10 Bachelorette Boat Party Ideas You’ll Love

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Bachelorette Boat Party Ideas

Bachelorette Boat Party Ideas

Are you planning a bachelorette boat party or a yacht bachelorette party?

If yes, you are in for a LOT of fun!! (I’m jealous!)

To plan the perfect bachelorette boat party, you’ll need:

  • fun matching bachelorette party accessories
  • cute and fun swimsuits
  • bachelorette boat party decorations

This guide is all about bachelorette boat party ideas to plan the perfect bachelorette party weekend.

Below are easy-to-copy bachelorette boat party ideas.

10 Easy Bachelorette Boat Party Ideas to Copy

You are in for the best bachelorette party weekend ever!

1. Matching Sailor Hats

Matching Bachelorette Party Sailor Hats
Perfect for a Bachelorette

View on Amazon

Matching sailor hats is a super easy bachelorette boat party idea. Everyone will love these sailor hats!

Bachelorette Yacht and Boat Party Idea with Matching Captain Hats
Comes in Sets of 6 Hats

View on Amazon

2. A Glam Bride Captain Hat for the Bachelorette

Bachelorette Boat Party Idea with Gold Captain and Sailor Hat for Bride
So Glam!

View on Amazon

The bride will LOVE this hat for a bachelorette boat party. It's so glamorous!

Cute Bride Gold Jewel Captain and Sailor Hat

View on Amazon

3. A Cute Sailor-Inspired White Swimsuit for Bride to Be

A sexy white swimsuit for the bride-to-be is perfect for a bachelorette boat party!

Cute White Swimsuit for Bride and Bachelorette Party
So Cute!!

View on Etsy

An easy idea for your bachelorette party on a yacht (or a boat!) is to wear a sexy white swimsuit!

KBREAUR White Monokini Swimsuit for Bachelorette Party
Love the Neckline

View on Amazon

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4. Matching Swimsuits for the Girls

Matching bachelorette swimsuits are the way to go for a bachelorette boat party.

Bride Squad Bachelorette Party Swimsuits Theme
Bride Squad

View on Etsy

You will all look bomb in these bride tribe bathing suits for a bachelorette yacht or boat party!

Bride Tribe Matching Bachelorette Swimsuits
So Much Fun!

View on Etsy

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5. Matching Sarongs

Bachelorette Boat Party Idea with Matching Swimsuits and Sarongs
So Much Fun!

View Swimsuits on Etsy

After you've picked out the perfect bachelorette party swimsuits, get everyone matching bachelorette sarongs for your boat party! 

Get Cute Pink Sarongs:

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5. Matching Heart Sunglasses

Matching Black Heart Bachelorette Sunglasses for Boat Party Idea
Choose Black or White Heart Sunglasses

View on Amazon

Matching heart-shaped sunglasses are the perfect bachelorette boat party accessory. They are cheap and fun!!

Get pink heart-shaped sunglasses:

6. Nautifcal Sashes for Going Out 

Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party Sashes by GEMICH
Perfect for Going Out!

View on Amazon

Continue the bachelorette boat party theme throughout the night. Get matching nautical sashes for going out. 

7. Let’s Get Nauti Decorations

Bachelorette Let's Get Nauti Boat and Yacht Party Theme Decorations
Perfect for a Nautical Theme!

View on Amazon

Get ready for your bachelorette boat party or yacht party by celebrating in your hotel room/Airbnb ahead of time.

These nautical-themed decorations are perfect for your bachelorette boat party weekend!

More nautical themed bachelorette party ideas:

8. Bride Nautical Cups

These bride nautical cups are an easy-to-copy bachelorette boat party idea. They are also perfect for cruises!

9. Koozies for the Boat

Bachelorette Party Bride Claw Koozies for Boat or Yacht Bachelorette Party
So Much Fun!

View on Amazon

Koozies are a MUST for any bachelorette party on a boat or on a yacht. 

10. Nautical Bachelorette Party Bags

Nautical and Boat Theme Bachelorette Canvas Beach Bags
Practical and Fun!

View on Amazon

Bachelorette Boat Party Outfit Idea for the Bride

If you aren't sure what to wear as the bachelorette, below is an idea for inspiration!

Wear a white swimsuit, a captain's hat, and a sexy white sarong to your bachelorette party on a boat or on a yacht!

Cute Bachelorette Boat Party Outfit Idea
So Cute and Sexy!

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Bachelorette Boat Party Ideas by Chic Lifestyle
Bachelorette Boat Party Ideas by Chic Lifestyle

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