What You Need for a DIY Sandy Grease Costume


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DIY Sandy Grease Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're a fan of iconic movie characters and timeless fashion, then dressing up as Sandy from "Grease" is the perfect choice! Sandy Olsson, portrayed by Olivia Newton-John, is a character who embodies both sweetness and sass, making her a classic Halloween costume.

If you want to dress up as Sandy from Grease for Halloween, you are in luck! This Halloween costume guide is all about what you need for an easy DIY Sandy from Grease costume.

Dressing up as Sandy Olsson from Grease is a sexy and easy last-minute Halloween costume idea, and you only need to buy a few things from Amazon! Continue reading to learn exactly what you need for a DIY Sandy Grease costume.

Get ready to transform into the unforgettable Sandy and rock your Halloween night!

What You Need for a DIY Sandy Grease Costume

If you want to dress up as Sandy from Grease in the Transformation outfit, you'll need a black off-the-shoulder top, black leggings or skinny jeans, and a red leather jacket.

1. Black Crop Top

For a DIY Sandy Olsson from Grease costume, you'll first need a sexy off-the-shoulder crop top. This off the shoulder crop top on Amazon is perfect for a Sandy from Grease top!

off the shoulder black crop top from Amazon for Sandy from Grease couples Halloween costume outfit and DIY costume
Off the Shoulder Crop Top for Sandy Costume

View on Amazon

2. Faux Leather Leggings for Sandy DIY Costume

Sandy from Grease Leggings
Sizes Up to 4XL

View on Amazon

These faux leather leggings get AMAZING reviews. You'll want to wear these leggings after Halloween too!

3. Belt for Sandy DIY Grease Costume

Sandy from Grease Costume Belt
Sizes: Small to X-Large

View on Amazon

Add a belt around your waist for a sexy DIY Sandy from Grease costume.

4. Red Pumps/Heels for Sandy DIY Halloween Costume

Red Pumps for Sandy Costume
Sizes: 6-10

View on Amazon

These sexy red pumps are perfect for a DIY Sandy Olsson costume for Halloween.

5. Sandy from Grease Wig

Sandy from Grease Wig
Sandy from Grease Wig

View on Amazon

If you want to go all out, you can buy a wig to dress up as Sandy Olsson for Halloween!

6. Black Leather Jacket

Finally, to go all out with a DIY Sandy costume, you'll want a black leather jacket! This faux leather jacket is perfect for a DIY Sandy costume! This leather jacket is short (just like Sandy's jacket), black, and comes in sizes small up to 2XL.

Sandy from Grease Leather Jacket
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

DIY Grease Costume Accessories

For a DIY Sandy from Grease costume, you'll want to get hoop earrings, red lipstick, a prop cigarette (optional), and sunglasses!

If you want to make your life REALLY easy, just buy these DIY Sandy from Grease costume accessories on Amazon!

DIY Sandy from Grease Costume
Image via veryeasymakeup.com


View on Amazon

Pink Lady Jackets for Sandy's Costume

If you want a Pink Lady jacket for your Sandy costume, below are the two best Pink Lady jackets on Amazon!

Pink Lady Jacket for DIY Sandy from Grease Costume

Grease Costume Pink Lady Jacket
Sizes: Small to 3X-Large

View on Amazon

This Pink Lady jacket on Amazon has over 1,000 positive reviews and is super cute! 

Lady Jacket + Scarf + Glasses for Sandy from Grease DIY Costume

Pink Lady Costume Accessories
Pink Lady Costume Accessories

View on Amazon

If you just want to dress up as a Pink Lady for Halloween, all you need is this Pink Lady accessory kit! The Pink Lady jacket is included too!

Best Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume on Amazon

Or, you can buy the Sandy Halloween costume on Amazon. It looks super sexy!

Sandy from Grease sexy Halloween costume idea from Amazon in black for her and for Halloween couples costume idea
Sandy from Grease Costume from Amazon

View on Amazon

How to Rock Sandy's Hairstyle

The foundation of Sandy's look is her voluminous, curly blonde hair. To recreate her iconic hairstyle, consider getting a blonde wig or styling your own hair with large, loose curls. Don't forget to part your hair to the side for that authentic Sandy vibe.

Sandy from Grease Good Girl Outfit

Want to dress up as Sandy from the beginning of the movie? If so, you'll want to wear a white button-up blouse, a yellow skirt, a wide black belt, and white socks with saddle shoes. Below are more details to copy this Sandy costume idea!

1. A white button-up blouse

Opt for a fitted, short-sleeved white blouse.

2. A yellow circle skirt

Find a knee-length, flared yellow skirt that twirls just like Sandy's in the movie.

3. A wide black belt

Cinch your waist with a thick black belt to add definition to your outfit.

4. White socks and saddle shoes

Sandy's outfit is complete with knee-high white socks and classic black-and-white saddle shoes.

Or, to make your life easy, just buy the Sandy Good Girl costume on Amazon! This Sandy costume includes a yellow skirt, a yellow cardigan, and a white button-up shirt. 

Sandy Grease Yellow Dress Costume + Sandy Grease Good Girl Costume
Image via veryeasymakeup.com

View on Amazon


Dressing up as Sandy from Grease for Halloween is a fantastic choice that combines classic style with a touch of nostalgia. With the right outfit, hairstyle, and attitude, you'll be ready to electrify the dance floor and make your Halloween unforgettable. So, grab your friends, cue the music, and get ready to transport yourselves back to Rydell High for a night of Halloween fun as Sandy Olsson!

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