Disney Packing List (18 Must Haves at Disney World)

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Must-Haves for Disney

There are dozens of family packing lists for Disney World, Disney World packing lists for toddlers, and tips for what to pack to Disney World, but many of them include either

  • basic items that you would pack for any trip or
  • non-essential items that are helpful to pack, but not really needed for a trip to Disney World.

My family goes to Disney World for 1-week every two years or so (we always stay at the Disney Boardwalk Villas) and we have mastered the must-have things to pack to Disney World.

This guide with unexpected and must-have things to bring to Disney World includes:

  • Must-haves to pack to Disney World to save you money in the parks
  • Unexpected things to pack to Disney World
  • Everyday essentials to pack for hot days in the park at Disney World

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

What to Pack to Disney World: 18 Must-Haves and Things to Pack

Alright, let’s dive right in! Whether you are a family of adults or have little kids coming too, these are some must-haves that you need to pack and bring to Disney World.

1. Tupperware Containers and Zip-Lock Bags for Lunch and Snacks in the Park

Whether you are packing peanut butter and banana sandwiches, pizza for the day, or turkey sandwiches, you’ll want Tupperware containers and zip-lock bags to pack healthy snacks and meals for the park.

2. Ponchos for the entire family when it rains at Disney World

It rains in Florida…a LOT. It is a bummer when it rains at Disney World, but it means shorter lines – especially at Magic Kingdom.

Pack ponchos for the entire family for a trip to Disney World and save yourself the $15+ that Disney World charges for ponchos.

3. Sunblock and hats for everyone for sunny Orlando days

Sunblock and hats are a given for any trip somewhere sunny and warm, but in case you forget – here’s a reminder.

And please don’t forget to pack sunglasses for your kids too!


The Best Sunblock for Families 

4. Hand Sanitizer for days in the park at Disney World

Disney World is good about having hand sanitizer stations throughout the parks, but most of them are empty!

Pack your own hand sanitizer. Plus, then you’ll have it anywhere you go.

5. A small water bottle to keep the family hydrated

Save yourself (and your family) money by packing an empty water bottle and filling it up at the park.

Most of the Disney food stands with soda machines can fill up glasses of water with ice. Bring a small water bottle (it’s lighter to carry around) and fill it up throughout the day.

6. Disney clothes from Walmart or Amazon 

What?! Yes, you heard me right. Walmart has surprisingly super cute and affordable Disney-themed t-shirts and shorts. Amazon has cute options too.

7. Band-aids and anti-biotic ointment for tired feet

In case anyone gets blisters from walking too much, you’ll definitely want to pack Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment

8. A backpack and a small tote for a day in the parks or a trip to the Disney resort pool

You’ll want a backpack to carry things around the parks at Disney World and a smaller tote bag for the pool. Don’t forget to bring these items to Disney World

9. Granola bars for adults and kids to prevent meltdowns

Granola bars are a perfect snack to prevent people from getting hangry, and they are light-weight to pack.

10. Milk, cereal, yogurt, carrots, and hummus from Amazon Fresh for healthy snacks

If you spend $35 on Amazon Fresh, you can get free delivery of food to your Disney resort or Disney hotel.

On our first night at Disney World, we have milk, cereal, yogurts, carrots, and hummus delivered to our hotel (actually, the bell hop downstairs) for midnight snacks for everyone.

Shop Amazon Fresh

11. A cooling fan and towel for the summer at Disney World

When it’s hot in Orlando, it gets hot!!!

Whether you are traveling with adults, grandma, and grandpa, or little kids and toddlers, an overheated person is a tired and unhappy one.

Prevent this by bringing a cooling fan and cooling towel with you in your suitcase to Disney World.

12. Minnie Mouse Ears for the girls

The Minnie Mouse ears at the Disney World parks are $30-$40, and the Minnie Mouse ears on Amazon are just as nice, and sometimes nicer!

Order matching Minnie Mouse ears for all the girls in the family or let everyone choose their own.

I bought this pair of pink and gold Minnie Mouse ears and loved them.

13. Warm clothes for the morning and night at Disney World

It gets cold at Disney World, especially if you are visiting the last two weeks in January or the first two weeks in February.

You may even need to pack a light-weight winter coat for a trip to Disney…don’t let the cold scare you away from the parks at night. Pack an extra pair of warm clothes for Disney World.

14. Super comfortable walking shoes for walking 5+ miles

It’s fun to wear a cute pair of sneakers, but you will be walking a LOT at Disney World.

Pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes and get Dr. Scholl’s inserts to add extra cushion to your shoes.

I personally LOVE the pink Nike Pegasus shoes and the On Cloud shoes without shoelaces (although fun shoelaces are good too).

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15. Soda and energy Drinks from Amazon Prime

If anyone in your family is addicted to caffeine, it might not hurt to have a big case of Monster or Coca-Coca delivered to your Disney World resort or Disney hotel via Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh. It will save you a lot of money.

At Disney World – a small cup of soda sometimes costs $4!

16. Pepto Bismol and Tylenol for tummy aches and headaches

Because…you never know when you may need it.

17. Leggings with pockets for convenience

With Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ on the My Disney Experience app, you are going to be looking at your phone a LOT at Disney World.

To make your life easier, pack leggings with pockets to wear at the parks.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 90 Degree Leggings with pockets from Amazon.


The Best Plus Size Leggings to Wear to Disney World

The Best Fleece Leggings with Pockets for Bringing to Disney World in the Winter

18. Swimsuits for the pools at Disney Resorts

My insider secret for mastering Disney is to hit up the parks before 10:30am and after 4pm. Then, just relax by the pool in the afternoon.

Don’t forget to bring one of your favorite swimsuits to Disney World.

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My family and I go to Disney World a lot and I have many friends who work at Disney, so I know lots of the insider tips and tricks.

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