10 Trending Winter Nail Designs To Try!


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winter nail designs

Winter Nails

Happy winter!

As the frosty air sets in, it's time to adorn your nails with chic and festive designs that capture the essence of winter. From elegant snowflakes to cozy sweater patterns, there are so many options for cute winter nails!

This nail guide is all about trending winter nail designs to add a touch of glamour to the chilly months ahead.

Check out these trending winter nail designs!

1. Icy Tips

Icy Tips winter nail polish design
Perfect for Winter

This winter nail polish design is easy to do at home. Simply use white nail polish as your base and glitter nail polish on the tips of your nails.

2. Metallic Gold Flakes

winter nail polish design gold flakes
Gold Flakes on Light Pink

View on Amazon

This is such an easy DIY winter nail polish design! You can either use gold flakes or a gold, glittery nail polish on Amazon.

3. Gold Stars on Pink

gold stars winter nail design
Easy to Copy!

View on Amazon

A light pink nail polish with silver stars is perfect for winter nail designs. You can buy star nail art stickers on Amazon.

4. Hearts and Snowflakes

long winter nail designs
Image via @cheyennesnails_

These long winter nail designs are so chic and trendy! You'll snow in love these these white and grey winter nails!

5. Purple Please

winter nail design shades of purple
Sweet and Girly

6. Snowflakes on a Winter Day

white and light blue winter nail idea with snowflakes
Sweet and Beautiful!

7. Emerald Green Gemstones

rhinestone Christmas nails
Image via @cheyennesnails_

For statement nails this winter, go with emerald green and gold rhinestones! These winter nail designs are also one of the most popular Christmas nail ideas!

8. The Prettiest Blue

winter nails with blue tips
Image via @thehotblend

Going with French Tips winter nails are classy and totally glamorous! 

9. Silver Tips

winter nail polish design silver tips
Fun with Silver

10. Peppermint Sweater

peppermint sweater long winter nails
Image via @cheyennesnails_

These long Christmas nail designs are perfect for the wintertime! For these winter nail designs, start with a nude base. Then, draw on peppermint candies with snow, red snowflakes, hearts and swirls, and sparkles in red and white!

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