15 Best Backpacks for Disney of 2024


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Best Backpacks and Bags for Disney

Best Backpacks and Bags for Disney

Are you searching for the best backpack for Disney? Thankfully, there are LOTS of bags and backpacks that are just perfect for Disney World.

Whether you are searching for the best comfortable backpack for Disney, the cutest bags and backpacks for Disney, or a cute Disney purse, you can find it on Amazon. 😊

This guide is all about the best Disney backpacks for adults.

Disney backpacks and bags in this guide include:

  • Comfortable Disney backpacks
  • Cute Disney purses 
  • Cute Disney-themed backpacks
  • Disney crossbody bags
  • A fanny pack for Disney

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

15 Best Backpacks for Disney that Are Cute and Comfortable

Here are the best backpacks and bags for Disney this year.

1. Best Overall Backpack for Disney: Coleman 28-Can Backpack Soft Cooler

Best Backpack for Disney by Coleman 28 Can Backpack Soft Cooler
Under $40 on Amazon!

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Families absolutely LOVE this backpack for Disney World. This backpack is perfect for carrying around water and snacks.

This backpack for Disney also has pockets for holding your poncho, keys, sunscreen, and other items.

best packpack for Disney
Image via Amazon

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2. Best Cooler Backpack for Disney: TOURIT Cooler Backpack

Best Backpack for Disney TOURIT Cooler Backpack Leak-Proof
Over 17,000 Positive Reviews!

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If you want to keep your water cool and carry lots of snacks into Disney World, the TOURIT cooler backpack is the backpack you need for Disney.

Here’s what Amazon reviewers said about this backpack for Disney:

Here’s what Amazon reviewers said about this backpack for Disney:

“Great for Disney!! I bought this for our trip to Disney World last week, based on other reviews I read here. This Tourit cooler backpack did not disappoint! It kept everything nice and cold, all day long even with the heat and humidity. There is plenty of room and the extra pockets were great for snacks and flavor pouches for water. I highly recommend this product!” – Christine

“Great for amusement parks. Took this on our Disney trip and love it! Froze a couple of bottles of water and put in other cold snacks. Held up great and everything stayed cool throughout the day! Recommend for a Disney trip!” – Melissa

3. Best Crossbody Bag for Disney: KAVU Rope Sling

Best Crossbody Sling Bag for Disney and Hiking by KAVU
15+ Designs on Amazon

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You will love this crossbody sling back for Disney.

This bag for Disney is perfect for men, plus-size woman (it will fit over your chest!), moms, and teens.

Everyone loves this crossbody bag for Disney. 😊

Here’s what Amazon reviewers said about this best-selling crossbody bag for Disney:

“Great size! My new favorite bag! Use it every day when out with my kids. Has separate pockets so I can carry some essentials while out with kids while keeping my “purse” items in a separate zipper pocket. Keeps me hands-free to hold hands with my kids. Took to Disney and also loved it there!” – Monica

“Versatile & Lightweight. This bag is a lifesaver. Purchased it solely for our Disney Trip & I don’t regret it at all. So many compartments for storage & easy to keep on when out anywhere.” – Allison H.

Best Crossbody Bag for Disney and Hiking by KAVU
Great for Hiking Too!

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4. Best Sling Bag for Disney: OutdoorMaster Sling Bag 

Best Sling Bag for Disney by Outdoor Master
5+ Colors Online and Under $35!

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This sling bag by OutdoorMaster is under $35 and is the perfect Disney sling bag!

This sling bag for Disney also holds up in the rain, which is important for Florida summer afternoons! 😊

This bag for Disney World also has lots of pockets and works as a small diaper bag too!

Below are two raving reviews of this best sling bag for Disney!

“Awesome sling backpack. I bought this backpack in teal in June of 2017 to go to Disney World, but upon returning from my trip began using this as my every day go-to bag. It has been PERFECT for my needs. Although "smaller" in size (I did want to avoid something super large and bulky), in Disney the pack carried my Canon Rebel camera, snacks, a water bottle, hand sanitizer, my cellphone, wallet, and a few other small essentials (keys, meds, sunscreen, etc.). I was even able to squeeze in my raincoat on occasion and I love the "secret" wallet compartment on the back.” – Michelle P.

“Great bag. Excellent price! Wore this on a three-day Disney World trip. It’s well-made, holds a ton, and has lots of great compartments and crannies. I’m a plus-sized gal and I didn’t have any trouble with the fit (although it looked pretty silly on me!) Packed it full and wore it for 8+ hours a day, and didn’t even feel it—no shoulder or back issues. Water bottle pouch on the side is handy, as is the little pocket in the front strap that perfectly held cash, ID, and tickets. It’s particularly convenient for theme-park entrance bag checks—all of the zippers are along one side so you can unzip them all for inspection, and quickly zip back up. Bonus: it’s not technically waterproof, but we got caught in several rainstorms and the contents stayed dry.” – Julie

Best Sling Bag for Disney
Perfect for the Parks!

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5. Best Star Wars Backpack for Hollywood Studios at Disney: Loungefly Star Wars Bag

Best Disney Parks Star Wars Backpack with Baby Yoda for Hollywood Studios Outfits
So Cute!!

