10 Best Tropical Bridesmaid Robes: Hello Paradise!

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the best cheap tropical bridesmaids robes

The Best Tropical Bridesmaid Robes

Searching for the best tropical bridesmaid robes?

Whether you are getting married in Hawaii, the Caribbean, somewhere beachy in Florida or California, or going somewhere exotic like Bali – having fun, tropical bridesmaid robes for getting ready is 1) a super nice gift for your bridesmaids and 2) results in beautiful getting ready pictures.

And lucky for you, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your bridesmaid matching robes for getting ready pictures.

There are LOTS of tropical bridesmaid robes online from bridal party boutiques and Etsy, but they can quickly get expensive once you add the shipping costs and extra fees.

If you just want to find the best pretty and fun, tropical bridesmaid robes for your bridesmaids, check out these tropical bridesmaid robes.

Best Tropical Bridesmaid Robes You Can Buy Online

Here are the best of the best tropical bridesmaid robes online and on Amazon.

1. ModParty Tropical Robes

green tropical bridesmaids robes by ModParty on Amazon
Palm Leaf Kimono Robes

View on Amazon

These tropical bridesmaids robes are my personal favorite. They are under $25 each and so much fun!

green tropical leaf robes on black bridesmaids at the pool
So Classy and Fun!

View on Amazon

One woman said, "Best bridesmaid robes out there!!! The fabric is amazing! I wish I had gotten one of these for myself as the bride instead of the silk kimono one I bought." - Kristina M.

ModParty palm leaf tropical bridesmaids robes in bulk
So Pretty in Pictures!

View on Amazon

ModParty sells LOTS of items for bachelorette parties and bridesmaids gifts too. 

View ModParty Store on Amazon

2. Kenny Flowers Bora Bora Tropical Bridesmaid Robes

Cute Bridal Party Blue Tropical Robes for Getting Ready and Bachelorette Parties
Sizes S/M and L/XL

View on Kenny Flowers

These tropical bridesmaid robes will make you and your bridesmaids feel like you are on a private island! These bridesmaid robes are so, so luxurious and super cute too!

3. Laurel Snow Floral Satin Robes

Floral Stain Tropical Kimono Robe by Laurel Snow for bridesmaids in plus sizes
Laurel Snow Floral Satin Kimono Robe

View on Amazon

These tropical bridesmaids robes are so adorable! For super fun getting ready photos, have all the girls wear matching heart-shaped sunglasses or cute, white sunglasses (from Amazon!).

Laurel Snow tropical bridesmaids robes on Amazon
Perfect for Stunning Pictures!

View on Amazon

These fun tropical bridesmaids robes by Laurel Snow come in sizes 3X-large too, making these the perfect plus-size bridesmaid robes for your bridal party.

Lauren Snow plus size tropical bridesmaids robes
Cute and Fun Kimono Robes by Laurel Snow

View on Amazon

4. Mignon Cromwell Tropical Robes

Mignon Cromwell blue kimono satin tropical bridesmaids robes
Blue Tropical Kimono Robe

View on Amazon

These bridesmaids robes are super cute and come in sizes small-medium and large-x-large.

Mignon Cromwell dark blue tropical bridesmaids robes
Blue Tropical Bridesmaids Robes by Mignon Cromwell

View on Amazon

The tropical bridesmaid's robes by Mignon Cromwell also come in different colors online.

light blue and turquoise tropical bridesmaids satin robes by Mignon Cromwell
Floral Bridesmaids Robes in Turquoise

View on Amazon

5. ALHAVONE Rose Kimono Robes

ALHAVONE cream rose tropical bridesmaids robes
Rose Flowers Satin Kimono Robe

View on Amazon

Women say these robes are great quality, lightweight, super cute, and silky and soft.

ALHAVONE Women's Rose Flowers Silky Satin Short Kimono Robe for Wedding Bride and Bridesmaid Robe
ALHAVONE Robe in Pink

View on Amazon

These robes are so pretty! They work for bridesmaids AND the bride.

