10 Disney Christmas Outfits for Women You Can Recreate!

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Disney Christmas Outfits for Women

Disney Christmas Outfits

Are you heading off to Disney World or Disneyland this December? If so, I am so jealous!

Disney in December and around Christmas time is amazing.

But what should one wear to Disney during the holiday season?

If you are searching for cute Disney Christmas outfits, you are in the right place.

This Disney guide is all about the best and cutest Disney Christmas outfits for women. You will also find tips for visiting Disney in December with the family.

Where to Shop for Cute Disney Christmas Outfits

Most cute Disney Christmas outfits include a Disney Christmas sweatshirt paired with Christmas-themed Minnie Mouse jeans and jeans, pants, or leggings.

If you are searching for a cute Disney Christmas sweatshirt (or t-shirt), here are my top recommendations on where to shop.

  • Walmart: Best for cheap Disney sweatshirts and t-shirts. Walmart is AWESOME for finding affordable Disney clothes for the whole family.
  • Etsy: Best for finding TONS of Disney Christmas t-shirts, sweatshirts, and Minnie Mouse ears (probably my #1 recommendation).
  • Shop Disney: Best for finding authentic Disney Christmas sweatshirts, Disney Christmas long-sleeve shirts, Disney Christmas pajamas, and all things Disney.
  • Amazon: Best for Disney Christmas sweatshirts under $45 with fast, free delivery.
  • Target: Best for Disney clothing for kids.
  • Tommy Bahama: Best for classy Disney Christmas Hawaiian shirts for men, Disney Christmas blouses for women, and cute kid's Disney pajamas.

Cute Disney Christmas Outfits for Women

One could wear fleece leggings, a sweatshirt, and sneakers to Disney, but why not go with a fun Christmas theme?

Below you will find super cute and easy-to-copy Disney Christmas outfit ideas for women.

These Christmas outfits can all be purchased online from Amazon, Etsy, and Disney.

1. Mickey Mouse Christmas Sweater + Black Leggings

This Disney Christmas outfit is from Zara. You can buy similar clothes from Amazon too! 🎄🎅🏻

Disney Christmas Outfit with Mickey Sweater
Image via nikki mouse

See Christmas Sweaters on ShopDisney

2. Disney Christmas Minnie Mouse Ears + Black Turtleneck

Want to get into the Christmas spirit, but keep your outfit simple? Then go with a black turtleneck and black jeans or leggings with Christmas Minnie Mouse ears.

Disney Christmas outfit with Minnie Mouse ears
Image via Tay

Shop Minnie Mouse Ears on Etsy

3. Minnie and Mickey Mouse Christmas Sweatshirt + Mickey Mouse Ears

Red Mickey ears with a matching red Christmas sweatshirt is a cute and cozy Christmas outfit idea for Disney!

Disney Christmas Outfit with Red Sweatshirt
Image via ruby

Shop Disney Christmas Sweatshirts on Etsy

4. Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt + Black Leggings + Minnie Mouse Ears

This Christmas Disney outfit idea will keep you warm. Plus, this outfit idea is so cute!

Disney Christmas outfit with black leggings
Image via Monica

Shop Christmas Gingerbread Headband on Amazon

5. Jean Jacket + Black Leggings + Christmas Shirt

Want a trendy Christmas outfit for Disney? Go with Minnie Mouser t-shirt + black leggings + a jean jacket. Always in style!

Disney Christmas Outfit with Black Leggings and Jean Jacket
Image via @disneydayswithtay

Shop Minnie Mouse T-Shirts on Etsy

6. Holiday Sweatshirt + Spandex Shorts

If it is warm at Disney, wear spandex shorts (so comfy!) but a Disney-themed Christmas sweatshirt.

Disney Christmas outfit with Spandex Shorts
Image via Eliana Treece

Shop Disney Christmas Sweatshirts on Walmart

7. Romper + Christmas Sweater + Christmas Minnie Mouse Ears

This Christmas-themed Disney outfit is so cute for Disney World or Disneyland!

Disney Christmas outfit with romper
Image via Marissa

Shop White Romper on Amazon

8. Red Flannel Shirt + Black Leggings

A red flannel shirt is perfect for the holiday season. 

Disney Christmas Outfit with Red Flannel Shirt
Image via Eliana Treece

Shop Flannel Shirt on Amazon

9. Red Disney Sweatshirt + Plaid Skirt + Mickey Mouse Ears

This Disney Christmas outfit is so bright and colorful!

Disney Christmas outfit with red sweatshirt, plaid skirt, and white boots
Image via Deana

Shop Christmas Gingerbread Headband on Amazon

10. Disney Christmas Stitch Sweatshirt + Jeans

A Stitch sweatshirt is always cute!

Disney Christmas Outfit Stitch Sweatshirt
Image via De Or

Shop Stitch Christmas Sweatshirts on Amazon

Christmas-Themed Minnie Mouse Ears

One of my tips for visiting Disney during Christmas (see below) is to buy your Minnie Mouse ears ahead of time.

Both Etsy and Amazon have a lot of cute (and affordable) Christmas Minnie Mouse ears. 

Below are a few of my favorites!

Christmas Minnie Ears with Green and Red Plaid

Disney Christmas Minnie Mouse Ears Plaid
So Cute!

View on Etsy

These green and red Christmas Minnie Mouse ears are so cute!

Disney Christmas Green, Red, and White Minnie Mouse Ears

Disney Christmas Minnie Mouse Ears
Image via Taylah

View on Amazon

Disney Christmas T-Shirts Sweatshirts for Cute Outfits

There are so many Disney Christmas t-shirts and sweatshirts on Etsy and Amazon. Below are just a few!

