Cutest Reindeer Nails and Ideas for a Merry Manicure!


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reindeer nails by Very Easy Makeup

If you are like me, you love the holiday season (despite the cold!). The holidays call for fun Christmas trees, cute Christmas nails, holiday parties (and cute holiday party outfits), and holiday fun and cheer!

If you want to get into the holiday spirit, why not rock some reindeer Christmas nails? Reindeer nails are super cute and fun! Plus…there are so many reindeer nail designs to try!

This nail art guide is all about reindeer nails. You’ll find red reindeer nails, green Christmas nails with reindeer, and even blue reindeer nail designs!

Reindeer Nails and Ideas to Try

Let’s get this holiday party started! Below are some of the most popular reindeer nails on Instagram.

Sparkly Green and White Reindeer

For easy Christmas nails with reindeer, paint some of your nails in a sparkly green nail polish, one naill white with green and brown polka dots, and one nail with a cute reindeer on it!

reindeer nails green and white
Image via Aleksandra Jaworska

Reindeer and Gold Swirls

These reindeer nails with sparkly gold swirls are so pretty and easy to copy too!

reindeer nails with brown and white swirls
Image via @puro.nails

Simple Reindeer with Polka Dots

These reindeer nails are chic and perfect for DIY reindeer nails!

easy reindeer nails with polka dots
Image via @crystaltipsnailsbychristie

Pink Reindeer and Sparkles

These reindeer nails with white sparkles and white tips are so pretty!

pink reindeer nails
Image via @aleksandra_jaworskaa

Pink Reindeer and Sparkly Blue

These wintery nails with reindeer are so beautiful!

reindeer nails
Image via @aleksandra_jaworskaa

Shimmery Gold with Reindeer

For sparkly holiday nails, paint some of your nails in shimmery gold, the others in light brown with gold hearts, and two of the nails with cute reindeer!

gold and brown reindeer nails
Image via @clarenailz

Candy Canes, Snowflakes, and Reindeer

These cheerful reindeer nails are so cute!

reindeer nails with candy canes
Image via @gypsy.nail.girl

Reindeer and Christmas Bows

These simple reindeer nails are elegant and pretty! If you love these reindeer nails with a sleeping reindeer continue scrolling to see even more sleeping reindeer nail ideas!

reindeer nails with a Christmas bow
Image via

Crème de la Crème Reindeer

These reindeer nails feature 3D art and look great on women with darker skin!

reindeer nails on darker skin
Image via @nailsbyjanettea

Reindeer, Snowflakes, and Hearts

These reindeer nails are so cute!

reindeer nails with hearts
Image via @_nailsbylucy_

Reindeer with Light Pink, Gold, and Brown Designs

These nail designs feature one reindeer and an amazing combination of light pink, dark brown, and gold nail polish.

light pink reindeer nails
Image via @napaznokciach

Square Tip Reindeer with Pink Sparkles

These Christmas nails with pink and reindeer are so pretty! ❤️🎄

Christmas nails with reindeer and pink nail polish
Image via @napaznokciach

Festive Reindeer

These festive and cute reindeer nails are adorable!

cute reindeer nails
Image via @kellimarissa

Reindeer and Snowflakes

These Christmas nails include two of my favorite things for Christmas: reindeer and snowflakes!

reindeer and snowflake nails
Image via @majessticnailsx

Reindeer with Brown Polish and Snowflakes

These cute Christmas nails are so wintery and fun!

reindeer Christmas nails
Image via @hajnalnailartist

Short Reindeer and Snowflake Christmas Nails

These cute reindeer Christmas nail designs are great if you have shorter nails!

short reindeer and snowflake nails
Image via @cutie.beautys

Shimmery Reindeer Nails

These shimmery reindeer nails with pink sparkles are so feminine and fun!

shimmery reindeer nails
Image via @nailsbylindseyw

Sleeping White and Pink Reindeer

These cute holiday nails in white and pink with sleeping reindeer are so cute!

white and pink sleeping reindeer nails
Image via @gottnails

Reindeer, Santa Claus, and Holiday Lights!

