10 Best Christmas Gifts for Hairdressers (According to Hair Stylists)

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gift ideas for hairdressers, aestheticians, and massage therapists from Amazon by Very Easy Makeup

Hairdresser Gift Ideas

Want to give your hairdresser, massage girl, or hair stylist a gift this Christmas that they will use, appreciate, and LOVE?

If you are stumped on what to get your hairdresser for Christmas, you have come to the right place.

This Christmas gift guide is all about the best gifts for hairdressers.

Continue reading for the 10 best (and most affordable!) gift ideas for hairdressers.

These gifts for hairdressers are what actual hair stylists said they wanted to receive from their clients in an online poll…so these are gifts you KNOW your hairdresser will appreciate and LOVE this Christmas!

How We Can Up with the Top 10 Best Gifts for Hairdressers

Curious how we came up with this top 10 list of the best gifts to give your hairdresser or hair stylist for Christmas?

We held a poll in a women’s Facebook group and asked, “What are the best gifts to give your hair stylist, massage therapist, and lash girl for Christmas? Ideally under $20?”

Below are the answers from estheticians, hair stylists, beauticians, and hairdressers.

The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Hairdresser

the best gifts for hairdressers
The Best Gifts for Hairdressers

These hairdresser gift ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on your hairdresser’s face. An added benefit? These gifts for hair stylists are all under $20.

1. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks gift card for Christmas gift idea

View and Order Gift Card

A Starbucks gift card was the #1 rated gift that hairdressers repeatedly said they LOVE receiving.

One hairdresser said, “Hairstylist here! Honestly, a Starbucks gift card or bottle of wine is my favorite. I think I cried when a client gave me a Starbucks gift card last year. 😊”

Another woman said, “My friend is a hair stylist, and a Starbucks gift card always seems to make her really happy when she gets one from a customer! Or if you know they like some other coffee/food spot – a gift card to there instead.”

2. Candles

Bath and Body works candle a Thousand Wishes
Perfect for the Holidays

View on Amazon

Most women love candles, and that includes hairdressers.

Many hairdressers specifically mentioned candles from Bath & Body works as a favorite Christmas gift to receive, but any candle will do.

One hair stylist said, “I’m in the (hair!) industry! I love getting candles from Bath & Body Works or the Bath & Body Works lotions. Also, Starbucks gift cards (are great).”

Go with a vanilla or holiday-scented candle for your hairdresser.

3. Bottle of Wine

wine from Trader Joe's as a Christmas Gift Idea
Wine from Trader Joe's (and It is Affordable!)

Assuming your hairdresser drinks alcohol, a bottle of wine is a great gift! Plus, every woman should have a bottle at home for guests. 😊

Trader Joe’s sells affordable and delicious wines. Many of the best wines at Trader Joe’s are under $15.

4. Bath Bombs and Fuzzy Socks

best bath bombs for a gift idea by LifeAround2Angels
12 Bath Bomb Scents to Love

View Bath Bombs on Amazon

A pair of cute fuzzy socks with bath bombs and a note will be loved by your hairdresser.

If you want to be extra creative, create a mini “spa basket” with bath bombs, fuzzy socks, Burt’s Bee Chapstick, nail cream, and a nice card.

Spa Basket Ideas

5. Uber Eats Gift Card

Hairdressers usually take short lunch breaks, and that’s if they even get a lunch break. You really can’t go wrong with an Uber Eats gift card. Everyone loves food!

Uber Eats Gift Card
Great for Lunch!

View Gift Cards on Amazon

6. A Handwritten Note

One hairstylist said, “Hair stylist here. A Starbucks card or a big ass tip with a sweet card (is my favorite). We live off coffee and kind words.”

cute thank you cards with flowers
A Note Goes a Long Way

View Thank You Cards on Amazon

7. Reusable Tumblers

There are so many cute tumblers and mugs, and most hairstylists are constantly drinking coffee or water!

One woman said, “Some things I’ve gotten from clients that I really loved were cute reusable tumblers, a HUGE insulated water bottle, throw blankets, and a bathrobe.”

Hydraflow 20 oz tumbler as the best insulated tumbler with a flexible straw
The BEST Tumbler

View on Amazon

I personally LOVE the Hyraflow Capri tumblers, which I found at HomeGoods this fall. The straw is flexible, the tumbler fits a large fruit smoothie, and the design is so cute!

8. Cash

A big tip is always appreciated, and hairdressers always appreciate cash.

9. Fresh Baked Christmas Cookies

If you like to bake, then consider gifting freshly baked cookies or desserts for Christmas.

One woman said, “I own a spray tan studio and we LOVE goodies for Christmas. Cookies, wine, something edible. 😊”

10. Bathrobe with Bath Bombs

You can give your hairdresser a fuzzy bathrobe with bath bombs and then write a cute note that says, “Thank you for always pampering me. I hope you enjoy these to pamper yourself!”

bathrobe with bath bombs as a affordable Christmas gift idea
Robe + Bath Bombs to Relax

View on Amazon

Plush Bathrobes and Bath Bombs for Women

This Christmas gift idea with a personalized note will be loved by your hairdresser.

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the best gifts for hairdressers
The Best Gifts for Hairdressers
The Best Gifts for Hairdressers by Very Easy Makeup
The Best Gifts for Hairdressers by Very Easy Makeup

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