11 Super Cute Girly Outfits for Summer


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Welcome to summer, the season of excitement and anticipation!

After a whirlwind year, it's time to embrace the sunny days and prepare for the upcoming fall. And what better way to lift your spirits than with adorable girly outfits for summer?

Below you will find super cute girly outfits for summer...all on Amazon! 

And who knows, wearing one of these girly outfits might just catch the eye of someone special. Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn heads and feel fabulous this summer.😉

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11 Best Cute Girly Outfits for Summer – Super Cute and Feminine!

Have fun shopping!

1. Ruffle Top and Flowing Skirt – Super Girly!

girly outfit for summer and fall 2020 of a white, ruffle top and a green and white polka dot skirt on a feminine, girly girl
Ruffle Top and Flowing Skirt

A simple, white, top with ruffles and a colorful, fun skirt is one my favorite cute girly outfits for summer.

Cute Tank Tops for Summer Outfits

affordable girly top/blouse that is white with ruffles, chiffon, flowy, with lining, and sleeveless on Amazon for under $20
White, Feminine, Girly Top

View on Amazon

A white shirt with ruffles is so cute!

girly cotton ruffle tank top in white from Amazon for under $20
Cotton Ruffle Tank Top

View Ruffle Tank Top

Skirts for Girly Outfits for Summer

Go with a floral high waist mini skirt for summer. This is one of the easiest cute girly outfits for summer to copy.

girly and feminine Floral High Waist Drawstring Ruffle Flared skirt with sunflowers and daisies in black, yellow, and white for a girly look and girly outfit this fall and summer 2020
Floral High Waist Drawstring Ruffle Skirt on Amazon

View on Amazon

This cute polka dot skirt is available in black, light blue, red, orange, white, and green!) 

Cheap Girly Skirt with Polka Dots and Ruffles from Amazon for Summer or Fall 2020 with flowers, polka dots, and available in black, white, red, green, orange, and pink
Girly Skirt with Polka Dots and Ruffles for Summer or Fall

View on Amazon

Get more inspiration for girly and feminine outfit ideas from this Pinterest page by Very Easy Makeup.

2. Tank Top (or Wrap Shirt) and Wrap Skirt

Tank Top and Wrap Skirt for a Girly Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 Outfit and clothing haul
Tank Top and Wrap Skirt for a Girly Summer or Fall Outfit

A slightly less girly, but still feminine, look is a simple cami or tank-top and a wrap skirt.

Feminine Tank Tops and Girly Wrap Shirts

sexy. white wrap shirt to wear with a cute, short skirt for a date night, a sexy look, a girly outfit, or a feminine top to show off your bust on Amazon this fall and summer
Sexy Wrap Shirt to Pair with a Skirt

View on Amazon

Silk camis are so pretty. I love adding a cami to jeans too for cute girly outfits for summer.

feminine, sexy, white silk cami on Amazon for a girly outfit to pair with boots this fall 2020
Feminine, Sexy, White Silk Cami

View on Amazon

Wrap Skirts for Girly Summer Outfits

Buy this cute wrap skirt on Amazon in blue, red, black, white, or leopard print.

girly wrap skirt on affordable that is cheap and affordable for your 2020 summer and 2020 fall clothing haul
Girly Wrap Skirt on Amazon

View on Amazon

3. Floral or Polka Dot Mini Dress – As Feminine of a Look as You Can Get

girly outfit of a summer sundress that is off the shoulders, a hat, and a cute boho, brown purse for a feminine, chic, and boho look this fall
Girly Look Inspirational Photo

View on Amazon

I’m a big fan of dresses. You can throw on a dress and add a hat or a fun hat, and you will instantly look stylish and put-together! Floral or polka dot dresses are feminine and girly, and super comfortable too!

Pair with jeans and boots in the fall and a simple dress can go from summer to fall easily.

