Your Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List of 2024

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beach vacation packing list and what to pack for a resort vacation

Beach Vacation Packing List

Want to make sure you look chic throughout your tropical beach vacation or when strolling around the resort?

Here are a few things that I always pack for beach vacations.

Note: This beach vacation packing list is for what to pack if you are vacationing at a resort or a beach hotel.

If you are simply going to the beach for the day, check out this beach packing list.

Below is the ultimate beach vacation packing list to look GREAT at your hotel or beach resort.  Beach Vacation Packing List to Look GREAT at Your Hotel or Beach Resort

Beach Vacation Packing List: Clothing to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Here are a few must-have essentials to pack for a tropical beach vacation.

1. Seamless underwear

I swear by seamless underwear. The Danskin and Vince Camuto seamless underwear are affordable and so, so comfortable!

2. One strapless bra and one everyday bra

I swear by bras from Natori. They are the most comfortable bras ever! B. tempt’d has the best strapless bra in my opinion. And if you need it, buy boob tape.

3. A cute romper or jumpsuit

Rompers aren’t just for juniors. Rompers can be really flattering if you buy the right romper! Jumpsuits are really popular now too.

4. Classy shorts

I have an athletic build and have had good luck with shorts by Lilly Pulitzer, Tracy Negoshian, and J. Crew. Amazon has some great shorts too.

5. A white blouse

Whether it’s a white linen cover-up or a white blouse to throw over jeans, a white blouse is a must for chic resort wear.

6. Cute tank tops

A girl can never have enough tank tops! You’ll want cute and girly tank tops and a few athletic tank tops for your beach vacation.

7. Pretty collared shirts 

Collared shirts are preppy and will prevent your shoulders from getting burned on a summer day.

Look for a collared shirt with UPF. Tracy Negoshian has cute, collared shirts too.

8. Cute sundresses

Cute sun dresses are the best thing to pack for a beach vacation. You can just throw on your favorite dress and walk out the door for breakfast or a stroll on the beach.

9. Fancy nighttime dresses for dinner

Make sure to make a cocktail dress for dinners at your resort or a local restaurant while on your beach vacation.

10. Jean shorts

Jean shorts are perfect for wearing over a swimsuit for a cute beach outfit, or pairing with a cute tank top for the day.

11. Maxi dresses 

Maxi dresses with tropical prints are a must-pack for a beach vacation. You can wear a maxi dress to dinner or during the day.

12. Cute workout clothes 

I usually pack one tennis skirt and one tank top for working out.

13. Soft Pajamas for Night

Soft and luxurious pajamas will really make you feel like you are on vacation at night.

14. Casual dresses

Knee-length casual dresses are perfect for throwing on in the morning or throwing over a swimsuit as a cover-up.

For the Beach: What to Pack for a Tropical Beach Vacation

1. Swimsuits

You’ll want to pack at least two swimsuits for your beach vacation…maybe three!

2. Two cover-ups 

I like to beach one sexy crochet beach cover up and one cute swimsuit cover-up or shirt cover up.

3. Sunscreen for your face

Protect your face on vacay! I swear by the EltaMD sunscreen for face.

4. Rash guard 

Rash guards are a game-changer. I always wear a rash guard at the beach. Rash guards are perfect for days when I don’t feel like wearing sunblock too.

5. Beach bag with a zipper

It’s no fun having your towel, sunblock, and book fall out of your beach bag. Plus, a beach bag with a zipper is better for hiding your cash and wallet.

6. Sunblock

If you are going to have to put on sunblock, why not put on a sunblock that smells good? Seriously…these good-smelling sunblocks smell better than perfume!

7. A large beach hat

A broad-brimmed beach hat is a must-pack for any tropical vacation.

8. Your Favorite Book

Grab an umbrella under a lounge chair and enjoy your favorite book while on vacay while listening to the ocean waves.

9. A Turkish towel

Most resort hotels and beach hotels will provide beach towels, but a Turkish towel of your own will make you feel like you are a queen.

10. Sun visor

A sun visor is perfect to pack for any cruise vacation or any beach vacation. When it is windy, you’ll want a hat that is secure.

Shoes to Pack for a Beach Vacation or Resort Vacation

1. Flat sandals

Dressy, flat sandals are perfect for walking or pairing with your beach dress while on vacation.

2. Wedges (for the evening)

You could pack comfortable heels, but I prefer to pack wedges for a beach or resort vacation.

3. Comfortable sneakers for the day

You’ll be relaxing on vacation, but you will need comfortable sneakers for walking around town and exploring the resort.

4. Flip flops

Flip flops or slide-on sandals are perfect for days at the beach.

Accessories and Makeup to Pack for a Beach Vacation

1. Sunglasses

Fun sunglasses are my go-to for tropical beach vacations.

2. Cross-body purse

Pack a cross-body purse for wearing during the day.

3. Clutch for the evening

You’ll want to pack a cute clutch in your suitcase for going out at night.

4. Jewelry

You don’t need to pack expensive jewelry but be sure to pack at least one pair of earrings and one necklace for your beach vacation.

5. Your Favorite Summer Makeup

When it is hot and humid, you’ll need to switch up your makeup that will look good on oily skin.

6. Cute cosmetics/toiletry bag

A cute cosmetics bag will get you in the vacation mindset each day.

7. Fun Beach Hat

A girl can never have enough hats! A fun beach hat is a must-pack for any tropical vacation.

More Vacation Guides to Plan the Best Beach Vacation

Now that you have your beach vacation packing list, do you have everything that you need?

Whether you are searching for a new swimsuit to wear at your beach resort or a cute tropical resort to wear on your beach vacation at dinner, I have you covered.

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Beach Vacation Packing List
Beach Vacation Packing List

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