Grenada Mountain Rain Forest

2. River tubing down the Balthazar River

3. Catamaran and snorkeling (my favorite)

West Grenada Mountain Rain Forest

West Grenada Mountain Rain Forest
West Grenada Mountain Rain Forest

This excursion includes a drive around Grenada to see St. George (Grenada's capitol), Grand Etang Lake, and a brief walk through the rain forest.

River Tubing Down the Balthazar River

River Tubing Down St. George Grenada River for Excursion
River Tubing Adventure

This cruise excursion in Grenada has a 45-minute drive to the Grand Etang Rain Forest Reserve. Then, hop on an inner tube through the Balthazar River.

Snorkeling at Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park Mermaid
Mermaids and Fish!

This is the cruise adventure that my mom and I did. We had a good time!

We got a beautiful catamaran ride, 45 minutes of great snorkeling, and beach time all in 3 hours.

Bonus: Spice Tour of the Island

This excursion wasn't offered by our ship, but another couple on our cruise ship did this excursion on a prior cruise and had good things to say about it.

My Favorite Thing to Do from Grenada Cruise Port: Snorkeling and then Grand Anse Beach

My mom and I did the "Isle of Spice Snorkeling" excursion with the Holland American Nieuw Statendam ship.

The “Isle of Spice Snorkeling excursion” was a 3-hour excursion that left from the port at Grenada.

The excursion included about an hour of snorkeling at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, a catamaran ride, and an hour at Grand Anse Beach.

Cruise Tip: Arrive at your excursion at least 15 minutes early. The departing time means the time that the excursion leaves.

For example, our cruise excursion had a departure time of 9:15am. By 9am, we were checked in. By 9:10am, we were all on the catamaran. We left at 9:12am (early!!).

Catamaran and Snorkeling Excursion to See Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Below is a detailed summary of the snorkeling excursion in Grenada for cruise travelers.

Features: See underwater sculptures by St. George

Length = 3 hours

Price = $64.95/adult

What's included: catamaran ride, 45 minutes of snorkeling, catamaran ride to Grand Anse Beach, and 45 minutes of beach time before heading back to the ship.

Catamaran Ride

The first part of our excursion started with a brief 15 minute ride to the snorkeling spot, called Medallion in Grenada.

Catamaran Excursion in Grenada Cruise Port
Catamaran Excursion in Grenada Cruise Port

Then, we put on our snorkeling gear.

Grenada excursion and catamaran ride to Underwater Sculpture Park
Catamaran Ride

We followed our tour guide for a 35 minute snorkeling adventure (all within the same small area, which is a good thing!) with about 10 minutes of free time to snorkel around.

We saw the underwater sculptures of Grenada, which were cool to look at.

Underwater Sculptures at Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park
Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

We also saw fish, sea urchins, an eel (or at least I did!), and coral reefs.

After our 45-minute snorkel adventure, we took a 15-20 minute boat ride to Grand Anse Beach.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada
2 Miles of Sand!

Grand Anse Beach is lovely! I walked around while my mom floated in the ocean.

On the way back to the cruise ship, the tour guides offered us cheese and tuna sandwiches (so generous!). We also had our choice of Caribbean beverages, which were Sunny-D Light, Hawaiian Punch, soda, and water.

The tour was exactly 3 hours, which was just perfect for us.

We went back to the ship for lunch. Then, went out again to explore the shops and Spice Market around the Grenada Cruise Port.

Best Free DIY Thing to Do in Grenada: Spice Market

There isn’t much around the St. Georgia’s Grenada cruise port.

Things to Do in Grenada from Cruise Port

place and things to do within walking distance of Grenada cruise port
Places within Walking Distance

However, the spice market is a good 30-60 minute activity that is FREE.

The spice market is to your immediate left when you exit the Grenada cruise port terminal.

main street outside Grenada cruise port
Take a Left When You Exit the Cruise Terminal

Walk for about 3 minutes, and you’ll be on the street with local merchants selling cloves, turmeric, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

You can buy spices outside on the street or within the Spice Market open-air building.

Grenada Vendor Selling Spices on the Street

Grenada Cruise Port Area and Spice Market
Vendors Selling Spices on the Street

You can buy a necklace with spices for $5-10.

Grenada Spice Market and Necklaces for Sale
$5-$10 for a Spice Necklace

Grenada Spice Market

Spice Market in Grenada
Spice Market in Grenada

You can buy a packet of spices for $4-5.

Grenada Spice Market with Spices for Sale
The Spice Market

My mom bought a really cute box with spices for $5 (upper left in the picture below).

Spice Market Spices in Grenada
Lots of Spices!

Bring a few $1 and $5 bills with you and buy yourself a fun and unique souvenir.

Shopping in Grenada Spice Market Near Grenada Cruise Port
Necklaces for Sale

Grenada Beaches Near Cruise Port: Grand Anse Beach

Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, there is one main beach in Grenada: Grand Anse Beach.

With over 2 miles of white sand, Grand Anse Beach is the best beach in Grenada.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach with Beach Chairs
Photo from Tripadvisor

For cruise travelers, you can catch a taxi to Grand Anse Beach for $5 per person each way.

Grenada Cruise Port to Grand Anse Beach

Taxi Costs from Grenada Cruise Port to Grand Anse Beach
Taxi Costs (as of 2022)

The taxi is $5 per person each way from the Grenada Cruise Port to Grand Anse Beach. It’s about a 25 minute ride.

10 Fun Facts about Grenada

Below are 10 fun facts about Grenada.

This information is from Grenada itself. I grabbed these facts from the signage outside the Grenada cruise port. 😊

Grenada's Tree to Bar Chocolates and FAQs
FAQ Sign Outside the Cruise Port

Grenada Highlights

  1. Grenada has 5 chocolate companies.
  2. Grenada is renowned for its production of nutmeg and mace.
  3. The St. George’s Market and the Grenville Market in Grenada sell a variety of spices, includes cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, bay leaves, turmeric, pimiento, nutmeg, and mace.
  4. Grand Anse Beach is one of the best beaches (if not the best) beach in Grenada. Grande Anse Beach is known as “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” due to its white sand stretching over two miles!
  5. Grenada is home to the world’s 1st underwater sculpture park, which can be enjoyed by snorkelers, scuba divers, and glass bottomed boats.
  6. Grenada’s Grand Etang Forest Reserve is a beautiful eco-sanctuary for nature lovers. You’ll find hiking trails, waterfalls, Mona monkeys, orchids, and Grand Etang Lake at the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.
  7. Grenada has many beautiful waterfalls. Some of the most popular waterfalls in Grenada are Seven Sisters, Cross, Concord, Annadale, and Mt. Carmel.
  8. Belmont Estate is a 17th century plantation with “Farm to Table” experiences.
  9. Grenada is home to the River Antoine Estate, which is the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean and the Western hemisphere.
  10. Grenada produces great rum! 😊 Westerhall Rums and Grenada Distillers are two popular rum distilleries for tourists to visit.

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Grenada Cruise Port and Things to Do
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