25 Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit Ideas

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Cute Magic Kingdom Outfits

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfits

Are you heading off to Disney for vacation?

Then it’s time to start packing for Disney and shopping for cute Disney clothes! 

Seriously…Disney World has lots of shops with cute clothes, but you can buy the cutest outfits for Disney on Amazon and Etsy at half the price if you plan.

If you are searching for cute Magic Kingdom outfits, you have come to the right place.

Below are super cute Magic Kingdom outfits for women.

You’ll also want to check out the cute purses/Disney backpacks below to wear with your new Magic Kingdom outfit too. Finally, don’t forget to buy 1-2 Mickey Mouse ears online. You can buy the cutest Mickey Mouse ears to wear with your Magic Kingdom outfit for $15-$25 on Amazon or Etsy, whereas you will end up paying $45+ once you get into the parks.

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfits for Women

Let the magic begin! Below are the best cute Magic Kingdom outfit ideas for women. You’ll find plus-size Magic Kingdom outfits too!

1. Summer Dress + White Sneakers

Disneyworld outfit idea
Image via Amazon

View Dress on Amazon

Comfortable shoes are a must-have for walking around the parks. (You may easily get over 15,000 steps!) When it's hot outside, a lightweight cotton dress is perfect for wearing to the Magic Kingdom. And of course, any Minnie Mouse ears (or a hat) with sunglasses is a must-have.

2. Sleeping Beauty Themed Dress + Sandals

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit with Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty Dress
Sizes: XS to 5X-Large

View Sleeping Beauty Dress on Etsy

These Disney-themed dresses from Sleeping Beauty are so cute! Pair with sandals and Minnie Mouse ears for a cute Magic Kingdom outfit.

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfits and Disney Plus Size Dresses
So Cute!

View Sleeping Beauty Dresses on Etsy

Get the Matching Minnie Mouse Ears for this Magic Kingdom Outfit:

3. Pink Mickey Women's Dress + Pink Minnie Mouse Ears

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit with Pink Minnie Mouse Dress
Sizes: XS to 3X-Large

View Pink Dress on Etsy

This pink Disney dress is so cute!! You can wear this cute Magic Kingdom outfit with sneakers and tights to be comfortable all day.

Get the Matching Minnie Mouse Ears for this Magic Kingdom Outfit:

4. Disney T-Shirt + Leopard Print Skirt + White Sneakers

cute Disney outfit for adults with leopard skirt
Cute Outfit with Leopard Skirt

A leopard print skirt with a Disney t-shirt and white sneakers is such a cute outfit idea for Disney World! A leopard print skirt is also perfect for a day at Animal Kingdom!

Get this Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit:

SimpleFun Women's Long Skirts Boho Floral Elastic High Waist Asymmetrical Hem Midi Skirt


5. Striped T-shirt + Jean Shorts + Minnie Mouse Ears with Polka Dots

cute Disney outfit with jean shorts
Cute Shirt and Shorts

If you are heading to Magic Kingdom with your kids, it can be fun to have everyone dress up in Minnie Mouse Ears! Amazon also has TONS of cute Minnie Mouse outfits for girls.

Get this Fun and Cute Outfit for Magic Kingdom:

Disney Minnie Mouse Vintage Leopard Print Bow Portrait Short Sleeve T-Shirt

6. Polka Dot Skirt + Black T-Shirt

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit with Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Skirt
So Cute!

You can't go wrong with wearing a cute red and white polka dot skirt at the Magic Kingdom. This Disney outfit is so cute and comfortable!

Get this Cute Disney Outfit for Wearing at the Magic Kingdom:

Urban CoCo Women's Basic Versatile Stretchy Flared Casual Mini Skater Skirt

7. Leggings + Disney T-Shirt

cute Disney outfit for women with black leggings and red sweater
You Can't Go Wrong with Leggings!

Leggings with a Disney t-shirt is a cute and easy Magic Kingdom outfit. Perfect for the fall and winter at Disney!

Copy this Magic Kingdom Outfit Idea:

Disney Womens Minnie Mouse V-Neck Tee


8. Jean Shorts + T-Shirt + Minnie Mouse Purse

cute Disney outfits for women with Minnie ears and red shoes
Cute and Casual Disney Outfit!

You will LOVE the Minnie Mouse purses and backpacks on Amazon!

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9. Rapunzel from Tangled Dress

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit with Rapunzel Dress
Sizes: XS to 5X-Large

View Rapunzel Dress on Etsy

This Disney Rapunzel dress is perfect for wearing at Magic Kingdom! You can get the matching Minnie Mouse ears and purse on Amazon too!

Get the Minnie Mouse Ears and Purse for this Disney Outfit:

10. Cute Pink and White Romper with a Mickey Mouse Purse for Disney

Cute Plus Size Pink and White Stripe Romper for Disney World Outfit
Such a Cute Romper!

