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Best Christmas Family Photo Outfits

Christmas Family Photo Outfits

Are you taking Christmas family pictures this year?

This post is all about Christmas family photo outfit ideas, as well as tips on what to wear for Christmas family photos and the best places to shop for matching Christmas family outfits.

Easy-to-Copy Christmas Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Continue reading for outfit ideas for your Christmas family photos.

1. Outdoor Christmas Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Family Photo with Red Plaid Outfits
Outdoor Christmas Family Photo with Red Plaid Outfits
outdoor Christmas family photo outfit ideas in red plain and black
Outdoor Christmas Family Photo and Outfit Ideas

Copy this Christmas Family Photo Outfit Idea:

2. Matching Christmas Family Pajamas for Pictures

matching Christmas family pajamas for Christmas pajama photos
Christmas Family Pajama Photo Shoot

Get Matching Family Pajamas for Family Christmas Photos:

Check out more matching family Christmas pajamas by Very Easy Makeup.

3. Christmas Family Photos with Dogs

Family Christmas Photos with Dog in Pajamas
So Cute!

Buy these matching family pajamas and dog Christmas pajamas on Amazon:

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4. Christmas Family Photos with Grandparents

Christmas family photo outfit idea with mom, daughters, girls, and grandmother
Photo by Studio Milla

Red dresses with cute reindeer headbands is a fun Christmas family photo outfit idea! 

Buy these Christmas family photo outfits to copy the family Christmas photo above:

5. Classy Christmas Photo Outfits

classy Christmas family photo outfit ideas
Classy Christmas Family Photo Outfit Idea

Photo by Style Her Strong.

Buy these Christmas clothes for family photos to copy the classy Christmas family photo above.

Christmas Photo Outfit Ideas for Women

Christmas Photo Outfit Ideas for Men

Christmas Photo Outfits for Girls

6. Funny Christmas Family Photo Outfits

Photo by The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Buy these Christmas clothes to copy this Family Christmas Picture Outfit Idea.

Little Girl Christmas Photo Outfit

Christmas Photo Outfit for Guys (and Dad)

Family Christmas Outfit Ideas for Her

Check out the best booties to wear with skirts and dresses.

Christmas Family Photo Outfits for Boys

 7. Christmas Family Photo Outfits with Twins

Family Christmas Photo Outfits with Twins and Plaid Shirts
Photo by Cristin Cooper

Copy this Family Christmas Photo Outfit Idea for Mom and Dad:

Copy this Family Christmas Photo Outfit Idea for Little Girl:

8. Romantic Outdoor Family Winter Photo Shoot

outdoor romantic family Christmas photo shoot and Christmas picture outfit ideas and dresses
Outdoor Family Christmas Photo of Couple with Baby
mother and baby winter and Christmas photo shoot outside
Mother and Baby Christmas Photo Shoot

Get these Christmas Family Photo Outfits:

9. Easy Family Christmas Photo Outfits

easy family Christmas plaid outfits with hats and boots for Christmas family photos
Easy Family Christmas Photo Outfits

Buy these Family Christmas Photo Outfits for Kids:

Get these Christmas Family Photo Outfits for Mom:

10. Funny Christmas Photo Outfits with Dog

funny Christmas photo outfits and funny family Christmas picture with dog
Funny Family Christmas Photo with Dog

Photo by Chelsea Takes Shots

Copy these Christmas Family Photo Outfit Ideas:

You may also like these fun Christmas pajamas for family and dogs by Very Easy Makeup.

11. Christmas Outfits for Photos with a Sequin Skirt

Lastly, you can't ignore an outfit with a fun sequin skirt for family photos! 

Gold Skirt for Christmas Family Photo
Gold Skirt for Christmas Family Photo

View Skirt on Amazon


12. Cream and Plaid Christmas Family Photo Outfits

family Christmas photoshoot outfits plaid and cream
Fun in Plaid!

View Dress on Amazon

You can't go wrong with wearing plaid for your Christmas family photos.

This sweater dress is also one of the best sweater dresses on Amazon. You will love this dress! 

Get these Christmas Family Photo Outfits

13. Family and Baby Christmas Family Photo Outfits

Christmas family photoshoot outfits
Image via Amazon

View Dress on Amazon

Get these Christmas Family Photo Outfits

What to Wear for Christmas Family Photos

You’ll generally want to wear holiday colors (red or green) for Christmas family photos.

