13 Best Christmas Nail Colors for a Cheerful Holiday Season


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Christmas nail polish colors

Christmas Nails

Happy holidays!

As you are getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season, it’s time to add some sparkle to your day with fun and festive nails.

The best Christmas nail colors include sparkles, Christmas colors (like red and green of course!), and wintery colors like light blue and silver.

Continue scrolling to find the best Christmas nail polish colors to start wearing now.

This post contains affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

10 Best Christmas Nail Colors to Wear this Holiday Season

If you want cheerful and fun nails for the holidays, then check out these trending Christmas nail colors.

These are my personal favorite Christmas nail polish colors to wear around the holidays.

1. Deep Red

OPI Bogata Berry deep red nail polish for winter
OPI: Bogata Berry

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Do you know why deep red is like the ultimate nail polish shade for Christmas? It's basically the cozy sweater of nail colors, instantly adding that touch of warmth and festive flair to your holiday look. Rocking deep red nails is like sipping on mulled wine by the fireplace – classic, inviting, and totally on point for the season's vibes. Plus, it's like the mistletoe of nail hues, just begging for attention and those Insta-worthy close-ups! 🎄💅✨

2. Shimmery Blue

ILNP First Snow shimmery blue metallic blue nail polish for winter nails
ILNP: First Snow

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Shimmery blue is a GREAT nail color  for Christmas! It's like a winter wonderland on your fingertips, catching those twinkle lights and turning heads at every festive bash. Think about it: it's a snowflake-inspired vibe that's as cool as ice and as dazzling as the holiday spirit. So go on, let your nails be the life of the Christmas party with that stunning shimmery blue hue! ❄️💅✨

3. Speckled White

ILNP Christmas Cookie white sparkly nails for winter
ILNP: Christmas Cookie

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Want a bomb-dot-com nail color for Christmas? White with those sweet speckles! It's like a mini blizzard on your nails, adding a sprinkle of holiday magic to your look. Rocking that white speckled mani is like wearing a snow globe on your fingertips – festive, fun, and totally Instagram-worthy. Get ready to sleigh, hun! ❄️💅✨

4. Sparkly Light Pink

essie Bonbon Nuit winter nail polish in light sparkly pink
essie: Bonbon Nuit

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Here's the scoop – light sparkly pink is an awesome nail color you can't miss this Christmas! Imagine a touch of rosy twinkle that's like a sip of bubbly for your nails, totally nailing that festive glam. It's like wrapping your fingertips in a cozy holiday sweater with a hint of glam – so get ready to sleigh the season with those adorable pink sparkles! 🎄💅✨

5. Rich Purple

OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid deep purple nail polish for winter
OPI: Good Girls Gone Plaid

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Rich purple is the bomb nail color for Christmas vibes! It's like adding a touch of regal charm to your festive look. Picture this: your nails dressed in deep purple, giving off an air of sophistication and holiday magic. So get ready to rock the season with those lush purple hues! 🎄💅💜

6. Snowflake Blue

ILNP blue sparkly Perano Blue nail polish for sparkly, winter nails
ILNP: Perano Blue

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Snowflake blue is such a fun Christmas nail color! It's like a winter fairy tale on your fingertips, adding that cool and enchanting vibe to your holiday glam. Imagine flaunting those snowflake-inspired nails, creating a frosty-chic look that's totally Insta-worthy. Get ready to sleigh the season with those stunning snowflake blue nails! ❄️💅✨

7. Sparkly New Year’s Pink

sparkly pink nail polish for winter or New Year's by essie in A Cute Above
essie: A Cut Above, Pink Glitter

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This festive Christmas nail polish color is like a party on your fingertips, adding that festive sparkle and girly charm to your holiday vibe. Imagine rocking those sequined pink nails, giving off major glam with a touch of sugar and spice. Get ready to sleigh the season with those dazzling pink sequins! 🎄💅✨

8. Shimmery Pink

ILNP Yes Please pink holographic shimmery nail polish in light pink
ILNP: Yes Please

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Want a feminine and fun Christmas nail color? Shimmery pink! It's like a glass of bubbly for your nails, adding that festive glitz and glam to your holiday game. Imagine those shimmering pink nails, radiating flirty vibes and selfie-ready sparkle. Get ready to sleigh the season with those gorgeous shimmery pink tips! 🎄💅✨

9. Sparkly Gold 

China Glaze gold glitter nail polish in Counting Carats for Christmas or winter nails
China Glaze: Counting Carats

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Sparkly gold is such a great Christmas nail polish color to rock the holiday season! It's like wrapping your nails in pure holiday magic, adding that luxe shimmer and festive flair to your look. Imagine flaunting those golden sparkles, turning heads and slaying the season's glam game. Get ready to sleigh with those stunning sparkly gold nails! 🎄💅✨

10. Gold Sparkles Over Red

Christmas and winter nails with gold sparkles over red nail polish by China Glaze
China Glaze Over Red Nail Polish

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Want a little bit of something extra for your Christmas nails, or a super easy Christmas nail design idea? Add the China Glaze nail polish in "Counting Carats" over a deep red nail polish to copy the winter holiday nails below.

11. Classic Red

essie Limited Addiction classic red nail polish for winter and Christmas nails
essie: Limited Addiction

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Classic red is THE nail color you can't go wrong with this Christmas! It's like a timeless mistletoe moment on your fingertips, bringing that festive pop and bold elegance to your holiday style. Imagine rocking those iconic red nails, adding a touch of vintage glam and spreading those seasonal vibes. Get ready to sleigh with those stunning classic red nails! 🎄💅❤️

12. Red and Green Sparkles

Christmas Nail Polish Color Red and Green Sparkles
Image: Etsy

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Want fun Christmas nails? Paint this sparkly green and red nail polish over red nails (I recommend I Got the Blues for Red by OPI) for fun Christmas nail designs! Imagine those sparkly red and green nails, turning heads and spreading the merriest vibes everywhere you go. Get ready to sleigh the season with those dazzling holiday sparkles! 🎄💅✨

13. Clear Glitter Christmas Polish

Christmas Nail Polish Green and Red Sparkles
Image: Etsy

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This sparkly nail polish is perfect for Christmas nails!


In summary, some of the best Christmas nail colors include green, red, and silver (of course!). Other popular colors to wear for Christmas include icy blue and sparkly gold!

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