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If you are heading off to Hollywood Studios at Disney World, then you’ll want to dress up in a cute Hollywood Studios outfit and get a matching Star Wars bag!

This Disney backpack with baby Yoda is so so cute!!

6. Best Minnie Mouse Backpack with Polka Dots: Loungefly Minnie Mouse Backpack

Loungefly makes the best Disney-themed bags and backpacks.

Loungefly has three super cute Minnie Mouse backpacks for wearing at the parks. All of these are super cute backpacks for Disney!!! 💖

Disney Minnie Mouse Backpack with Polka Dots by Loungefly
So Cute!

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Women say this Disney bag is super cute and fits more than you would think!

7. Best Disney Backpack with Minnie Mouse Bow: Loungefly Disney Minnie Mouse Purse

Best Disney Minnie Mouse Black Backpack with Minnie Mouse Ears and Minnie Mouse Bow
5/5 Star Reviews on Amazon!

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You will LOVE this Minnie Mouse backpack for Disney World. Women say this backpack is a perfect size, super cute, and perfect for your Disney trip!!

8. Best Disney Backpack for Little Girls: Loungefly Disney Minnie Mouse Oh My Treats Bag

Loungefly Disney Minnnie Mouse Oh My Cosplay Treats Womens Double Strap Shoulder Bag Purse
Amazing and So Cute!!

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This backpack for the parks at Disney will result in LOTS of compliments. This backpack for Disney is perfect for little girls and for adults!

9. Best Stitch Backpack for Kids to Wear at Disney: Loungefly Disney Stitch Luau Bag

Cute Stitch Disney Backpack for Kids to Wear at Disney World
So Cute and a Best-Seller!

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This backpack for Disney with Stitch is perfect for kids. This Disney backpack is perfect for anyone that loves Stich too!

10. Best Fanny Pack for Disney: WATERFLY Fanny Pack with 4 Pockets

Best Fanny Pack Bag for Disney World by Waterfly
Available in 20+ Colors on Amazon

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If you prefer to travel light, wear a fanny pack instead of a bag to Disney World.

This best-selling fanny pack by WATERFLY is water resistant, well made, and of great quality!

Amazon reviewers say this fanny back is perfect for Disney!

One Amazon reviewer said, “This bag was perfect for what I needed. Bought this bag to use on my trip to Disney and Universal Studios a couple of months ago. I wanted to be able to carry around all of my essentials without having to have my hands full while I was walking around, or my pockets loaded down while I was on rides... especially water rides!! This bag was PERFECT for what I needed. I was able to fit my iPhone 6s+, small card wallet, chapstick, extra battery pack, small medicine bottle, charger cord, and a couple of hair ties! Loved that it was waterproof and I hardly noticed it was there.” – Ashley K.

11. Best Lightweight Backpack for Disney: ZOMAKE Lightweight Backpack

Best Lightweight Backpack for Disney by Zomake
Over 14,000 Positive Reviews!

View on Amazon

This lightweight backpack is a winner for Disney! This backpack for Disney is comfortable to wear, great for travel, and water-resistant.

One Amazon reviewer said, “Perfect lightweight backpack. This bag was perfect for our trip to Disney World. It met all of my criteria. It is so lightweight. Folds down so tiny, so it was easy to pack. It was easy to carry around all day and I never felt that nagging, pressing feeling on my shoulders/neck. The water bottle holders were great...we never had anything fall out. There were just the right amount of pockets to keep certain things separate. I will use this for traveling from now on. Loved it.” – Sarah423

12. Best Disney Cooler Backpack for Carrying Food and Drinks: SEEHONOR Insulated Cooler Backpack

Best Disney Backpack for Carrying Food and Drinks by SEEHONOR
Great for Packing Drinks and Lunch!

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If you want a leakproof backpack to carry lots of drinks at the park, then this is the Disney backpack to get!

This bag is perfect for Disney vacations and for taking to the beach too! 😊

13. Best Disney Backpack for Diapers: RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Disney Backpack for Diapers and Moms by RUVALINO
Over 24,000 Positive Reviews!

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If you are searching for a backpack for Disney to carry diapers, then you need the RUVALINO backpack for Disney.

This diaper bag is easy to clean, has lots of storage space, and is sturdy!

One mom said, “Perfect for a Disney trip. Absolutely love this thing.” – Kat

14. Best Medium Size Bag/Purse for Disney: Baggallini Women’s Everywhere Bag

Best Medium Size Bag for Disney by Baggallini
15+ Colors Online

View on Amazon

This medium size bag is perfect for Disney. Women LOVE This bag for Disney because it is stylish, lightweight, and has plenty of pockets!

Women say this is the perfect bag for Disney World, great for traveling, perfect for moms with little kids, and a must-have travel companion.

15. Best Disney Backpack for Teens and Stitch Lovers: Loungefly Disney Stich Pineapple Bag

Best Backpack for Disney with Stitch and Disney Backpack for Teens by Loungefly
So Cute with Stitch and Pineapples!

View on Amazon

This Disney backpack with Stitch and pineapples is so cute!

This Stitch backpack is great for amusement parks and for Disney World. Teens and Stitch-lovers will LOVE this Disney backpack.

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Best Backpacks and Bags for Disney
Best Backpacks and Bags for Disney

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