25 Cute Spring Outfit Ideas on Amazon


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cute spring outfits for women on Amazon and spring outfit ideas

Cute Outfits for Spring

Happy Spring! If you are putting your winter clothes under your bed (like me!) and getting excited for spring weather and summer dresses, then you may be craving a new look.

I’m personally so BORED with my current clothes and trying to wear more light pink and baby blue for spring, especially since it’s a flattering color for blondes!

If you are searching for new cute spring outfits, you have come to the right place.

This guide with the best spring outfits for women includes:

  • Cute spring outfits for women
  • Spring outfit ideas with dresses and skirts
  • Cute spring outfits with jeans and sweaters

P.S. – Searching for girly outfits to wear this summer? Check out these cute and girly outfits for summer.

You may also LOVE these cute spring dresses that are just perfect for spring.

Super Cute Spring Outfit Ideas for Women

Here are cute spring outfits to buy this year. Are any other women craving some online shopping for a new spring outfit?

1. Jeans and a Feminine Top

cute spring outfit ideas with jeans and a girly top
Cute Spring Outfit Idea #1: Jeans and a Girly Top

View Similar Top on Amazon

Go with a fun and flirty white or light pink top and jeans.

Light-colored jeans or blue jeans are perfect for spring outfits, and they are much more forgiving than white pants. Plus, you don’t have to worry so much about them getting dirty!

Pair with cute white sneakers and a fun clutch.  

2. White Jeans and a Jean Button Up Shirt

cute spring outfit idea with white jeans and a hat
Photo by Cortney Morris

View Button Down Shirt on Amazon

3. Floral Maxi Dress and Sandals

For a slightly classier, more sophisticated look for spring, shop for a long floral print maxi dress!

Maxi dresses are relatively loose-fitting, but the high slit on the leg adds a bit of sex appeal.

boho floral print maxi dress outfit for spring
Sprint Outfit #2: Maxi Dress

View Dress on Amazon

Pair with a jean jacket for evenings. It still gets cold at night!

4. Cute Jumpsuit and Sneakers

casual jumpsuit outfit for spring 2022
Casual Jumpsuits for Spring

View Jumpsuit on Amazon

If you are daring, go with a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are SO in right now and an easy spring outfit idea.

Go with a casual jumpsuit for travel and lazy Saturday afternoons and a fancier jumpsuit for a night out!

classy beige jumpsuit for spring outfits
Classy Jumpsuit for Spring

View on Amazon

Jumpsuits look super cute if you have the right body to show them off!

4. Floral Maxi Skirt and White Top

This cute spring outfit idea is my personal favorite. It’s sexy and sweet.

Plus, you can wear a floral wrap skirt on your next beach vacation.

spring 2021 outfits for women with floral print boho skirt and white top

Shop Boho Maxi Skirts on Amazon

For more coverage, add a long sleeve jean shirt over the white top. It will cover your shoulders and protect you from the sun!

I saw a girl wearing this spring outfit in St. Augustine, FL the other week and fell in love. She looked great!

cute and classy spring 2022 outfit ideas with skirt and jean shirt
Jean Jacket + Skirt

5. Tennis Skirt and a Crop Top

tennis skirt and crop top outfit for spring 2021
Cute Sporty Spring Outfit Idea

View Tennis Skirt on Amazon

Tennis skirts are the perfect mix between sporty and flirty for a fun spring outfit idea.

If you love wearing leggings in the fall, then it’s time to pull out a cute tennis skirt for spring or summer.

My favorite brands are by Lija and Kyodan, but Amazon has a TON of super cute athletic apparel too (like tennis skirts!) that are dupes of Lululemon fan favorites.

6. Ruched Dress and Wedges

spring 2022 outfit for women with pink ruched dress
Elegant and Casual Outfit for Spring

View Dress on Amazon

A ruched dress is a perfect blend between casual, sweet, and sexy.

