19 Spooky and Cute Halloween Nail Ideas

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Happy early Halloween! Are you on the hunt for fun, spooky, and cute Halloween nail ideas? If so, you are in the right place!

This nail guide is all about Halloween nails. You’ll find playful Halloween nails, cute Halloween nail designs, and scary Halloween nails too.

Below is a curated list of my favorite Halloween nail designs. These are the trending (and most popular) Halloween nails on Instagram!

Halloween Nails and Halloween Nail Designs

Have a great Halloween and a fun time rocking one of these Halloween nail designs!

1. Circus Clowns

These circus clown nail designs for Halloween are unique and fun!

2. Bloody Nails

These scary Halloween nails are so trendy!

3. Cute Pumpkins

These cute pumpkin Halloween nails are perfect for fall too!

4. Pink and Spooky

These pink and spooky Halloween nails are so cute! 🩷🕸️🖤

5. Black and White Halloween Nails

These simple Halloween nails are so darn cute!

6. Extra Long Pumpkin Nails

These pumpkin Halloween nails make a statement!

7. Cats, Skeletons, and Ghosts

These unique Halloween nails are so adorable!

8. Clear with Decorations

These Halloween nails are too cute!

9. Orange with White Ghosts

These candy corn inspired Halloween nails with ghosts are so cute! 🤍💛🧡

10. Simple Skeletons

These little skeleton Halloween nails are fun!

11. Hello Kitty

These Hello Kitty inspired Halloween nails are so cute!

12. Bats

These Halloween nails with sparkly bats are so unique! 🦇❤️‍🔥

13. Cute Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Bats

These Halloween nails are so cute!

14. Ghost Tips

You’ll be obsessed with these ghost tip Halloween nails! 👻👻👻

15. 3D Nails

These ghost face Halloween nails are so scary!

16. Lime Green, Black, and White Nails

These Halloween nails are cute and fun!

Halloween nails
Image via @napaznokciach

17. Orange Tips with Ghosts and Spider Webs

These Halloween nails are so cute and easy to do!

Image via @napaznokciach

18. Black, Green, Orange, and White

These colorful Halloween nails are so cute!

Image via @napazokciach

19. Orange, White, and Black Nails

These colorful orange, white, and black Halloween nails are cute! If you love ghosts, check out these Halloween ghost nail ideas!

Image via @napaznokciach


In conclusion, there are so many fun Halloween nail designs to try! Which Halloween nails are your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

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