9 Cutest Outfits for Epcot You’ll Love!

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cute outfits for epcot

Disney Outfits for Epcot

Epcot is my FAVORITE park at Disney.

It isn’t as crowded as the Magic Kingdom, it has tasty food (I love the food in Norway and France!), and it still has cool rides (like Soar!).

When searching for cute outfits for Epcot, remember that you’ll still be walking…a LOT. You may even want to walk around the world two or three times!

Wearing Minnie Mouse ears at Epcot isn’t as popular/common as it is at the Magic Kingdom, but I’d still go ahead and wear them! You’ll also want to have comfortable shoes for walking.

If you like dresses or skirts, Epcot is the park to wear them at…there are fewer rides so there’s less of a chance of you flashing someone!

Plus, Epcot is a bit “classier” than the other parks. Think romantic strolls through Italy and sharing gelato at night while watching the fireworks…

Anyway…here are super cute outfits for Epcot and ideas on how to get the look on Etsy and Amazon!

Super Cute Outfits for Epcot 

Determine which look you like most and then go ahead and treat yourself to a new outfit!

1. Cute Skirt and Disney T-Shirt

cute outfits for Epcot with pink shirt and shorts or skirt
Cute Epcot Outfit with Shorts and Disney T-Shirts

Cute, comfy shorts (or a skirt) with sandals and a fun girly t-shirt is a PERFECT outfit for Epcot.

2. Black Leggings and a Jean Jacket

cute Disney Epcot outfit with black leggings and jean jacket for fall
Cute Epcot Outfit with Leggings

I LOVE wearing leggings at Disney. They are so comfortable and practical. Get leggings with pockets for Epcot.

3. Fun Shorts and Fun T-Shirt

cute Epcot outfit idea with red shorts and Disney t-shirt
Cute Epcot Outfit with Red Shorts

A girl can't say no to a comfortable, flattering pair of shorts with a fun t-shirt!

4. Black Jeans with Black T-Shirt

cute Epcot outfit for Disney with black jeans, sneakers, and black t-shirt
Cute Epcot Outfit with Jeans

Black jeans are a GREAT option for fall and winter trips to Epcot. 

5. Bright Red Romper and Minnie Ears

Rompers for women are so IN right now.

cute epcot outfit for summer, fall, spring with red romper and minnie ears
Cute Epcot Outfit with a Romper!

Rompers are so cute! Pair with fun Minnie Ears for your cute Epcot outfit.

6. Polka Dot Romper for Epcot at Disney World

cute Epcot outfit for women with red and white polka dot romper
Photo by Sarah Lindner

View on Amazon

This is one of my favorite rompers for juniors.

cute Disney Epcot outfit with polka dot romper
Photo by Sarah Lindner

View on Amazon

7. Cute Spaceship Dress

Cute Epcot Outfit for Women with Spaceship Skater Dress
Sizes: XS to 5X-Large

View on Etsy

This spaceship dress is perfect for wearing to Epcot!

Cute Plus Size Outfit for Epcot with Spaceship Earth Inspired Skater Dress
So Cute!!

View on Etsy

8. Drinking Around the World T-Shirt with Shorts or Jeans

Cute Epcot Outfit Drinking Around the World
Sizes: XS to 2X-Large

View on Etsy

Drinking around the world is one of the most popular things to do at Epcot. Wear this t-shirt with shorts (or jeans) for the perfect Epcot outfit. 

9. Cute Epcot T-Shirt with Matching Minnie Mouse Ears

Cute Epcot Outfit with Epcot T-Shirt and Matching Minnie Mouse Ears
Sizes: XS to 3X-Large

View on Etsy

One cute outfit idea for Epcot is to wear an Epcot t-shirt with Minnie Mouse Ears!

Backpacks to Wear with Your Cute Epcot Outfit

You DEFINITELY will want a backpack or a purse for Epcot.

Unlike the Magic Kingdom, you don’t need to carry as much stuff around at Epcot…as you might not be there ALL Day.

Fun Minnie Ears to Wear with Cute Epcot Outfits

How many times will you have in your life where you can wear Minnie Mouse ears? If it’s a cloudy day, go with the Minnie ears. If it’s too sunny, stick with a cute hat!

Here are my favorite Minnie Ears on Amazon. These get the BEST ratings and are so cute!

Tip: Buy Minnie Ears BEFORE you go to Disney. Otherwise you'll end up paying more than $35!

Comfy Shoes to Wear with Your Cute Epcot Outfits

I personally like wearing sandals (with straps!) or cute athletic sneakers at Disney. White sneakers are super cute and bit classier than a running shoe.

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cute outfits for Epcot at Disney by Very Easy Makeup
Cute Epcot Outfits
cute outfits for Epcot at Disney by Very Easy Makeup
Cute Outfits for Epcot
Cute Epcot Outfits
Cute Epcot Outfits

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