View Romper on Pink Lily

You will LOVE this cute Magic Kingdom outfit with a cute romper for women.

Get the Matching Mickey Mouse Purse for this Magic Kingdom Outfit:

11. Cute Disney Tank Top + Shorts

Cute Disney Magic Kingdom outfit for teen girl
Sizes: XS to XL

View Cute Tank Top on Etsy

You will be glad to wear shorts and a tank top at the Magic Kingdom when it is HOT outside!

Get This Cute Disney World Magic Kingdom Outfit:

12. Blue Mesh Fairy Dress with Headband

Plus Size Blue Dress for Disney World Outfit for Women
Sizes Up to 3X-Large

View Dress on Amazon

13. Minnie Mouse T-Shirt + Spandex Shorts

Cute Plus Size Disney Magic Kingdom Outfit with Minnie Mouse Shirt and Spandex Shorts
Sizes: 1X-5X

View T-Shirt on Amazon

This cute women's plus-size Minnie Mouse t-shirt is perfect for Magic Kingdom outfits. You'll be glad you are wearing comfy shoes and shorts for all the miles you will be walking around the park!

14. Minnie Mouse Pride Shirt + Minnie Mouse Skirt

Cute Plus Size Disney Outfit and Plus Size Magic Kingdom Outfit Idea
Photo by Alysse D.

This Disney outfit for wearing around the Magic Kingdom is so, so cute!!

Get this Plus Size Outfit for Disney and the Magic Kingdom:

15. Mickey and Friends T-Shirt for Winter Magic Kingdom Outfit

Disney Magic Kingdom Mickey's Merry Christmas Party Outfit
Photo: Alyssa Salvesen

This red t-shirt is perfect for wearing to Mickey's Christmas party!

Get this Disney outfit for Christmas at Disney's Magic Kingdom:

16. Cute Dapper Dress

Cute Magic Kingdom Derss
Sizes: XS to 3X

View Dress on Disney.com

17. Pink Tulle Skirt with Polka Dots + White Blouse

Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit with Pink Skirt
So Cute!

Get this Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit:

18. Jean Shorts + Minnie Mouse Ears + Sneakers

Magic Kingdom Outfit with Shorts and Minnie Mouse Ears
Image via @teacherthrifted

When it is hot at Magic Kingdom (which it likely will be!) a tank top with jean shorts is a perfect outfit idea.

Get this Cute Magic Kingdom Outfit:

19. Gingham Dress + Minnie Mouse Ears

Disney Magic Kingdom Outfit for Fall with Dress
Image via Jessica

This Magic Kingdom outfit idea is perfect for wearing at Disney's Magic Kingdom in the fall and/or during Halloween.

Any gingham dress is perfect to wear as a cute fall outfit as well! 

Get this Fall Magic Kingdom Outfit on Amazon:

20. Romper with Ballet Flats

Magic Kingdom Outfit + blue romper
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

Rompers are perfect for wearing at Disney's Magic Kingdom, especially when it is hot outside!! Complete this Disney Magic Kingdom outfit with cute ballet flats or white sneakers. If you love this blue romper, check out these summer fashion guides with the best rompers for summer and the best rompers for teens!

21. Cute Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt + Tennis Skirt


cute Magic Kingdom outfit
Image via @deeshiland

View Similar Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt on Etsy

You will love this cute Magic Kingdom outfit!! White tennis skirts are so in right now, white sneakers are comfortable (and cute!) and Amazon has tons of cute Mickey Mouse sweatshirts. Finally, finish up your cute Magic Kingdom outfit with pink Minnie Mouse ears and a pink belt bag!

22. Minnie Mouse Skater Dress + Minnie Mouse Ears

Cute Plus Size Disney Dress for Magic Kingdom Outfits
Sizes: XS to 3X-Large

View Skater Dress on Etsy

This Minnie Mouse dress is so cute! Women say this dress for Magic Kingdom outfits is cute and comfortable!

Get matching Minnie Mouse ears for this Magic Kingdom outfit:

ODOCARE Handmade Mouse Ears Headband for Women and Girls, Polka Dot Bow Mouse Ears Costume Accessories


Backpacks to Wear with Your Cute Disney Outfit

You DEFINITELY will want a backpack or a purse for Disney. Amazon has TONS of super cute (and affordable!) Disney mini-backpacks to wear at The Magic Kingdom. If you are lucky, you may even be able to score a Disney-themed backpack at TJ Maxx!

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Fun Minnie Ears to Wear at Disney's Magic Kingdom

How many times will you have in your life when you can wear Minnie Mouse ears? 

Here are my favorite Minnie Ears on Amazon. These get the BEST ratings and are so cute!

My personal FAVORITE Minnie Mouse Ears:

Tip: Buy Minnie Ears BEFORE you go to Disney. Otherwise, you'll end up paying more than $35!

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Cute Magic Kingdom Outfits

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