ALHAVONE rose tropical bridesmaids robes
So Glamorous!

View on Amazon

One woman said, "The perfect robe for my wedding! It was so beautiful and fit so perfect!! I loved all of these for my girls!!" - Elise C.

light pink and cream tropical bridesmaids robes by ALHAVONE on Amazon
Perfect for Bridesmaids and the Bride

View on Amazon

6. Season Dressing Floral Robes

Season Dressing green tropical bridesmaids robes on black women
Season Dressing Floral Robes

View on Amazon

These tropical bridesmaids robes come in dark blue, green, red, cream, and light pink.

Season Dressing light pink, cream, floral, tropical kimono satin robe
Blossom Champagne Kimono Robe

View on Amazon

These tropical bridesmaids robes are under $15 on Amazon. That's a price that can't be beat!

dark blue navy tropical bridesmaids robes by Season Dressing
Blossom Navy Robes

View on Amazon

7. Floerns Green Palm Leaf Robes

green leaf tropical bridesmaids robes by Floerns
Floerns Tropical Leaf Robe

View on Amazon

These bridesmaids tropical leaf robes actually are part of a set! For under $35 you get a robes, a cami top and shorts, and a nightgown. 

tropical leaf pajama set with kimono robe, cami top, pajama shorts, and nightgown by Floerns
A Complete, Matching Tropical Pajama Set!

View on Amazon

The reviews are mixed for these robes, but I think they are so pretty!

Floerns tropical leaf bridesmaids robes
Floerns Tropical Leaf Robes

View on Amazon

8. iFigure Kimono Robes in Purple

iFigure Women Floral Kimono Robe Satin Bridal Dressing Gown Bride Bridesmaid Robes Sleepwear in deep purple
iFigure Floral Kimono Robe in Deep Purple

View on Amazon

These kimono robes are AMAZING. 

One woman said, "Perfect for bridal getting ready photos! These robes are so cute!! The silk is super soft, and the fit is great! The colors are super vibrant, and looked great in my photos! I bought 2 purple and 1 white for a my getting ready photos for my wedding!!! They turned out AMAZING!" - Alyssa D.

iFigure tropical bridesmaids robes and bride robe for getting ready in dark purple and cream
Perfect for Getting Ready Photos!

View on Amazon

These tropical bridesmaids robes are under $15 online.  That's cheap!

navy blue tropical bridesmaids robes online by iFigure
Navy Blue Bridesmaids Robes

View on Amazon

I love these tropical bridesmaids robes in bright blue, purple, and light pink/cream.

iFigure purple tropical bridesmaids robes
Deep Purple Tropical Satin Robes

View on Amazon

9. iFigure Kimono Robes in Light Pink

These robes are just so, so pretty!

light pink and cream tropical bridesmaids robes with floral print by iFigure
Light Pink Bridesmaids Robes

View on Amazon

10. Floerns Light Pink and Green Tropical Bridesmaid Robes

light pink and green tropical leaf bridesmaid robes in satin and silk
So Pretty (and Cheap!)

View on Amazon

Plus Size Tropical Bridesmaids Robes

Want matching bridesmaids robes that include plus sizes?

Check out the EPLAZA floral silky satin robe. It comes in sizes small-medium up to 3X-large.

plus size tropical bridesmaids robes by EPLAZA
Plus Size Tropical Bridesmaids Robes

View on Amazon

Alternatives to Tropical Bridesmaid Robes

Love the idea of having your bridal party wear something tropical for getting ready outfits, but not in love with the idea of wearing tropical bridesmaid robes?

If so, then you have options!

Instead of having your bridal party wear tropical bridesmaid robes, you can have them wear tropical pajamas, cute tropical tank-tops with colorful yoga pants, big slouchy t-shirts with leggings, or just regular clothes too!

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tropical bridesmaids robes on Amazon by Very Easy Makeup
Tropical Bridesmaids Robes
The Best Tropical Bridesmaids Robes online by Very Easy Makeup
The Best Tropical Bridesmaids Robes

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