6 Easy Renaissance Fair Costume Ideas for Women

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Renaissance Fair Costume Ideas

Renaissance Fair Costume Ideas

Heading off to a Renaissance Festival for a day (or maybe two or three)?

Renaissance Festivals are the perfect occasion for dressing up, and there are TONS of Renaissance fair costumes for women.

Below are a few easy-to-copy Renaissance Fair costume ideas for women.

I’ll continue to add more ideas as the year goes on. 😊

What is a Renaissance Fair?

Before diving into Renaissance Fair outfit ideas, you may be wondering what a Renaissance Fair is. A Renaissance fair, also known as a Renaissance festival or Renaissance faire, is an event or outdoor festival that recreates the culture, customs, and entertainment of the European Renaissance period, which spanned roughly from the 14th to the 17th century. These fairs are typically held in a park or open-air venue and feature a wide range of activities and attractions that transport attendees back in time to the Renaissance era.

I personally LOVE Renaissance Fairs, as it's an excuse to dress up in a fun costume, to see some fun shows (like jousting tournaments and comedy acts), to look at some fun items for sale (like jewelry and pottery), and to try fun food and drinks (like turkey legs!).

Easy to Copy Renaissance Fair Costume Ideas for Women

These Renaissance Festival outfits can all be copied with clothes on Amazon. Making it super easy to put together a fun Renaissance fair costume.

1. Elf Renaissance Fair Costume

For a unique Renaissance Fair outfit, why not dress up as an elf? You'll need a Renaissance dress and elf ears for this outfit idea!

Elf Renaissance Fair Costume Idea
Fun and Unique!

View Elf Costume Dress

You can get this EXACT elf costume dress on Amazon.

2. Green Renaissance Fair Outfit for Women

This green dress (shown below) is perfect for wearing to a Renaissance Festival!

Green Renaissance Festival Dress for Women
Sizes: X-Small to X-Large

View Dress on Amazon

This Renaissance festival outfit for women is great for cosplay too!

Elf Renaissance Festival Outfit for Women
Perfect for Renaissance Fairs!

View Outfit on Amazon

Plus Size Purple Renaissance Fair Dress

Plus Size Purple Renaissance Fair Dress with Bell Sleeves
Sizes: Small to 3X-Large

View on Amazon

This plus size Renaissance Fair dress is soft and very comfortable. You will love it!

Black Renaissance Fair Corset with Skirt Costume

Black Renaissance Fair Outfit and Cosplay Outfit
Sizes: Small to X-Large

View on Amazon

Copy this Renaissance Fair costume idea:

Black and Cream Renaissance Fair Costume Idea

Black and Cream Dess for Renaissance Fair Costume Idea for Women
This Dress is on Amazon!

View Dress on Amazon

You can get this exact Renaissance fair costume for women online.

Purple Renaissance Dress with a Corset

Renaissance Costume for Women Purple Dress
Dress: Sizes X-Small to 3X-Large

View Dress on Amazon

This Renaissance costume dress comes in sizes up to 3X-Large. Add a black corset and a floral headpiece.


In conclusion, there are so many affordable and fun Renaissance fair costumes for women! Simply search for "Renaissance Fair costume" on Amazon, and you'll find a plethora of outfit ideas!

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Renaissance Fair Costumes for Women
Renaissance Fair Costumes for Women

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