Disney Merry Christmas Tan Sweatshirt

Disney Christmas Sweatshirt Merry Christmas with Minnie and Mickey Mouse
Sizes: Youth, Unisex, Women's

View on Etsy

Tis' The Season Disney Christmas T-Shirt

cute Disney Christmas t-shirt
Sizes: Baby, Youth, Toddler, Women, Unisex

View on Etsy

Tips for Visiting Disney World for Christmas

If you are visiting Disney around Christmas time, expect large crowds.

The first week in December is usually quiet (and one of the best times to go to Disney), but after that, it gets kind of busy.

1. Make Dinner Reservations Ahead of Time

If you are traveling with a family and want to eat at a fancy restaurant, you'll need to book your reservations now. It is really hard to get reservations at any of the restaurants in the parks the week ahead of time. Unfortunately, you really have to plan ahead.

2. Buy Disney Genie+

You'll also need to buy Disney Genie+ when you buy your Disney World tickets. It's kind of a pain to have to pay an extra $25 per person, but crowds are crazy at Disney around Christmas time. You will really need to pay the extra and buy Disney Genie+ if you don't want to spend 2+ hours in the lines.

3. Get Matching Christmas Pajamas

If you are going to Disney around Christmas time with the entire family, you'll probably want to get some fun matching family clothes.

If you want to go all out, you can get the whole family matching Christmas pajamas. And not just matching Christmas pajamas, but matching Disney Christmas pajamas.

Both Amazon and Walmart have affordable family Disney Christmas pajamas. And of course, Disney sells matching Disney family pajamas as well!

RELATED: Best Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

4. Buy Christmas Necklaces Ahead of Time

You'll also want to get light-up necklaces with Christmas bulbs. Disney will sell Christmas necklaces in the parks, but they are pretty expensive.

Instead, buy these light-up necklaces on Amazon ahead of time and you'll save yourself a ton of money.

5. Get Christmas Minnie Mouse Ears from Amazon

Minnie Mouse ears are a must for basically any girl or woman at Disney.

If you were going to Disney around Christmas time, you'll definitely want to buy Minnie Mouse ears before you arrive at the parks. You can pay $45+ for Minnie Mouse at the park or buy them ahead of time on Amazon or Etsy.

My favorite Minnie mouse ears are below.

You can also get fun Christmas-themed Minnie Mouse ears from Amazon.

Where to Buy Disney Christmas Family Outfits

Want to get matching Disney Christmas family outfits? If yes, then start shopping on Amazon and Etsy…now. 😊

I personally LOVE Etsy for finding Disney t-shirts for the entire family.

Below are a few of the best Disney Christmas t-shirts for kids, parents, grandparents, and cousins…the whole family!

Matching Disney Christmas Family T-Shirts

Matching Disney Christmas Family T-Shirts
Perfect for the Whole Family!

View on Amazon

These Christmas Disney t-shirts come in sizes for the WHOLE family. These Disney family Christmas shirts come in sizes for babies, youth/kids, and adult sizes small to 4XL.

Disney Family Christma Shirts with Holiday Lights

Disney Family Matching Christmas T-Shirts
Available in Every Size!

View on Amazon

These matching family Christmas shirts on Amazon are colorful and fun!

Saving Money at Disney for a Christmas Family Vacation

If you are heading to Disney with the entire family, things can get expensive really quickly!!

Here are a few tips to save money at Disney.

1. Get Groceries Delivered from Garden Grocer or Amazon Prime

If you are staying at a Disney hotel, use Garden Grocer (or Amazon Prime) to have snacks and food delivered to your room.

2. Pack Your Own Water Bottle

A bottle of water can get expensive in the parks. Instead, pack your own plastic water bottle and fill it up. The food stations will all give you a free glass of water if you ask for it.

3. Buy Disney Clothes & Accessories Online and from Walmart

If you LOVE Disney, then shop online for Disney shirts, shorts, and pajamas ahead of time. Etsy and Amazon have so many affordable Disney accessories and clothing for the entire family.

If you have a rental car at Disney, head on over to Walmart. The Walmart near the parks is usually stocked with fun Disney things.

Disney Christmas Nail Ideas to Match Your Disney Christmas Outfit

Want to go all out for Disney at Christmas? Then you need Christmas-themed Disney nails. Below are some ideas to inspire you!

Disney Red and White Christmas Nails

Disney Christmas Nails
Image via Melissa Bermudz

These Disney nail designs are so merry and bright!

Disney Christmas Nails with Mickey Mouse

Disney Christmas Nails with Mickey Mouse
Love This!

View on Etsy

You can buy these Disney Christmas press-on nails from Etsy! 

Disney Mickey Mouse Red and White Christmas Nails

Disney Christmas Nails Mickey Mouse
Image via Agnieszka Wloch

These Disney Christmas nails are so cute!!

Summary – Christmas Outfits for Disney

In summary, the best Christmas outfits for Disney include a mix of leggings or jeans paired with cute Disney-themed T-shirts and sweatshirts. (And of course, Minnie Mouse ears.)

If you want to go all out, you may want to check out these Mickey Mouse sneakers for women. They are so so cute!

Are you visiting Disney around Christmas? If you have any tips, please leave a comment below.

Also, if you have any questions about Disney, please leave a comment below. I'd be happy to help you out!

My family goes to Disney every other year around Christmas time, so I have lots of experience and advice to share! 

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