15 Creative Couples Halloween Costumes


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the most creative couples costumes and cheap, easy DIY costume ideas for couples for Halloween

Creative Couples Halloween Costumes

Ready to spice up your Halloween with some seriously fun and creative couples Halloween costumes? Look no further because you've just stumbled upon the ultimate guide to creative Halloween costumes for couples!

This isn't your average Halloween costume guide; it's a treasure trove of whimsy and imagination. We're about to dive headfirst into a world of DIY costume magic, designed exclusively for dynamic duos like you. Get ready to unleash your creativity and have a blast!

This lineup of Creative Couples Halloween Costumes is nothing short of legendary. You'll find:

🤣 Hilariously Funny Couples Costumes

🎨 Crafty DIY Halloween Costumes for Dynamic Duos

💰 Budget-Friendly and Ingenious Couples Costumes

🌟 Uniquely Creative Costume Ideas for Pairs

🎭 The Most Mind-Blowing Halloween Costumes for Couples

Without further ado, let's dive in!

1. Gomez and Morticia Addams from The Adams Family

Gomez and Morticia Addams creative couples costume idea and DIY unique costumes for couples for Halloween and cosplay by Very Easy Makeup
Gomez and Morticia Addams Creative Couples Costume - DIY Costume Idea for Couples

Dressing up as Morticia and Gomez is such a creative and funny couples Halloween costume idea!

Gomez and Morticia Addams Family funny, creative, and unique DIY couples Halloween costume idea
Gomez and Morticia Addams Family - Creative and Funny Couples Costume Idea

Below is exactly what you need to dress up as Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams for Halloween. 👻

Morticia Addams DIY Costume

Gomez Addams DIY Halloween Costume

2. Spaghetti and Parmesan

Spaghetti and parmesan is such a cute and unique couple's costume idea. 🍝  This is such a creative DIY Halloween costume for couples!

creative DIY couples cheap Halloween costume idea of spaghetti and meatballs costume and parmesan cheese for cute Halloween couples costumes by Very Easy Makeup
Creative DIY Couples Costume Idea - Spaghetti and Meatballs and Parmesan Cheese

No one else will have this creative couple's costume for Halloween.

Kraft Parmeson Cheese and spaghetti creative DIY and funny couples Halloween costume idea
Spaghetti and Meatballs Creative DIY Couples Costume Idea

Meatballs DIY Costume for Guys

Kraft Cheese Creative DIY Costume for Her

3. Barbie and Ken from Disney’s Toy Story 3 

If you are blonde and your hubby is a brunette, then these creative couple costumes would be just perfect! Dress up as Barbie and Ken!

Barbie and Ken from Disney's Toy Story 3 costume ideas and DIY costume for couples that is creative and funny
Barbie and Ken from Disney's Toy Story 3 DIY Costumes and Creative Costume Idea for Couples

These are two funny and creative couples Halloween costumes. 💑

Barbie and Ken from Toy Story 3 cute DIY couples costume
Barbie and Ken from Toy Story 3 - Creative and Cute Couples Costume

To create a fantastic Barbie costume inspired by Toy Story 3, opt for a blue leotard as the central piece of the outfit.

Barbie from Toy Story 3 Costume for Her

For Ken, channel the charming and preppy Toy Story 3 version of this iconic doll. Opt for a light blue or pastel-colored shirt paired with white or cream shorts. Add a belt and boat shoes to complete the ensemble. Style your hair in a combed, neat fashion, and consider adding a toy prop like a toy gun or a toy car as a playful nod to Ken's character.

Dress Up as Ken from Toy Story 3

4. Mermaid and Fisherman

creative couples costumes and DIY cheap couples costume ideas for Halloween_Fisherman and Mermaid for cheap couples costume idea
Creative Couples Costume Idea - Fisherman and Mermaid DIY Costumes

This is a creative and cheap DIY couple's Halloween costume idea.

mermaid and fisherman creative, cheap, and easy DIY couples Halloween costume
Mermaid and Fisherman Cheap and Easy DIY Costume for Couples

To craft an enchanting mermaid costume, begin with a shimmering, scale-textured tail in your chosen color scheme. Pair it with a seashell-adorned bikini top or a flowing, aquatic-inspired top. Accessorize with cascading faux pearls, a starfish hairpin, and iridescent makeup to complete the mystical look.

DIY Mermaid Costume for Her

For the fisherman outfit, opt for a weathered fishing jacket or vest, worn over a plaid or striped shirt. Add rugged, worn-in jeans or pants, and don't forget a pair of sturdy, waterproof boots. Accessorize with fishing gear like a net, fishing rod, or tackle box. A classic fishing hat and a prop fish would be the perfect finishing touches to achieve the adventurous fisherman look.

Funny and Cheap Fisherman Costume for Guys in Couples Costume

5. Moonrise Kingdom Couple

Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom creative DIY couples Halloween costume idea and unique couples costumes
Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom - Creative and Unique DIY Costume for Couples

This is an easy DIY couples creative costume from Moonrise Kingdom.

Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom as a couples creative and unique costume idea and DIY costumes for couples
Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom Creative and Unique Couples Costume

Suzy's distinctive look revolves around a pink dress with a Peter Pan collar. Find or craft a similar dress to match her style. Pair it with knee-high white socks and classic black Mary Jane shoes, just like hers. Don't forget to carry a vintage suitcase, reminiscent of the one Suzy carries in the movie. To complete the look, hang a pair of binoculars around your neck, paying homage to Suzy's passion for birdwatching.

