32 Spooky Cute Ghost Nail Ideas

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Happy Halloween! If you are searching for ghost Halloween nail ideas, you are in the right place! This Halloween nail guide is all about ghost nails and Halloween ghost nail designs.

Below you’ll find some of the most popular nail designs on Instagram that incorporate ghosts…perfect for cute Halloween nails!!

Ghost Nails and Halloween Ghost Hail Designs

Have a great Halloween and a fun time rocking one of these ghost Halloween nail designs!

1. A Ghost with Flowers

These cute Halloween nails with a ghost are easy to do at home!

2. Cute Ghosts, Skeletons, and Cats

These cute Halloween nails with ghosts are adorable! 👻 🕷️🕸️💀

3. Candy Canes and Ghosts

These cute candy cane and ghost Halloween nails are cute! 🤍💛🧡

4. Ghosts and Mushrooms

Ghosts and mushrooms for Halloween nail designs? Why not?! 🩷🕸️🖤

5. Ghosts with Gold Starks

These simple Halloween nails with ghosts are stars are so cute! ✨👻

6. Ghosts with Bats and Pumpkins

These ghost nail designs are so cute! 😍

7. Cats, Skeletons, and Ghosts

These unique Halloween nails are so adorable!

8. Ghost Tips

These ghost nails are some of my favorite Halloween nail designs!

9. Purple Ghosts with Spider Webs

These ghost nails with pastel purple accents are so cute!

10. Ghosts with Purple and Gold

These purple and gold nails with ghosts are incredible!🔥🔥🔥

11. Chocolate Ghosts with Spider Webs

These chocolate ghost nail designs are gorgeous! 👻🤎

12. Ghosts with Sparkles

These ghost nail designs are so cute with sparkles! You can have one ghost holding a pumpkin and one ghost dressed up as a little devil!

13. Ghosts with Diamonds

These Halloween nails with ghosts and diamonds are fancy!🎃🕷️👻

14. Ghosts and Flower Power

These ghost Halloween nails are so cute! 👻👻👻

15. Cute Ghosts in Hats

These ghost nail designs are so cute! 👻

16. Ghosts with Orange Flowers

These ghost and floral nail designs are so unique!

17. Disney Ghost Halloween Nails

These Disney-inspired Halloween nails with ghosts are so cute!! 🎃👻

18. Screaming Ghosts

These screaming ghost emails with bats are frightfully scary! 🐈‍⬛👻

19. Ghosts and Checkers

These ghost nails with black and white checkered print designs are fun!🖤

20. Ghosts with Fall Nail Designs

These fall-inspired ghost nails are cute and unique!

21. Ghosts with Barbie Pink

These pink Halloween nails with ghosts are perfect if you want something girly!

22. Ghosts with French Tip Nails

If you love French tips, you can have French tip nails with ghosts and spider webs!

23. Ghosts with Black Nail Polish

To make the ghosts on your nails stand out, have black nail polish with ghosts on top!

24. Moving Ghosts

To give your ghost nail designs some life, paint on ghosts that look like they are moving through the air!

25. Pink Screaming Ghosts

These Halloween nails with screaming ghosts are sure to make a statement! You can get these ghost nails from nbnailworld.com.

26. Dogs in Ghost Costumes

These dogs in ghost costume nails are the cutest thing ever! 🐶👻

27. Ghosts on Almond Shaped Nails

These ghost nail designs with Mickey Mouse pumpkins on almond nails are so unique!

28. Ghosts with Pink Flowers

You will have the cutest ghost nails with this floral ghost mani idea!👻🌸

29. Colorful Ghosts

These colorful ghost nails are cute!

30. Ghosts in Costume

These ghost nails with ghosts dressed up as an alien, a devil, a pumpkin, a pirate, and a mummy are so cute!!👻🕷️🎃😈💀👽🏴‍☠️🤠

31. Ghosts and Silver Glitter

Ghost nail art with spider webs on silver nail polish is fun!

32. Ghosts with Orange French Tips

These ghost nails are elegant and hot!

33. Spider Webs, a Ghost, and “Boo!”

These Halloween nails are so cute with a ghost, a spider web, polka dots, and “Boo!”

More Halloween Nail Ideas

In addition to ghost nails, there are other designs you can do for Halloween nails! Check out my favorite Halloween nail designs here. Below are ideas too!

Spooky Spiderweb Nails

Embrace the eerie vibe with spiderweb nail art. Start with a black base, then use a thin brush to create interconnected lines in white or silver to mimic intricate spiderwebs. Add a tiny plastic spider or rhinestones for an extra creepy touch!

Jack-o’-Lantern Tips

Bring the classic Halloween icon to your fingertips! Paint your nails with an orange base and add playful jack-o’-lantern faces using black polish or nail art pens. Mix up the expressions for a fun and festive look.

Witchy Gradient Nails

Get in touch with your inner witch by creating a gradient nail design. Use shades of purple, green, or black to blend together, and add witch hat or broomstick accents using nail stickers or freehand painting for a magical touch.

Bloody Drip Nails

Create a chilling effect with bloody drip nails. Paint your nails a deep red or black base color, then use a thin brush to create drips using a brighter red polish. Add splatter effects for a gruesome finish.

Creepy-Crawly Insects

Showcase your arachnid or insect love by painting various bugs like spiders, beetles, or centipedes on your nails. Use a combination of colors like black, red, and metallics to make them stand out against a neutral or dark background.

Haunted Graveyard Landscape

Transform your nails into a spooky graveyard scene. Paint a dark base color and add tombstones, crosses, bats, and eerie trees using black, gray, and white polishes to create a haunting landscape.

Candy Corn Cuties

Embrace the sweetness of Halloween with candy corn-inspired nails. Paint each nail in the colors of candy corn—yellow, orange, and white—in a gradient or alternating pattern for a festive and fun look.

Pumpkin Patch Patterns

Go beyond basic pumpkin nails by incorporating various pumpkin designs. From polka-dotted pumpkins to geometric patterns, use shades of orange and green to create an entire patch of unique pumpkins on your nails.

Skeleton Detailing

Channel your inner spookiness with skeleton nail art. Paint a black or white base, then carefully draw skeletal details like bones, skulls, or ribcages using thin brushes or nail art pens for a macabre yet striking finish.

Ominous Ombre Nails

Create a moody, atmospheric vibe with ombre nails. Blend dark colors like black, purple, or deep blue together for a mesmerizing gradient effect. Add stars, moons, or bats for an extra celestial touch to complete the haunting look.


In conclusion, there are so many fun ghost nail designs to try! Which ghost nails are your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

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