8 Super Funny Halloween Costumes for Women


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Funny DIY costumes for women and funny costume ideas for Halloween

Funny Halloween Costumes

Want a witty and funny DIY Halloween costume for women?

Check out these funny Halloween costume ideas for women/adults.

These funny costume ideas are perfect for women and are great for a last-minute Halloween costume.

Funny Halloween costumes for women include:

  • Crazy Cat Lady
  • Deviled Eggs
  • A Bubble Bath
  • Raining Men
  • Bread Winner

Funny Halloween Costumes for Women for Halloween 

Check out these easy and funny DIY last-minute Halloween costumes for adults.

1. Crazy Cat Lady

This is such a FUNNY Halloween costume for women. To dress up as a crazy cat lady for Halloween, start with a hot pink oversized robe. Then, use a safety pin to add some plush toy cats to your robe. Wear slippers (or mismatched shoes), crazy glasses, and disheveled hair. For extra fun, carry a tote bag filled with cat-related items like cat food cans or a bottle of wine!

crazy cat lady costume_funny DIY costume for women
Crazy Cat Lady Costume

How to Dress Up as a Crazy Dog Lady for Halloween

2. Deviled Eggs

This is such a funny and easy DIY Halloween costume for women. It's a HOT college Halloween costume idea too! To dress up as deviled eggs for Halloween, wear an all-white outfit such as a white dress or jumpsuit. Create a foam "eggshell" and pin it to your white outfits. Finally, accessorize with devil horns and a pitchfork to add a devilish twist to your egg-cellent costume!

deviled eggs_easy and sexy Halloween costume for women that is funny
Deviled Eggs - Sexy DIY Costume for Women (Funny and Witty Too!)

Homemade Deviled Eggs Costume for Women

3. Bubble Bath 

This is a unique and funny DIY Halloween costume for women. For this DIY funny Halloween costume, you'll want to start with a white tank top for women (on Amazon) and white biker shorts (on Amazon). Then, you'll need rubber duckies and bubble bath accessories (see below). If you have a baby girl, you could do a cute mom-and-baby costume and have her dress up as a loofah!

DIY bubble bath costume
Image via @candyerin

Copy this Funny DIY Costume

To complete the costume, wear bright red lipstick (from Amazon) and white flower sunglasses (also from Amazon).

4. Raining Men 

It's Raining Men funny DIY Halloween costume for women
It's Raining Men - Easy DIY Funny Costume for Women

Are you single? Please make it rain men this Halloween! 

It's Raining Men DIY Costume Accessories

5. Bread Winner 

funny DIY Halloween costume for women_bread winner
Bread Winner - Funny DIY Costume for Women

Lots of women make the $$$ in the household. Dress up as a breadwinner!

Easy and Funny DIY Costume 

6. Pinata

Pinata Costume Women
Funny and Cute!

View on Amazon

This Halloween costume idea for women is funny and cute! 

7. Chicken

Funny Chicken Costume Women
So Funny!

View on Amazon

Dressing up as a chicken for Halloween is pretty ridiculous...and funny!

Plus, you can dress up as KFC Chicken and Colonel Sanders for a creative couples Halloween costume idea.

8. Darla from Disney's Finding Nemo

funny DIY Halloween costume for women Darla from Finding Nemo
Image via @carlymwilson

More Halloween Costume Ideas 


funny Halloween costumes for women and DIY funny and creative last minute costumes for adults and women
Funny DIY Costumes for Women - Funny Halloween Costume Ideas
funny DIY Halloween costumes for women_Bread winner, raining men, and deviled eggs funny costume ideas
Funny Halloween Costumes for Women

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