15 Christmas Nail Designs for the Holiday Season!


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Hey there, glitter queens and festive fashionistas! 🎄🎅 Looking to sleigh the holiday season with some seriously cute nails? Well, guess what? I've got the scoop on the most adorable and totally doable Christmas nail designs that'll have your fingertips feeling fa-la-la fabulous! Get ready to jingle all the way to fabulous festive fingertips with these easy-to-copy ideas. Let's dive into a sleigh-ride of sparkle and merry manis! 🌟💅

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Trending Christmas Nail Designs 

Want to get into the holiday spirit?

Check out these trending winter nail designs and ideas for Christmas or wintertime!

1. Peppermint Swirls

peppermint swirls winter nail idea and Christmas holiday nails
Cheerful Peppermint Swirls

YouTube How-To Video

2. Reindeer and Santa Claus

Christmas winter nails with reindeer and Santa Claus
Love the Reindeer!

3. Minty Green and Candy Canes

mint green nails with candy canes for fun winter and Christmas holiday nail idea
Cheerful AND Fun!

4. Gingerbread Men

gingerbread winter nail polish idea
So Much Fun!

5. Snowflakes on a Winter Day

white and light blue winter nail idea with snowflakes
Sweet and Beautiful!

6. Christmas Decorations with White Polka Dots

Christmas Nail Designs with Polka Dots
Image via Jema Baynes

These Christmas nails are so fancy and fun!

7. Green and Gold Sparkles

Christmas Nails Green and Gold
Image via @project_paznokci

These Christmas nails with green and white stripes and gold and green sparkly nail polish are fun!

8. Reindeer and Snowflakes

Christmas Nails Reindeer and Snowflakes
Image via Agnieszka Wloch

These Christmas nail designs with reindeer and pink and white snowflakes are so cute!

9. Winter Wonderland

Christmas Nails Snowflakes and Clear Base
Image: Etsy

View on Etsy

Love these Christmas nails? You can buy these nail wraps on Etsy!

10. Candy Canes

Christmas Nails Candy Canes
Image: Etsy

View on Etsy

Who doesn't love candy canes? These red and white candy cane nails are fun!

11. Mickey Mouse and Disney Decorations

Disney Christmas Nails Green and White
Image via Salon SOS

These Disney Christmas nails are perfect for Christmas at Disney!

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12. Christmas Gnome Nails

Christmas gnome nails
Image via Etsy


View Nail Wraps on Etsy

These Christmas gnome nails are absolutely cute and fun!

13. Christmas Gingerbread Nails

Christmas nail designs + Gingerbread men nail designs
Image via Etsy

View Nail Wraps on Etsy

These Christmas nails are so darn cute! Perfect for baking cookies and getting ready for the smells of the holiday season!

14. Rudolph Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs + Rudolph Christmas nail wraps
Image via Etsy

View Nail Wraps on Etsy

You can't forget Rudolph at Christmas! With these Christmas nail wraps, you'll be singing, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" all winter long.

15. Snowmen and Classy Black and Grey Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with snowmen + Christmas gel nails
Image via Etsy


View Gel Nail Strips on Etsy

Chese Christmas gel nail strips include art stickers and a nail file. These nails change color depending on the temperature of your hands!!

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