21 Awesome Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas (Ultimate Guide)


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Bachelorette Pool Party Guide and Ideas

Ultimate Bachelorette Pool Party Guide

If you are planning a bachelorette pool party, then there are a few things you should know.

One, you will need at least one (maybe 2 or 3 or 4!!) fun bachelorette party floaties. Two, you’ll want plenty of bachelorette pool party accessories and decorations. Three, you’ll want to make sure everyone wears matching bachelorette swimsuits or at least a pool party theme/main color for everyone’s swimsuits. And four, you will want a bachelorette pool party theme!

This guide includes everything you will need to plan the ultimate bachelorette pool party. 😊 So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas: Themes, Decorations, Floaties, and More!

Everyone loves a pool party!

Here are a few bachelorette pool party expert tips and ideas to make sure the bachelorette pool party that you are planning ROCKS!

1. Choose a Memorable Bachelorette Party Theme

If you have a theme (check out these awesome bachelorette pool party themes) for your bachelorette pool party, you can get pool party decorations that go with the theme.

Great bachelorette pool party themes include:

  • Black and gold
  • Hot pink
  • Tropical luau
  • Last Cowboy

2. Send Out Pool-Party Invitations

You can always send out bachelorette pool party invites via email, but these printable party invitations are just so, so cute! 

bachelorette pool party invitations
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

3. Get LOTS of Pool Floats

Everyone loves a pool party float! Buy at least two (and maybe 3 or 4 floats!)

bachelorette pool party
Image via @westcoastbach

View on Amazon

And by LOTS of pool floats, we mean a LOT!!!

bachelorette pool party floats
Image via @confetti.please

View on Amazon

4. Get a Giant Diamond Ring Float! 

Bachelorette Pool Party Float
Image via LTK

View on Amazon

This bachelorette diamond ring float is a MUST-HAVE! P.S. You can also buy this white ruffle swimsuit on Amazon! 

5. Get Matching Swimsuits

Bride Squad Matching Bachelorette Pool Party Swimsuits
So Cute!

View on Etsy

If possible, ask everyone to coordinate their swimsuits.

Or treat everyone to matching bachelorette swimsuits or matching sarongs.

6. Have Plenty of Food and Drinks

Don’t let anyone get hangry!

Have plenty of food, snacks, and drinks (including non-alcoholic beverages) for everyone.

7. Get Bachelorette Pool Party Sunglasses

Heart-shaped sunglasses or neon sunglasses are perfect bachelorette pool party favors.

bachelorette pool p[arty sunglasses
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

bachelorette pool party ideas
Image via @thebacheloretteblog

View Sunglasses on Amazon

And of course, don't forget bedazzled pool party sunglasses for the bride-to-be!

bachelorette pool party sunglasses
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

8. Get Customizable Visors

Bright visors are a fun and unique bachelorette pool party favor.

bachelorette pool party visors
Image via Etsy

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Visors are also a cute alternative to matching bachelorette party hats!

9. Get Cute Drink Pouches

bachelorette pool party drink pouches
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

10. Get Bright Hats Hats

Either you go with baseball hats, sunhats, or other hats…a girl needs to protect her face in the sun! 😉

11. Get Koozies for Everyone

Koozies are a MUST for any bachelorette party. You can either go with fun "Bride Claw" koozies or cute tropical koozies if you are doing a tropical bachelorette pool party theme!

Bachelorette Party Bride Claw Koozies for Boat or Yacht Bachelorette Party
So Much Fun!

View on Amazon

12. Get Bachelorette Pool Party Beach Towels

Fun and bright matching bachelorette party beach towels are perfect for a bachelorette pool party favor.

Bachelorette Pool Party Beach Towels in Pink with Tropical Print
So Cute!

View on Amazon

13. Get Creative with the Cups & Straws

For extra fun, everyone will love these party pack buddies. 😉

14. Don’t Forget the Necessities

Treat everyone to matching bachelorette beach towels or remind them to bring one.

Don’t forget sunblock, plenty of water, and a music player too!

15. Get Drink Holders

Drink floaters make a bachelorette pool party a party! 

16. Get Awesome Bachelorette Pool Party Decorations 

If you don’t have any idea how to decorate for a bachelorette pool party, have no fear.

You just need to buy a “kit” on Amazon that is made for bachelorette pool parties.

There are tons to choose from.

17. Treat the Bride to a Beach Hat

bachelorette pool party beach hat for bride
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

This customizable beach hat for the bride-to-be is so cute!

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18. Hand Out Bachelorette Party Sunscreen Favors

bachelorette pool party favors: sunscreen
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

19. Get the Bride a Bachelorette Party Veil

There are so many fun bachelorette party veils to choose from! Below are two AMAZING bachelorette party veils that are just perfect for a pool party!

bachelorette pool party veil
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

bachelorette pool party veil
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

20. Get the Bride Her Own Cup!

bride straw for bachelorette pool party
Image via @popfizzdesigns

View on Amazon

21. Get a White Swimsuit for the Bride

bachelorette pool party must haves
Image via @bronte.bride

View Swimsuit on Amazon

A white swimsuit is a must-have for the bride to be! These are my favorite white bachelorette party swimsuits!

Instagram-Worthy Bachelorette Pool Party Floaties for Bachelorette Pool Parties

There are TONS of fun bachelorette pool party floaties to choose from.

Just search on Amazon, and you’ll find gigantic flamingoes, donuts, sharks, diamond rings, and more!!

Below are a few of the best bachelorette pool party floaties.

Bachelorette Pool Party Engagement Ring Float

Bachelorette Pool Party Float with Diamond Engagement Ring
A Fan Favorite!!

View on Amazon

Pineapple Float

Bachelorette Pool Party Pineapple Float
Fun in the Sun!

View on Amazon

Flamingo Bachelorette Party Float

Bachelorette Pool Party Flamingo Float
So Much Fun!

View on Amazon

Bachelorette Pool Party Heart Floats

Bachelorette Pool Party Heart Floats
So Cute!

View on Etsy

You can get these pretty personalized bachelorette party swimsuits too on Etsy.

Unicorn Bachelorette Pool Party Float

Bachelorette Pool Party Unicorn Float
So Cute and Fun!

View on Amazon

Summary – Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas

In summary, it can be easy to plan the perfect bachelorette pool party.

You just need a pool party theme, fun bachelorette party decorations, and plenty of food and drinks for everyone. 😊

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