4. Girly Floral Mini Dress with Flats

feminine, red, floral mini dress for summer or fall 2020 to pair with heels or boots for a girly look
Red, Floral Mini Dress

View on Amazon

5. Girly Outfit with a Flattering Ruffled Dress

Summer or Fall girly, feminine, and sexy Ruffle Sleeve Sweetheart Neckline Printing Dress Mini Dress from Amazon in green, blue, white, red, and black
Ruffle Sleeves and a Sweetheart Neckline Make for a SUPER Feminine Dress

View on Amazon

I love this mini dress with ruffles and a sweetheart neckline. Pair with a gold necklace for one of the most feminine girly outfits for summer.

6. A Flared Dress with a Girly Pattern

A fun, flared, A-line dress is so flattering.

fun, flirty,feminine, A-line dress from Amazon with lemons, flowers, brown with leaves, red polka dots, tie-dye, stripes, or lillies
Fun, Flirty Dress

View on Amazon

7. A Colorful Romper – An Athletic, Yet Girly, Outfit Idea!

I’ll admit that I don’t own a romper, but my guy friends LOVE women who wear rompers. If you can find a romper that fits you well, it is definitely worth the money!

cute girly outfit idea of a pink romper
REORIA Romper for Summer

View on Amazon

8. A Polka Dot Romper with Jewelry

Polka dots are so cute for girly summer outfits.

girly outfit for summer with polka dot romper by Minipeach
Minipeach Polka Dot Romper

View on Amazon

girly outfit idea for teens for summer of green romper
So Cute!

View on Amazon

Amazon has a variety of rompers and jumpsuits for under $30. Check out the best jumpsuits and rompers on Amazon here.

9. Anything in Pink – Always a Girly Look!

girly, feminine, pink dress by Sheln with Spaghetti Strap Lace Back Tie Embroidery Tiered Seam Dress
Pink, Girly Dress by SHEIN

View on Amazon

I LOVE pink, and it’s a pretty flattering color on most skin tones. It’s soft, feminine, and girly.

Add any of these three items to your wardrobe, and you will always have a go-to girly outfit to wear.

My Favorite. A Feminine, Girly, Pink Skirt! Buy it on Amazon for only $30 or less.

Pink, Girly, Feminine, Knee-Length Skirt on Amazon by Kate Kasin with pleats for summer 2020 and fall 2020 fashion
Pink, Girly, Feminine, Knee-Length Skirt

View on Amazon

I love this pink blouse. It's less than $20 on Amazon.

girly pink v neck lace top and blouse on Amazon
Feminine, Pink, Lace Top on Amazon

View on Amazon

I am in LOVE with this sporty, bright pink crop top. 

Pink crop top on Amazon by Shein for under $20
Pink Crop Top on Amazon by Shein

View on Amazon

10. A Ruffled Dress with Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl Blue Ruffle Easter Sunday Dress Outfit with White Boots
Photo by MacyBlackwell

View on Amazon

You can't go wrong with a ruffled girly dress and fun cowgirl boots. 

Girly Miessial Women's Summer V Neck Chiffon Ruffle Mini Dress Elegant Tie Waist Short Sundress
Such a Cute Dress!

View on Amazon

These white cowgirl boots are perfect for music festivals and cowgirl bachelorette parties too. 

White Cowgirl Knee High Boots by Richnealnini
Under $75 on Amazon and So Cute!

View on Amazon

11. Girly Outfit for Women with a Black and White Skirt and a Crop Top

Girly Outfit for Women with black and White Skirt
Photo by Macy

This is one of my favorite cute girly outfits for women. It's cute and fun!

Get this Cute Girly Outfit for Women

What Girly Outfits for Summer 2022 Are You Wearing?

I know that most of us may be living in sweatpants, tennis skirts, or yoga pants these days. But it’s nice to dress up once in a while and to look girly.

What are you wearing? I’d love to hear from you below!

Christina Marie from Very Easy Makeup (offering beauty product reviews, sharing affordable, fashion finds, and creating how-to guides for bleaching your hair at home)

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