Suzy from the Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom Costume

To emulate Sam's character, you'll need a Scout Master uniform. Look for a khaki or olive-green shirt and shorts to capture his outfit. Add a red neckerchief or bandana, a quintessential part of the Scout uniform. Recreate his camp badges and patches by drawing or printing them onto iron-on paper and attaching them to the uniform. Finish the ensemble with white socks and black lace-up shoes. Carrying camping essentials like a canteen or lantern will emphasize the adventurous spirit of Sam.

Funny and Easy DIY Costume for Sam from Moonrise Kingdom

6. Cher and Sonny – Unique, Classic, and Creative DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Cher and Sunny creative Halloween couples idea for DIY, funny, and unique costumes and costume ideas
Sunny and Cher Creative DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Cher is known for her dazzling and distinctive fashion. Consider a Bob Mackie-inspired sequined gown in a bold color, like black or red. Alternatively, you can choose a bell-bottom jumpsuit, a signature look from the '70s era when Sonny and Cher were at their peak. Accessorize with statement jewelry, large sunglasses, and a sleek, straight wig. Don't forget to mimic her confident attitude.

DIY Cher (Hippie) Costume for Her in Couples Costume

For Sonny's costume, opt for a matching '70s-style ensemble. A paisley-patterned vest with bell-bottom pants and a wide-collared shirt will work perfectly. Add a faux fur vest for extra retro flair. A shaggy wig, a mustache, and some round, tinted sunglasses will complete the Sonny Bono look.

Creative Sonny Costume for Him in Halloween Couple Costume Idea

7. Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat

This is a super funny and cute couple's Halloween costume!

Curious George and Man in Yellow hat creative, funny, unique, and cute couples Halloween costumes and costume ideas
Cute, Creative, and Fun Couples Costume Idea - Curious George and Man in the Yellow Hat

For Curious George, don a brown or tan jumpsuit or onesie to emulate his furry appearance. Add a tail made from matching fabric or a stuffed animal tail. Craft a simple monkey headpiece or mask with ears, ensuring George wears an inquisitive expression. Complete the look with brown gloves, mimicking monkey hands.

Cute and Creative Curious George Monkey Costume for Her

To portray the Man in the Yellow Hat, sport a bright yellow suit or coordinate a yellow jacket with matching pants. Accessorize with a yellow tie or bowtie and, of course, a yellow hat. Carry a stuffed animal monkey (representing Curious George) or a yellow bag as a playful prop. Don't overlook brown shoes to finalize the outfit.

DIY Man in the Yellow Hat Costume for Couples

8. Dentist and Tooth Fairy

For a whimsical and creative couples costume, consider going as a dentist and a tooth fairy. Dress up as a dentist by wearing a white lab coat, scrubs, and carrying dental tools like a mirror and a toothbrush. For the tooth fairy, don a sparkly dress with wings, a tiara, and carry a wand along with a small tooth-shaped pillow to complete the enchanting look. Together, you'll have a unique and charming costume pairing that's sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces! 😁🧚‍♀️🦷

Cute Halloween Costumes for Couples in College with Dentist and tooth Fairy
Fun and Creative!

9. Corona and a Slice of Lime

For a fun and light-hearted couples costume idea as Corona and a slice of lime!

Creative Couples Halloween Costumes with Corona and Lime
So Creative!

Corona Costume: Dress up as the iconic Corona beer by wearing a bright yellow or gold outfit reminiscent of the beer's label color. Create a cardboard beer bottle label-shaped piece to wear on the front, featuring the word "Corona" prominently. Complete the look with a toy or cardboard beer bottle prop, and consider adding a playful touch with a bottle cap hat.

Lime Costume: To portray the lime slice, don a bright green dress or tunic as the base of your costume. Craft a lime slice headpiece using green fabric or foam, securing it to a headband. Accessorize with green shoes and add detail by drawing seeds on the lime slice or attaching small black beads.

10. Netflix + Chill Creative Couples Halloween Costume

Netflix and Chill Creative Couples Halloween Costume
Photo by Addison's Wonderland

Get these Creative Couples Halloween Costumes

11. Gold Digger and Sugar Daddy

This is such a funny DIY couples costume idea for Halloween.

Creative Couples Halloween Costume Gold Digger and Sugar Daddy
Creative and Funny!

Get these creative funny couples costumes:

12. Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken

Easy DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken
Such a Funny and Creative Couples Costume Idea!

Dressing up as Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken is such a funny and creative couple Halloween costume idea.

Get these funny DIY couples costumes for Halloween:

13. Beetlejuice and Miss Argentina

Creative Couple Halloween Costumes Beetlejuice and Miss Argentina
So Creative and Scary!

This creative couples Halloween costume idea is a fan favorite! Who doesn't love dressing up as characters from Beetlejuice for an extra Halloween scare?

Get these creative couple Halloween costumes on Amazon:

14. Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog

Creative Couples Halloween Costumes Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog
So Cute and Funny!!

This is such a cute and creative couple's costume idea! And who doesn't love Miss Piggy?

Get these creative Halloween costumes for  couples:

15. Milkman and Housewife

Funny DIY Couples Costumes Milk Man and House Wife
Creative and Funny!

Dressing up as a housewife and a milkman is a funny DIY couples costume.

Get these creative and unique Halloween costumes:

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creative couples costumes and cheap, easy DIY costume ideas for couples for Halloween
Creative Couples Halloween Costumes
creative couples costumes and unique couples Halloween costume ideas by Very Easy Makeup
Creative DIY Couples Costumes and Couples Halloween Costume Ideas by Very Easy Makeup
Creative Couples Halloween Costumes
Creative Couples Halloween Costumes
creative couples Halloween costumes and cute, unique, and cheap DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples by Very Easy Makeup
Creative Couples Halloween Costumes

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