Sexy Disney Princess College Halloween Costumes for College!

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Disney Princess College Halloween Costumes

Whether you are searching for fun and cute Halloween costumes to do with your BFF, sexy and fun group Halloween costumes for girls in your college dorm, or group Halloween costumes for sorority sisters…there are a LOT of costumes to choose from!

If you LOVE all things related to Disney, then why not dress up in a Disney princess costume for college?

There are LOTS of cute Disney costumes for women on Amazon, but college calls for slightly sexier Halloween costumes. 😉

This guide has LOTS of pictures and idea for the best Disney princess college Halloween costumes.

Disney Princess college Halloween costumes in this guide:

This post contains affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

7 Best Disney Princess College Halloween Costumes

You’ll find a college Disney princess costume you love. I promise!

Plus, you and your friends can get together to be Disney princesses for a fun and cute group Halloween costume idea.

Disney College Princess Costumes
Perfect for Groups

1. Belle College Disney Princess Costume

short Disney Princess Belle costume dress for adults and women
Princess Belle

View on Amazon

Go with a fun Disney Belle costume that is short to show off your legs!

2. Jasmine College Disney Princess Costume

Princess Jasmine costume for adults
Princess Jasmine

View on Amazon

If you have curves, then go with Princess Jasmine for your costume in college.

You may also love this DIY Jasmine costume idea.

3. The Little Mermaid Costume for College

cute Little Mermaid costume with dog
So cute!!!

Who doesn’t love The Little Mermaid? If you are lucky to go to college somewhere warm, dress up as this Disney princess.

You may also want to check out this plus size DIY Ariel costume idea and these additional costumes and accessories for mermaids.

4. Princess Aurora College Disney Princess Costume

Princess Aurora College Disney Princess Costume for adults and women
Princess Aurora

View on Amazon

Instead of getting the long pink dress for Princess Aurora, get this sexy Disney princess costume for college.

5. Cinderella College Disney Princess Costume

cute short Cinderella dress costume for adults
So Adorable!

View on Amazon

Don’t lose your wallet and your keys! But you can lose your glass slipper. 😉

If you want to go ALL out, check out this Disney Deluxe Cinderella costume.

6. Snow White Halloween Costume for College

Snow White sexy short Disney costume for adults
Snow White Turned Sexy 😉

View on Amazon


Instead of biting into an apple on Halloween, maybe enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage instead. 😊

7. Pochahantas Disney Princess Costume for College

Disney Pocahontas costume for adults and women
Super Sexy Costume!

View on Amazon

Pocahontas isn’t a traditional Disney princess, but the Disney Halloween costume is perfect for college Halloween parties.

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Disney Princess College Halloween Costumes
Disney Princess College Halloween Costumes

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