If you are traveling this spring and summer, make sure to throw a ruched dress into your suitcase. It won’t wrinkle. It’s perfect for walking around cities and cute towns during the day, and it works for dinner too!

7. Sexy Skirt and a Crop Top

cute and sexy spring 2022 outfit idea for women and for date night with gold skirt and crop top
Love a Silk Skirt with a Top!

View Skirt on Amazon

Wear a simple gold shirt with a simple tank for a sexy and fun spring outfit idea. Perfect for date night!

8. Over-sized Sweater Dress with Knee High Boots

I love wearing knee high boots! A sweater dress is perfect for spring outfits when it is still cold outside.

cute spring outfit for women with sweater dress and knee high boots
Photo by Lauren Fuquay

View Sweater Dress on Amazon

9. Pink Suede Skirt with a Black Top

Tights are perfect to pair with skirts for spring outfits for women. 

cute pink and black spring outfit idea for plus size woman on Amazon
Photo by Nneka

View Skirt on Amazon

10. Dress with a Chic Leather Jacket

Amazon spring outfit with dress
image via Danielle

View Dress on Amazon

Pairing a dress with a faux moto leather jacket and booties is perfect for spring! 

Get this spring outfit on Amazon: Blue Dress | Leather Jacket | Booties

11. Pink Maxi Dress with Wedges

cute spring outfit idea with pink maxi dress
Photo by gracefullyglam

View on Amazon

This dress is one of the best maxi dresses on Amazon. Plus, this cute off-shoulder maxi dress has pockets!

12. Swiss Dot Dress with Cowboy Boots

Cute Spring Outfit with Dress and Cowboy Boots
Photo by Macy

View Dress on Amazon

This is one of the best cute spring outfits with cowboy boots. This outfit is so cute!! You can get this entire spring outfit here on Amazon.

13. Leggings and a Sweater Top

chic summer outfit with black leggings
Photo by Carrie Bradshaw Lied

View Leggings on Amazon

This is one of my favorite outfits with black leggings.  It is casual and dressy at the same time! 

15. Jeans and Crop Top

Cute Spring Outfit with Jeans and A White Crop Top
Photo by CantStopWontStop

View Crop Top on Amazon

16. White Dress and Heels

Cute Spring Outfit for Women with White Dress
Photo by Tiffanyish

17. Floral Dress and Pink Heels

Cute Spring Outfit with White Floral Dress and Pink Heels
Photo by Carmen Carter

18. 90s-Inspired Top and Jeans

Cute 90s Outfit for Women with Jeans and Red Heels
Photo by Nneka

19. Pink Midi Skirt and a T-Shirt

Cute Spring Outfit with Pink Skirt and T-Shirt
Photo by Tiffany

20. Distressed Jeans and a Boho Top

Cute Spring Outfit with Distressed Jeans
Photo by Merilee

21. Tunic Shirt and White Jeans

Cute Spring Outfit with White Jeans
Photo by Cortney Morris

22. White Blazer and Jeans

Sexy Cute Spring Outfit for Women with White Blazer and Jeans
Photo by Lucy's Whims

23. White Jeans with Striped Sweater

white jeans outfit for spring
Image via Amazon

View Turtleneck on Amazon

White jeans are perfect for spring! When it's chilly outside, you may want to wear a cute sewater. But look for swetaers in pastel and spring inspired colors!

24. White Capri Pants and a Sweater Top

sweater top and white jeans outfit
Image via Amazon

View Sweater Top on Amazon

White capri pants are perfect for wearing all spring! Pair with a cute short-sleeved sweater and sandals.

25. Midi Skirt and a Tankini

spring midi skirt and tankini outfit
Image via Mallory

View Skirt on Amazon

You can get this entire spring outfit with a midi skirt here on Amazon.


In summary, there are so many cute spring outfits that you can recreate with clothes on Amazon!

Which outfit idea is your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

cute spring outfits for women and spring outfit ideas
Cute Spring Outfit Ideas

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