16 Spooky Halloween Nail Stickers for DIY Halloween Nails!

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (if not my favorite!) and I love decorating for fall. If you want fun and cute Halloween nails, there’s no need to pay $50+ for cool Halloween nail designs at a salon.You can get fun Halloween nails with easy-to-use Halloween nail stickers.

Below are Halloween nail ideas using some of the best Halloween nail stickers on Amazon.

P.S. – Not a fan of using Halloween nail stickers? Check out the best Halloween nail polish colors for fun Halloween nails instead.

Halloween Nail Stickers for Spooky Halloween Nails

Below are the best Halloween nail ideas for easy and fun Halloween nails.

These Halloween nail designs include Halloween nail stickers, making them easy to copy! 

1. Black and Gold Halloween Nail Stickers

Spider and Ghost Halloween Nail Stickers

gold ghost Halloween nails and Halloween nail stickers
Stylish and FUN!

Get These Halloween Nail Stickers and Nail Polish

2. Ghost and Pumpkin Stickers

Halloween nail stickers with ghosts
Cute Ghosts with Sparkly Nail Polish

Get These Halloween Nail Stickers and Matching Nail Polish

3. Scary Pumpkin Halloween Stickers

Pumpkins are so cute for Halloween nails!

Halloween nail stickers with pumpkins on light pink nail polish
Unique Halloween Nail Stickers

Get These Halloween Nail Stickers and Light Pink Nail Polish

4. Trick or Treat Halloween Nail Stickers

Halloween nail stickers Trick or Treat + witches
Image via Amazon

Get These Halloween Stickers and the Nail Polish

Blood and Graveyard Stickers:

black and white Halloween fingernails with blood and ghost Halloween stickers
So Scary!

Get These Nail Stickers and Nail Polish

5. Pastel Halloween Nails with Halloween Stickers

cute Halloween nails with Halloween nail stickers
So Cute!

Get These Halloween Nails and the Matching Halloween Stickers

6. Sparkly Nude Halloween Nails with Halloween Stickers

cute spooky Halloween stickers and Halloween nail art
Easy to Use!

Get These Halloween Nail Stickers

7. Clear Nails with Halloween Stickers

purple and orange Halloween nails with Halloween stickers
So Cute!

Get These Halloween Stickers on Amazon

8. Hot Pink and Black Halloween Nails with Halloween Stickers

hot pink and black Halloween nails with Jack Skellington Halloween nail stickers
Jack Skellington!

Get These Halloween Nails and Matching Halloween Stickers

9. White Halloween Nails with Halloween Stickers

Spider Webs and Skull Halloween Stickers:

white Halloween nails with Halloween stickers
So Easy for Halloween!

Get These Halloween Nails

10. Glow in the Dark Halloween Nails

glow in the dark Halloween nail stickers
They Glow!

Get These Halloween Nail Stickers

11. Frankenstein Halloween Green and Black Nails

These Halloween nail designs are so cute!

Frankenstein and Bride green and black Halloween nails
So Creative!

If you are crafty, consider Frankenstein and Bride-themed Halloween nails. This YouTube video walks you through a how-to guide.

P.S. – Don’t use the Seche Vite topcoat shown in this YouTube video. It works great, but it has some nasty chemicals.

Get These Fun Green and Black Halloween Nails

12. Floral Ghost Nails for Halloween

Cute Halloween Nails with Ghosts and Flowers
So Cute for Halloween!

View on Etsy

13. Halloween Nails with Ghosts, Candy Corns, and Stars

Orange Halloween Nails with Ghosts
So Cute!

View on Etsy

Women say these Halloween nail stickers/nail decals are so cute! Plus, these nail decals are perfect for the spooky Halloween season.

Cute Halloween Nails with Pumpkins, Stars, Moons, and Ghosts
So Cute!!

View on Etsy

14. Disney Haunted Mansion Halloween Nail Designs

Cute Disney Haunted Mansion Halloween Nails
Perfect for Disney Lovers!

View on Etsy

These Disney Halloween nails are perfect if you are looking for Halloween Disney nails.

15. Bats for Scary Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails with Bats
So Cute!

View on Etsy

These bat stencils are perfect for making your own DIY Halloween nail designs.

16. Spiderweb and Ghost Halloween Stickers

Halloween nail stickers for DIY Halloween nails in orange and black
So Cute and Easy to Do!

Copy These Halloween Nails

How to Apply Halloween Nail Stickers

If you are new to using nail stickers and nail decals, have no fear. It is SUPER easy. Basically, you just need to apply your base coat and let it try completely, apply the nail decals or stickers, and then apply a top coat.

This short 2 minute YouTube video shows you how to apply your new Halloween nail stickers for easy and fun looking nails.

Base Coat and Top Coat Nail Polish for Use with Halloween Nail Stickers

Before using ANY of the nail polish and Halloween nail stickers above, it’s helpful to use a base coat of nail polish and a top coat of nail polish.

Base Coat Nail Polishes 

A base coat of nail polish makes your nail polish last longer, it protects your nails, and it prevents staining.

You don’t need to use an expensive base coat. I personally stick to the base coats by OPI.

Top Coat Nail Polishes for Halloween Nails

A top coat makes your nails look shiny and helps to prevent chipping of the nail polish.

It is especially important to use a top coat of nail polish when using nail decals or stickers, as it helps prevent the nail art from peeling off.

I personally use the OPI or the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat nail polish.

Health Note: Don’t get the Seche Vite top coat nail polish. It gets AMAZING reviews and women absolutely LOVE how it looks. My hairdresser who knows all things beauty said that all of her clients wear by it. BUT…Seche Vite nail polish has a toxic ingredient in it (toluene), which is really bad for you.

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