11 Easy Disney Princess Bedroom Decor Ideas + Moana & Tiana Rooms

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Disney Princess bedroom decor and ideas

Disney Princess Bedroom Decor

Calling all Disney fanatics! Let's add enchantment to your bedroom decor with Disney princess room decor! From Moana to Ariel, Princess Tia to Belle, I've got you covered with delightful Disney princess bedroom decor ideas. If you want a Disney-themed bedroom fit for a princess, all you need is a little bit of magic and a few princess decorations.

You will also find what you need to decorate for a Moana, Ariel, Princess Tia, and Belle bedroom. Let's dive in!

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Disney Princess Bedroom Décor for the BEST Princess Bedroom

If you want to decorate your daughter’s bedroom (or your bedroom, if you are like me!) with a Disney princess theme, here are affordable Disney princess bedroom décor items.

1. Super Soft Pink Fluffy Rug

junovo Round Fluffy Soft Area Rugs for Kids Girls Room Princess Castle Plush Shaggy Carpet Cute Circle Nursery Rug for Kids Baby Girls Bedroom Living Room Home Decor Circular Carpet
Pink Princess Castle Rug

View on Amazon

This pink and fluffy rug is perfect for a Disney princess bedroom!

2. Disney Princess Themed Blackout Curtains

Disney princess themed blackout curtains
Disney Princess Curtains

View on Amazon

Blackout curtains don’t have to be black! This Disney princess bedroom décor idea is practical and cute!

3. Disney Princess Wall Plate 

 Disney Princesses Wall Plate
Disney Princesses Outlet Plate

View on Amazon

Instead of white power outlet covers, why not jazz up the bedroom with ese cute Disney princess outlet covers?

4. Disney Princess Wall Decals

 RoomMates Disney Princess Glow Princess Peel and Stick Wall Decals - RMK1903SCS, Multi
Disney Princess Wall Decals

View on Amazon

Want to transform a girl’s bedroom to be princess themed? Pink walls are always a great start, but an easier solution is to put up pretty Disney princess wall decals!

5. Be a Disney Princess Picture 

Be a Princess Dream Big Wall Art
Be a Princess Wall Art

View on Amazon

This inspiring poster is perfect for a princesses’ bedroom! Plus, this Disney bedroom décor idea is affordable too!

6. Decorative Princess Themed Mirror or Jewelry Tray

View on Amazon

I absolutely LOVE this mirror tray for a Disney princess bedroom. You can put jewelry, makeup brushes, earrings, or small knick-knacks on it.

7. Disney Princess Themed Pink Bedding

Disney princess themed bedding pink
Princess Themed Bedding

View on Amazon

This light pink comforter set is perfect for an easy Disney princess-themed bedroom.

8. Princess Themed Bedside Lamp

pink and white princess themed bedroom decor and lamp nightstand
Pink and White Nightstand

View on Amazon

White and pink colors are perfect for creating a Disney-themed bedroom! These white and pink nightstands are great Disney princess bedroom décor.

Or get fancy and install a chandelier!

Disney princess crystal chandelier for bedroom decor

View on Amazon

9. Disney Princess Canopy

VARWANEO Princess Bed Canopy for Girls,Bed Canopy Curtain- Double Layer Sheer Mesh Dome Bed Curtain- Round Lace Princess Mosquito Net Tent with led Stars String Lights(Pink/White)
Disney Princess Canopy

View on Amazon

Amazon has some really cute canopies to turn a bedroom into a princess castle!

Gold Star Princess Crib Canopy Curtains,
So Pretty!

View on Amazon

10. Disney Princess Art Decor

Herzii Prints - Princess Wall Art Decor Watercolor Prints - Set of 9 - 8 x 10 Inch - Princess Bedroom Decor, Princess Room Decor, Princess Wall Decor For Girls Bedroom
Disney Princess Wall Art

View on Amazon

These Disney princess pictures are perfect for putting up in a little girl’s bedroom.

