25 Warm Halloween Costume Ideas for Chilly Nights!


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best warm halloween costumes for women and warm costume ideas for Halloween you can buy on Amazon

Warm Halloween Costumes

I’ll admit it.

I LOVE Halloween and I always want to dress up in a cute, short dress and tights (like Tinker Bell!), but I get COLD.

If you are like me, you want a sexy, yet cute and warm!! costume for Halloween.

Below are the best warm Halloween costumes to wear this year. You won't be freezing off your tush in these warm Halloween costume ideas for women! 

Best Warm Halloween Costumes for Women

Best of all, these Halloween costumes can be purchased on Amazon.

Talk about making a warm Halloween costume easy!

1. Sexy Cat Woman – Halloween Costume Idea with Pants and Gloves to Stay Warm

The great thing about dressing up as Cat Woman for Halloween is that the costume includes long pants and a long-sleeve shirt, plus a hat (depending on the costume) to keep you warm! Below is the Leg Avenue Cat Woman costume on Amazon, but Amazon also sells the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman costume, the Anne Hathaway Catwoman costume, the Julie Newmar Catwoman costume, and the new Catwoman costume with Zoe Kravitz

sexy and warm cat woman Halloween costume for adult women in black with long sleeves and pants to keep you warm for Halloween
Cat Woman Costume w/ Leggings to Stay Warm!

View on Amazon

Whether you want to dress up as the NEW Catwoman costume from The Batman or the classic Catwoman, you have options!

2. Astronaut – Sexy and Warm Halloween Costume

Dressing up as an astronaut is both a sexy and a warm Halloween costume for women! You can wear black leggings (or even fleece leggings) under this costume and a long-sleeve shirt. If you really want to be warm, you can wear an astronaut helmet too!

sexy and warm Halloween costume idea for women to be an astronaut wearing a white suite with long sleeves and pants for Halloween 2020
White Astronaut Costume from Amazon

View on Amazon

3. Little Red Riding Hood – Wear with a Red Cape to Stay Warm Halloween Night!

Little Red Riding Hood is such a cute (and sexy) Halloween costume. Pair with tights and a cape to stay warm on Halloween night. Amazon sells a super warm red poncho to wear with this costume to keep you warm!

sexy little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume for adult women on Amazon with ruffles in black and white and red cape
Little Red Riding Hood Costume w/ Cape to Stay Warm

View on Amazon

This Little Red Riding Hood costume comes in sizes 0-2 to 16-18, making it a great plus size Halloween costume that is warm!

Little Red Riding Hood Costume for adult women from Amazon as a cute and sexy costume idea for Halloween 2020
Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume for Adults

View on Amazon

Little Red Riding Hood Red Cape 

red and warm cape for Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume for adult women to keep you warm Halloween night
Wear a Cape to Stay Warm!

View Cape on Amazon

Little Red Riding Hood Costume Accessories

To complete this warm Halloween costume idea, don't forget these Little Red Riding Hood costume accessories!

Little Red Riding Hood Basket

Little Red Riding Hood Shoes

Alternative Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume on Amazon – Deluxe Edition

deluxe Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume for women to stay warm with red velvet and a long, red cape
Deluxe Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Warm Halloween Costume Idea

View on Amazon

4. Disney Princess – Dress Up as Belle and Wear a Warm Blue Cape

Dressing up as Belle is a warm Halloween costume if you wear the blue Princess Belle dress with a blue cape.

the best Disney's Belle princess Halloween costume on Amazon for cheap
Disney's Belle Halloween Costume Idea

View on Amazon

Below is the Princess Belle cape to keep you warm on Halloween night!

Blue Cape for Disney Princess Belle Costume

warm, blue, long cape for Disney Belle Halloween costume for adult women to stay warm on Halloween night
Blue Cape for Belle Costume to Stay Warm

View on Amazon

5. Medieval Renaissance Woman – Wear Leggings Under Your Dress to Stay Warm + Add a Cape

Dressing up as a Renaissance woman isn't just for Renaissance Festivals! The great thing about this Medieval costume is that you can wear tights underneath and add a cape to stay warm on Halloween night! Amazon has tons of Renaissance dresses for women. Below is one of my favorites.

Mythic Renaissance Medieval woman Halloween Irish Costume Over Dress in red, white, black, green, or blue colors
Medieval Renaissance Woman for a Warm Halloween Costume Idea

View on Amazon

Velvet Medieval Renaissance Hooded Cape for Halloween Costume

6. Pirate or Captain Morgan Costume – The Long Sleeves and Pants Will Keep You Warm

I'm personally always cold on Halloween night, and dressing up as a pirate is my go-to costume! You can either buy a pirate costume with pants on Amazon or create your own DIY pirate costume. I personally always wear black jeans (or fleece-lined leggings), black boots, a white blouse with ruffles, a velvet jacket, and a pirate hat for my pirate costume! And of course...don't forget your pirate sword!

warm and cute pirate and Captain Morgan Halloween costume idea for women with pants and a warm jacket that works as a couples costume idea too
Dress Up as a Pirate to Stay Warm on Halloween!

