Cute Summer Date Night Outfits for 2024


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cute summer date night outfits

Cute Summer Date Night Outfits

I LOVE summer date nights.

Whether you are grabbing a drink on the patio, taking a stroll in the park, or heading out to dinner...summer is the perfect time to pull out a cute date night outfit. If you are searching for cute and sexy summer date night outfits, you have come to the right spot! 

Many of these cute summer date night outfits are inspired by top Amazon influencers, which means you can buy all these cute clothes, accessories, dresses, and shoes online on Amazon.

Other date night outfits in this summer date night outfit guide are from Lulus and Pink Lily.

Cute Summer Date Night Outfits for Summer 

Have a GREAT date! And have fun shopping for your new date night outfit! 

1. Cute Pink Dress with Hat and Purse

pink floral dress for summer date night outfit
Photo by Lori

Get this Summer Date Night Outfit:

Beach Floral Dress

Rattan Purse

2. Sexy Red Dress with Heels

Cute Summer Date Night Outfit with Red Dress and Heels
Sizes: XS to XL

View on Lulus

Your guy won't be able to keep his hands off of you at dinner in this sexy summer dress!

3. Cute Red Romper Dress

Cute Summer Date Night Outfit Romper
Sizes: X-Small to 3XL

View on Pink Lily

This cute romper is PERFECT for summer date night when it is HOT outside. This romper works really well as a cute Valentine's Day outfit too!

4. Classy Skirt and Jacket Summer Date Night Outfit

summer date night outfit with white skirt and jacket
Photo by Catherine Grey

5. Casual Skirt and Tank Top Outfit

casual summer date night outfit with skirt and tank top
Photo by Katie

6. Maxi Dress with Sandals

cute summer date night outfit with maxi dress
Photo by Always Meliss

6. Cami Top with Floral Skirt


cute summer date night outfit with midi floral skirt and crop top
Photo by Allie Hunter

For extra style, wear cute sunglasses and gold hoop earrings with any summer date night outfit!

7. Skirt with Tank Top

cute summer date night outfit with skirt and heels
Photo by Fit Mommy in Heels

8. Jeans with a Floral Bodysuit and White Blouse 

chic summer date outfit
Photo by SPatel1224

Want a chic daytime summer outfit? Pair jeans with a bodysuit. So sexy and classy at the same time!

9. Cute Short Skirt and Top 

cute summer date night outfit with skirt
Photo by Catherine Grey

10. Sexy Satin Slit Skirt with Top

sexy summer date night outfit with silk skirt
Photo from

11. Orange Silk/Satin Dress and Heels

summer date night outfit on black woman with orange dress
Photo by Carmen Cater

View on Amazon

12. Sexy Leather Brown Dress with White Heels

summer date night brown dress on African American female
Photo by Carmen Carter

View on Amazon

13. Red Midi Dress with Tan Heels and Jewelry

This summer outfit is also perfect for date night.

cute summer outfit with red midi dress and headband
Photo by A Double Doe

14. Cutout Dress with Heels

Summer Date Night Outfit with Midi Cutout Dress from Amazon
Dress: Sizes X-Small to X-Large

This cute cutout dress on Amazon is perfect for wearing on a summer date night! Pair with tan heels and a matching purse.

15. Two Piece Floral Set

cute two piece summer date night outfit
Photo by Lauren Fuquay

16. Blouse with Jeans

casual summer date night outfit
Image via Amazon

View Blouse on Amazon

Searching for a casual summer date night outfit? Or perhaps a summer date night outfit idea with jeans?

Pair a feminine blouse with jeans and heels.

17. Classy Tan Jumpsuit

summer romper for summer date night outfit
Photo by gracefullyglam

18. Sexy Dress and Heels

sexy black dress outfit with high slit
Photo by Allie Hunter

View on Amazon

You can never go wrong with a sexy satin dress with slits and heels for a date night outfit!

The Best Summer Date White Dress

AlvaQ Women's Sexy V Neck Sleeveless Lace Dress
AlvaQ Dress

View on Amazon

Sexy Red Summer Date Night Dress

sexy summer date night red dress
Photo from

View Dress on Amazon

Accessories for Summer Date Night Outfits

An outfit isn't complete without accessories! I personally LOVE all of these accessories on Amazon. Wear these with your new cute date night outfit.

1. Cute Date Night Purse

bamboo handbag and bamboo purse on Amazon for vacation outfits by Miuco on Amazon
Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag

View Purse on Amazon

Rattan Purses are so IN right now.

Rattan bag for 4th of July outfits
Rattan Purse

View on Amazon

Cute 4th of July Purse
So Cute!

View on Amazon

2. Summer Sandals

These sandals are so classy and comfortable. A girl has got to love cute sandals!

KOLILI white flat slide cheap sandals on Amazon
KOLILI White Sandals

View Sandals on Amazon

3. Hair Accessories

These flower hair clips are so pretty.

Hawaiian Plumeria Flower Hair Foam Hawaii Hair Clips (2 Inch) for beachy hair
Hawaiian Hair Clips

View on Amazon

4. Cute Sun Hat

You'll want a hat to protect your face from the sun!

FURTALK best summer beach hat on Amazon for women with shorts and tank top outfit
FURTALK Summer Beach Hat

View Hat on Amazon

5. Boho Tassel Earrings

These earrings are so chic!

cute boho straw hoop earrings by meekoo on Amazon
Boho Earrings

View  on Amazon

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