11. Pink and Purple Princess Decor

Disney princess bedroom + Disney princess rug
Image via Ruggable


View on Ruggable

If you want a girly bedroom that's not too Disney-princess inspired, then go with a light pink and purple-themed bedroom! You can get this EXACT pink/white Barbie-inspired rug from Ruggable. Check out this princess-inspired headboard from Wayfair and this princess-inspired mirror!

Disney Princess Bedroom Décor – Moana-Themed

Searching for ideas on how to decorate a bedroom like Moana? Below are ideas for how to decorate your bedroom (or a little girl’s bedroom) to be Moana-themed.

Disney Princess Moana themed bedroom
Disney Princess Moana Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Moana Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Moana Themed Bedroom

Choose brown and green for a Moana-themed princess bedroom!

Disney Moana Themed Bedroom Decorations:

Disney Princess Bedroom Décor – Ariel Themed

Want a Disney princess bedroom fit for Princess Ariel? Dive into her world by incorporating a sea-inspired color palette of turquoise and coral. Hang sheer curtains to mimic the ocean's waves and place seashell-shaped cushions on your bed. Add a touch of whimsy with fairy lights and starfish decorations.

Disney Princess Ariel Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Ariel Themed Bedroom

Go with light green and purple for an Ariel-themed bedroom.

Disney Ariel Themed Bedroom Bedding and Decor:

Disney Princess Bedroom Décor – Belle Themed

Want to transform your bedroom to be like Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

If so, it's easy! Go with a warm and elegant color scheme of gold, yellow, and deep rose. Then, opt for ornate furniture pieces and classic patterns like floral prints. Finally, display books and fake roses in the bedroom.

Disney Princess Belle Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Belle Themed Bedroom

To really get a Belle-themed bedroom, I'd recommend getting a fancy arch mirror in bronze or an Anthropologie mirror!

Disney princes mirror
Farran Arch Mirror on Wayfair

A chandelier also makes your Disney princess bedroom really feel like a Belle bedroom! Or, get a fancy marble console table!

Disney princess Belle bedroom ideas
Marble Console Table on Wayfair

View on Wayfair

Sticking with rich blues and gold are perfect for a Belle bedroom:

Disney Princess Belle Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Belle Themed Bedroom

Lastly, going with small gold mirrors and light brown, ornate furniture is perfect for a Belle Disney princess bedroom.

Disney Princess Belle Themed Bedroom with Gold Mirror
Disney Princess Belle Themed Bedroom

Stick to gold and dark blue for a Belle-themed bedroom.

How to Get a Belle-Themed Bedroom:

Disney Princess Bedroom Décor – Tiana Themed

Disney Princess Tiana Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Tiana Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Tiana Themed Bedroom
Disney Princess Tiana Themed Bedroom

Go with a mint or seafoam green and light purple for a Tiana themed bedroom.

Disney Princess Bedroom Décor – Cinderella Themed

Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom
Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom
Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom
Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom
Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom
Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom

Classic white and white blue is perfect for a Disney Cinderella-themed bedroom.

Disney Princess Cinderella Bedroom Must-Haves:

Disney Princess Themed Bedroom Set

Disney Princess Bedroom Set
Disney Princess Bedroom Set

Want to completely redo your bedroom? Get a whole new Disney princess-themed bedroom set! Go with white for a princess look.

Pink and White Princess Bedroom Furniture:


In conclusion, for all the Disney fanatics out there, creating an enchanting Disney princess-themed bedroom is a dream come true! Whether you're inspired by Moana's adventurous spirit, Ariel's underwater world, Belle's fairy tale charm, Tiana's magical moments, or Cinderella's classic elegance, there are plenty of delightful decor ideas to bring your favorite princess's essence into your space. From princess-themed bedding and curtains to adorable wall decals and inspirational wall art, you can easily transform your bedroom with a touch of magic and a sprinkle of fairy dust. So, unleash your inner princess and dive into the enchanting world of Disney with these affordable and lovely bedroom decor items!

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