Spooky Chic: Top 10 Women’s Halloween Costumes Under $55


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the best Halloween costumes for women on Amazon

Best Halloween Costumes for Women

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween in style?

From spooky to sultry, Amazon has a wide range of women's Halloween costumes to suit every taste and budget.

Whether you're looking for a classic witch costume, a sexy vampire outfit, or a cute Disney-inspired ensemble, you're sure to find something that fits the bill. And the best part?

These Halloween costumes for women come highly recommended by hundreds (if not thousands) of women. Seriously! We've scoured Amazon to bring you the top-rated and best women's Halloween costumes.

So, whether you're attending a costume party, trick-or-treating with the kids, or just looking to have some fun, we've got you covered with these spooktacular Halloween costume ideas for women.

This post contains affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

10 Best Halloween Costumes for Women 

These best costumes for women include one of the best costumes with a mask, a great costume for curvy women, one of the best sexy costumes for women, one of the best costumes for blondes, a funny Halloween costume, and a cheap Halloween costume.

1. Sexy Police Cop Costume

best costume for women with a sexy cop costume
#1 Costume: A Sexy Cop!

View on Amazon

Reasons this is One of the Best Costumes for Women

  • Best Sexy Costume for Women
  • Best Cheap Costume for Women

This policewoman costume is under $30 and is my personal favorite. It’s made of stretchy material and has a cute hat!

If you live somewhere cold, wear tights under your cop costume to stay warm for Halloween.

best sexy cop costume for women
Pair with Tights for Your Halloween Costume

View on Amazon

You can see this cop Halloween costume for women in this sexy cop costume try-on on YouTube.

2. Jessie from Toy Story Costume for Women

Disney Jessie from Toy Story costume for women with hats, shirt, and cowgirl hat
Jessie from Toy Story!

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Reasons Jessie is One of the Most Popular Costumes for Women

  • Best Costume with Pants
  • Best Mom-Appropriate Costume for Women

This is one of the best Disney costumes for women.

This costume is a great costume for redheads and for families.

cute Disney costume for mom and son with Jessie and Buzz
Perfect for Family Costumes!

View on Amazon

Women say this Toy Story costume for women is super cute and guaranteed to result in many compliments.

The colors in this Jessie costume are bright and the costume is so cute with a hat!

cute Disney costume idea for couples with Woody and Jessie from Toy Story
Cute Costumes for Couples with Jessie and Woody!

View on Amazon

RELATED: Best Disney Couples Costumes

3. Ninja Halloween Costume for Women

sexy ninja costume for women with a mask
Sexy AND Warm!

View on Amazon

Reasons to Love This Costume for Women on Amazon

This ninja costume with pants is perfect for women! The accessories make this costume amazing.

4. Disney Belle Princess Costume

Princess Belle costume for women
One of the BEST Princess Costumes!

View on Amazon

Reasons this Costumes Makes The Top 5 Best List of Costumes 

  • Best Princess Costume for Women
  • Best Costume for Plus Size (especially a plus size princess costume!)
  • Great Costume for Curvy Women

If you want to dress up as a princess, then dressing up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast is the best princess costume for women.

best costume for women with Disney Princess Belle costume
Fancy Belle Costume Dress

View on Amazon

This princess dress includes a hem to make the dress poof out, yellow gloves, a beautiful yellow choker, and a yellow princess bow.

Belle and Beast couples costumes from Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Perfect for Belle and Beast Costumes

View on Amazon

This is also a great plus size Disney princess costume dress.

5. Catwoman Halloween Costume

sexy Catwoman costume for women with tail
Sexy Catwoman!

View on Amazon

Reasons This Catwoman Costume is One of the Best Costumes on Amazon

  • Best Costume for Curvy Women
  • Sexy Costume for Women
  • Great for Family Themed Costumes

You can’t go wrong with this Catwoman costume for women. It has over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon…and for a good reason!

one of the best costumes on Amazon for women with Catwoman costume
So Cute and Sexy!

View on Amazon

This Catwoman costume “fits like a glove” according to women and will result in lots of compliments.

DC Comics family costumes with Batman and Catwoman
Perfect for Family Costumes Too

View on Amazon

The only drawback: The belt is a little loose and it can be difficult to get in and out of the bathroom! 😉

6. Top Gun

Top Gun Halloween Costume for Women
Sizes: Small to 3X

View on Amazon

This Top Gun Halloween costume for women has over 1,000 positive reviews and comes in sizes small up to plus size 3X. P

lus, this costume is GREAT for a sexy movie couple's Halloween costume idea!

You can see exactly what this Top Gun costume looks like in this Top Gun costume review on YouTube.

7. Harley Quinn

Best Women's Halloween Costume Harley Quinn
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Amazon

Want a somewhat scary, somewhat cute, and somewhat sexy Halloween costume?

Go with Harley Quinn! You don't need to be platinum blonde to wear this women's Halloween costume. Just wear a wig! 

This Harley Quinn costume is one of the BEST-selling women's Halloween costumes on Amazon. This costume has over 3,500 positive reviews!

RELATED: Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume Guide and DIY Harley Quinn Costume Ideas from apluscostumes.com

8. Skeleton

Skeleton Onesie for Women
Sizes: X-Small to 2X-Large

View on Amazon

Want a comfy Halloween costume? This warm Halloween costume has over 6,000 positive reviews! This is the PERFECT onesie for a Halloween party.

9. Minnie Mouse

Women's Minnie MOuse Halloween Cosutme
Sizes: M, L, XL (18-20)

View on Amazon

Minnie Mouse is one of the most popular (and BEST) Halloween costumes for women year after year. I mean...this costume is so cute!

You can also wear this Halloween costume as a mother and daughter Halloween costume idea. 

10. Little Red Riding Hood

Women's Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume
Sizes: X-Small Up to 5X and 6X


View on Amazon

Dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood is a classic Halloween costume idea for women.

This is one of the BEST women's Halloween costumes on Amazon. Plus, it comes in sizes X-Small up to 3X/4X, 5X, and 6X, making this one of the best plus size Halloween costumes for women.

You can see what this Little Red Riding Hood costume looks like in this Little Red Riding Hood costume try on.

The Best Costumes on Amazon: Try on Haul

Want to see what some of the best Halloween costumes for women look like in person?

Check out this Amazon Halloween costume try-on haul by Very Easy Makeup on YouTube with the best costumes for women on Amazon.

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The Best Halloween Costumes for Women by Very Easy Makeup
The Best Halloween Costumes for Women by Very Easy Makeup
The 5 Best Costumes for Women on Amazon by Very Easy Makeup
The 5 Best Costumes for Women on Amazon by Very Easy Makeup

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