These Christmas nails are jolly and bright!

reindeer and Santa Clause nails
Image via @agnieszkaprazmo_nails

Reindeer with Rudolph

These cheerful reindeer nails with Rudolph are so cute!

reindeer and Rudolph nails
Image via @polishandbeyond

Blue Reindeer with Snow

These intricate reindeer nails with blue snow are so pretty and fancy for the holidays!

blue reindeer nails
Image via @zamzamnailedit

Reindeer, Gold, and Plaid

These shimmery and bright reindeer nails with gold and plaid designs are so Christmasy and fun!

reindeer, gold, and plaid Christmas nails
Image via @feliciadeebeauty

Reindeer with Shimmery Red Polish

These classic Christmas nails with reindeer and hearts are so cute and easy to copy too!

DIY reindeer nails
Image via @nails_and_beauty_by_daisy

Sleeping Reindeer Nails

I personally think that sleeping reindeer nail designs are so cute!! Below are a few sleeping reindeer to inspire you!

Sleeping Red and White Reindeer Nails

These sleeping reindeer Christmas nails are too cute!

sleeping reindeer Christmas nails
Image via @kyleawherry_nailartisteducator

Sleeping Pink Reindeer Nails

These sleeping pink reindeer nails are so cute!

sleeping reindeer nails
Image via @nailscontext

Sparkly Sleeping Reindeer

These sparkly nails with one painted as a sleeping reindeer are so cute!

sleeping reindeer nails with sparkles
Image via @bliss_nails_by_irene_wright

Sleeping Reindeer and Gold and White

These festive nails with a sleeping reindeer are so cute!

sleeping reindeer nails gold and white
Image via @perkinsnailsbr

Sleeping Reindeer Nails with Snowflakes

These pretty holiday nails with sleeping reindeer and snowflakes are so fabulous!

sleeping reindeer nail designs
Image via @thisteacherdips

Reindeer Nail Strips and Reindeer Stickers for Nails

If you want to get reindeer nails at home, then going with cute reindeer nail stickers or reindeer press-on nails is the way to go!

Below are some of the top-rated reindeer nail stickers and press-on nails on Etsy!

Red Nose Rudolf Nail Art Stickers

easy reindeer nails
Reindeer Nail Stickers

View on Etsy

Reindeer Nail Decals

reindeer nail decals
Reindeer Nail Decals

View on Etsy

Reindeer Press on Nails

reindeer press on nails
Reindeer Christmas Press on Nails

View on Etsy

More Christmas Nail Designs to Try

In addition to reindeer, you may want to try one of these Christmas nail designs!

1. Classic Red and Green

Paint alternating nails in bright red and green shades, then add small accents like golden stars or white snowflakes for a timeless holiday look.

2. Santa Claus Faces

Create cute Santa faces on your nails with a white base for the beard, red for the hat, and black for the belt. Add eyes, a nose, and a smile for an adorable design.

3. Sparkling Snowflakes

Apply a light blue or silver base coat and delicately paint intricate snowflakes using white nail polish. Add a touch of glitter for a frosty, shimmering effect.

4. Candy Cane Stripes

Alternate red and white stripes on each nail to resemble candy canes. You can add a glossy top coat to make them pop.

5. Holiday Plaid

Mimic a classic plaid pattern by painting intersecting lines of red, green, and white. Finish with a matte top coat for a cozy, winter feel.

6. Glamorous Gold

Go for a chic look with a base coat of deep red or green, then add golden accents like glitter, stripes, or geometric patterns for a touch of elegance.

7. Christmas Lights

Create colorful string lights by painting thin lines in various colors across a dark base coat. Add small dots in yellow or white to represent the bulbs.

8. Holly and Berries

Paint holly leaves and red berries on a white or green base for a traditional yet charming Christmas nail design.

9. Festive French Tips

Give a twist to the classic French manicure by using red or green tips and adding small holiday-themed details like tiny snowflakes or ornaments at the base of the nails.

10. Nutcracker-Inspired Nails

Paint different nutcracker characters on each nail, incorporating vibrant colors like red, blue, and gold. Add intricate details like their hats, uniforms, and facial features to capture the charm of these traditional holiday figures. Complete the look with accents like glittery backgrounds or small rhinestones for an extra touch of sparkle and magic.

More Reindeer Nail Ideas

Want even more reindeer nail ideas? Check out this Pinterest page by Very Easy Makeup with reindeer nail ideas!

reindeer Nail Ideas on Pinterest

Summary: Reindeer Nails

In conclusion, reindeer nails are one of the best Christmas nail designs to rock this winter! Whether you do your reindeer Christmas nails yourself or go to a nail salon, you’ll love how your nails turn out!

reindeer nail ideas by Very Easy Makeup
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