17 Cute Christmas Couple Pictures & Photoshoot Ideas

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Christmas Couple Pictures

Christmas Couple Pictures

Want to get Christmas photos taken together as a couple?

Whether you are sending out Christmas cards or an engagement announcement, Christmas couple pictures are always in style. 😊

You can get so creative too! Whether you want to get cute couple Christmas pictures, funny couple Christmas photos, or cozy couple Christmas pictures in matching pajamas…you have so many options!

This photoshoot guide is all about Christmas picture ideas for couples.

Continue scrolling for Christmas couple picture ideas. You’ll find Christmas picture ideas for couples and get ideas for what to wear as well!

This post contains affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Christmas Couple Picture Ideas for Festive Christmas Photos

Have a great time getting your Christmas photos taken!

Whether you want funny photos, romantic photos, or festive photos…you will get lots of ideas below!

1. Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Christmas Couple Pictures Under Mistletoe
Image via StyleMePretty

2. Wrap Presents Together

Christmas Couple Photoshoot Idea Wrapping Presents
Image via Artem Kniaz

3. Interlock Your Hands

Christmas Couple Pictures Holding Hands
Image via Brooke Cagle

4. Incorporate Holiday Mugs

Christmas Couple Picture with Mugs
Image via Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

5. Kiss Each Other Surrounded by Christmas Trees

Christmas Couple Pictures by Christmas Trees
Image via @Ian Schneider

6. Hold a Christmas Wreath

Christmas Couple Picture Holding Wreath
Image via Amazon


This is such a unique Christmas couple photoshoot idea...and super easy to copy!

7. Sit On Your Front Porch Steps

Christmas Couples Pictures on Steps
So Cute and Simple!


You don't have to travel far for your Christmas photoshoot. Simply take steps on your front porch!

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8. Go All Out in Red

Christmas Couple Pictures in Red
So Fancy!


This red dress works for an engagement photoshoot, but it is also perfect for Christmas couple pictures! 

9. Hold Up Two Candle Canes

Cute Christmas Couples Pictures
Image by Hey Wedding Lady

I love this Christmas couple picture idea! All you need are two candy canes and Christmas sweaters.

10. Include Your Dog

Christmas Couples Pictures with Dog
Photo by Jennifer Corona Photography

This is such a cute way to incorporate your dog into your Christmas photoshoot!

11. Get Cozy in Pajamas

Christmas Couples Photos in Pajamas
Photo by Brooklyn Mills

Who says you can't be comfortable in your Christmas couple pictures? Just wear cute Christmas pajamas for this photo idea.

12. Get a Piggy Back Ride

Christmas Couples Picture Idea Piggy Back Ride
Photo by Xenia_Truxina

This Christmas couple's photo idea is absolutely adorable!

13. Decorate Your Car for Christmas

Christmas Couples Picture Idea
Photo by Lydia McIntosh

Decorate a cute car with Christmas decor and then use that for your Christmas photo backdrop!

14. Go Ice Skating

Christmas Couples Picture Ice Skating
Photo by Victoria Lamina

An ice-skating rink is a perfect place to snap some Christmas couple pictures! Go ahead and have fun with this photo idea!

15. Snuggle Up with Hot Cocoa

Christmas Couple Pictures with Hot Cocoa
Photo from Pinterest

Grab a mug of hot cocoa and take some Christmas couple pictures outside!

16. Smile by the Christmas Tree

Christmas Couple Pictures by Christmas Tree
Photo from Pinterest

Once you get your tree decorated, put on a cozy sweater and take some Christmas pictures!

17. Incorporate Twinkle Lights

Christmas Couple Pictures with Twinkle Lights
Photo from Pinterest

Sit on the floor as a couple and hug each other and smile for a sexy Christmas couple photoshoot idea.

Bonus: Sexy Christmas Photoshoot for Two Women

Christmas couple photos aren't limited to just straight couples! If you want a super sexy Christmas photoshoot, who says you and your female partner can't wear lingerie?

Sexy Christmas Photoshoot for Two Women Couple
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Summary – Christmas Photoshoots for Couples

In summary, you have so many options for your Christmas photos as a couple!

The holiday season is the time to be playful and have fun, so get creative with your photoshoot and try something new!

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