Your photos will look more cohesive if all the men and boys wear the same color pants (like khaki-colored pants).

For moms and daughters, go with matching mother-daughter dresses or stick to the same colors (like both wear red, or both wear green).

You can get creative with how formal or informal you want your Christmas family photos to be.

Outfit Ideas for Christmas Family Photos

Ideas for Christmas photos are below.

1. Plaid and More Plaid

Have the men wear a plaid shirt and the women wear plaid dresses.

2. Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Have fun and have everyone wear matching family Christmas pajamas.

3. Bright Red Colors

Have everyone wear bright red and festive colors.

The women can wear a simple red Christmas dress and the girls can wear red Christmas dresses for toddler girls.

Have the men and boys wear a simple red collared shirt with khaki pants or black jeans.

4. Funny Christmas Sweaters

Have everyone wear funny Christmas sweaters with jeans.

5. Matching Christmas Hats and Whatever Clothes You Want

For low-key and fun Christmas photos, just have everyone in the family wear matching Christmas hats!

You can have everyone wear the same color beanie or get festive with Santa hats or reindeer antlers.

The Best Stores for Matching Family Christmas Outfits

You don’t need to go out and buy new clothes for your Christmas photos, but if you DO want to go shopping for matching family Christmas outfits, then check out these stores online.

Places to Buy Matching Family Christmas Outfits

1. Amazon

Amazon is great for matching Christmas pajamas, finding Christmas plaid shirts and dresses, Christmas sweaters, and more. Basically, everything you could possibly want!

2. Land’s End

Land’s End has classy clothes for the family. Think turtlenecks, super warm pajamas, and sweaters.

3. Target

Target has a lot of matching family sweatshirts and sweatpants outfits right now.

matching family Christmas outfits at Target
Family Outfits at Target

4. Walmart

Walmart has lots of CHEAP and fun Christmas and holiday clothes…if you shop early before they run out!

Walmart also has a lot of Christmas sweaters for Ugly Christmas sweater parties.

Tips for Great Christmas Family Photos

After you've selected the perfect Christmas family photo outfits, it's time to take some GREAT photos! Below are some tips for great Christmas family photos.

1. Incorporate Seasonal Activities

Include seasonal activities in your photo session. This could involve baking cookies together, decorating the Christmas tree, or sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace. These activities can add warmth and authenticity to your photos.

2. Plan Ahead and Be Patient

Plan the photo session in advance, considering schedules and weather conditions if shooting outdoors. Be patient during the shoot, especially with younger children. Allow breaks and be flexible to capture the best moments without feeling rushed.

3. Select a Suitable Location

Pick a location that suits your family's style and the theme you want for the photos. This could be indoors by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, outdoors in a park with holiday decorations, or in a cozy living room setting.

4. Time it Right

Consider the best time of day for lighting. Early morning or late afternoon often offer softer, more flattering light for outdoor shots. Indoors, natural light near windows can be ideal.

5. Incorporate Props and Decor

Integrate holiday-themed props or decorations that add charm to your photos. This could include ornaments, wrapped gifts, string lights, or festive blankets.

6. Capture Candid Moments

Encourage natural interactions and genuine smiles by capturing candid moments rather than only posed shots. This often brings out the true personality and joy of the family.

7. Plan Poses and Groupings

Have an idea of poses or groupings in advance. Mix traditional group shots with more creative compositions to add variety to your photo collection.

8. Keep it Fun and Relaxed

Maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere during the photo session. Engage in activities like playing games or singing Christmas carols to evoke genuine emotions and laughter.

9. Focus on Details

Capture the small details that make the holiday special. This could be close-ups of decorations, a child's excitement, or family members exchanging gifts.

10. Hire a Professional Photographer or Use a Timer

Consider hiring a professional photographer for high-quality photos. If that's not feasible, use a tripod and a timer or a remote shutter release to capture family photos without missing anyone out.

Remember, the goal is to capture the spirit of togetherness and joy during the holiday season. Enjoy the process and cherish the moments spent together as a family.

Christmas family photo outfits and Christmas outfit ideas for the family
Christmas Family Photo Outfits

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