View on Amazon

7. Sexy Snow Ski Bunny Halloween Costume – Perfect for Super Cold Halloween Nights!

Dressing up as a Snow Bunny for Halloween is both a cute and warm Halloween costume idea! For this warm costume idea, you'll want to wear ski pants (perfect if you live somewhere super cold!), cute snow boots, a beanie hat or cute earmuffs, and ski goggles! And of course, don't forget a cute ski jacket!

sexy snow ski bunny outfit ideas
Snow Ski Bunnies as a Sexy and Warm Halloween Costume Idea 

Check out this DIY Snow Bunny Ski Costume Guide to learn how to copy this warm Halloween costume idea.

8. Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch

Just wear a onesie if you want a SUPER warm (and easy!) Halloween costume! This Lilo and Stitch onesie is super warm for Halloween, affordable, and an easy costume idea too! Plus, you can easily wear leggings and a long-sleeved shirt under this costume too!

cute onsie halloween costumes on Amazon from Disney and animal characters to stay warm on Halloween
Onesie Halloween Costume Idea - Stitch from Disney's Lilo & Stitch!

View on Amazon

9. Cute Triceratops

This cute triceratops onesie is perfect for both men and women! The Halloween costume is super cozy, super comfortable, and absolutely adorable! Plus, you'll love the fun tail on this triceratops costume. This costume does tend to run large, so you may want to order down a size.

Warm Halloween Costume Triceratops
Sizes: Small to 2X-Large

View on Amazon

10. Sulley from Monster's Inc.

Sulley from Monster's Inc. HAlloween Costume
Warm and Cute!

View on Amazon 

11. Cute Unicorn

Warm Halloween Costume Unicorn
So Cute!

View on Amazon

12. Pikachu

Warm Halloween Costume Pikachu
Sizes: Small to X-Large

View on Amazon

13. Cow

Warm Halloween Costume Cow

View on Amazon

14. Cute Kangaroo

Warm Halloween Costume Kangaroo
So Cute!

View on Amazon

15. Silly Monkey

Warm Halloween Costume Monkey
Warm and Cozy!

View on Amazon

DIY Warm Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to get creative this Halloween? These DIY Halloween costume ideas will keep you warm!

1. Fuzzy Wuzzy Werewolf

Transform into a cozy creature of the night with a werewolf costume made from soft faux fur. Don't forget those oversized paws for maximum snuggle factor!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte Barista

Brew up some Halloween magic as a toasty-warm barista serving pumpkin spice lattes. Wrap yourself in a knitted scarf, and you're ready to sprinkle cinnamon on your spooky espresso!

3. Steaming Hot Cup of Cocoa

Embrace the cocoa craze by becoming a giant cup of hot chocolate. Pile on the marshmallow-like fluffiness, and you'll be the sweetest treat at the party.

4. Yeti on the Loose

Channel your inner abominable snowman with a DIY yeti costume. Wrap yourself in layers of white faux fur and stomp around in furry boots for an icy, yet toasty, adventure.

5. Taco 'bout Warmth

Tacos are delicious, and this Halloween, they're cozy too! Slip into a taco-shaped costume, complete with a plushy filling, and you'll be the life of the fiesta.

6. Viking of Valhalla

Sail into Halloween as a fierce Viking warrior, complete with a horned helmet and a fur-lined cloak. Not only will you be warm, but you'll also be ready for epic quests.

7. Toasty Campfire

Light up the night as a walking campfire! Craft a costume with flickering LED flames and bask in the warmth of your own fiery glow.

8. Waddling Penguin

Slide into Halloween as an adorable penguin. Your fluffy tuxedo and cozy body will keep you snug as you waddle through the chilly October air.

9. S'More Fun Together

Grab a couple of friends and become the ultimate s'mores trio! One as a marshmallow, one as chocolate, and one as a graham cracker, and you'll have a sweet, warm group costume.

10. Snug-as-a-Bug in a Sleeping Bag

Turn a sleeping bag into your costume! Add some fun details like a hood with a sleeping bag drawstring and leg holes for easy movement, and you'll be the comfiest critter on the block.


In conclusion, there are so many warm Halloween costume ideas to choose from! Whether you choose a costume that incorporates pants and long sleeves, buy a traditional costume and add a jacket/cape, or choose a onesie that is a cute animal for Halloween...the options are endless!

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Warm Halloween Costumes
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