Summer Family Photo Outfit Ideas on Amazon

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summer family photo outfits

Summer Family Photo Outfits

If you are having family photos taken this summer, it can be difficult to decide what to wear! It may be hot outside, but you likely want to wear something a bit classier than t-shirts and shorts.

If you are searching for ideas for what to wear for summer family photos, check out the summer family pictures below.

You’ll get ideas on what to wear as well as links to buy the family photoshoot outfits online.

What to Wear for Summer Family Photos

Many families opt to have summer family photos taken outside, so you’ll want to wear lightweight clothes that aren’t too hot!

If you are taking photos in the early summer months, you may want to wear pastel colors and neutral shades. If your family photos are later in the summer, you may want to opt for brightly colored outfits.

In general, you’ll want to avoid clothes with logos and graphics. You’ll also want to get color-coordinated outfits. Other than that, you can go with dresses and skirts for women/girls and khaki shorts or lightly colored pants for men/boys with classy collared shirts or shirts.

Summary: What to Wear for Summer Family Photos

  • Pastel shades: Go with outfits in pastel colors like light pink, sky blue, and mint green for family photoshoot outfits.
  • Bright and bold colors: For vibrant family photos, wear clothes in bold colors such as bright yellow, pink, and navy blue.
  • Neutral shades: You can't go wrong with neutral shades such as white, beige, and light grey. These colors are popular for summer family photos on the beach too.
  • Complementary colors: If you don't want everyone to wear the same color, go with complementary colors for the men/boys and the women/girls. Examples include pink and green, navy blue and white, orange and blue, peach and mint green, coral and turquoise, and lavender and yellow. 

Affordable Summer Family Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Alright, let’s dive right in! Below are outfits that are perfect for a summer family photoshoot.

These summer family photo outfits can all be purchased online too!

Light Pink Dresses and Sky Blue Shirts

summer family photo outfits in pink and baby blue
Image via Amazon

View Pink Dress on Amazon

Wearing light pink and light blue for summer family photo outfits can be a great choice as these colors are universally flattering. Additionally, light blue and pink look great against green summer backdrops.

White Shirts and Navy Blue Jeans

white summer family photoshoot outfits
Image via @grisphotography

If you have a large family, then going with simple white shirts and jeans (or khakis) are easy summer family photo outfits for everyone!

Navy Blue and Red Dresses, Shirts, and Pants

navy blue and red summer family photo outfits
Image via Amazon

View Navy Blue Dress on Amazon

For family pictures, wearing navy blue and red can add vibrancy and brightness. Opt for navy blue shirts, blazers, or sweaters for the men, and a navy blue dress for the women.

Light Pink and Pale Yellow Shirts and Dresses

summer family photoshoot outfits with tropical shirts
Image via @sarangelphotography

Going with tropical shirts and pastel dresses cheerful for summer family photos! If you want to go with complementary colors for light pink, you can wear pale yellow (shown above). Other colors to consider are mint green, navy blue, gray, and light blue.

White and Sky Blue Dresses, Shirts, and Shorts

summer family photo outfits with floral and white
Image via Amazon

View Dress on Amazon

Summer family pictures can look perfect with white and sky-blue clothing!

To add a pop of color, the women can wear a floral print dress, while the men can opt for shorts or jeans.

Grey Shirts and Jean Shorts

grey and blue summer family photo outfits
Image via @andrejkaphotography

If you are a fan of more casual family pictures, then grey shirts with jean shorts are easy outfits to wear!

Neutral Colored Shirts and Dresses 

neutral colored summer family photo outfits
Image via @staceykasdorf

Neutral and white family photoshoot outfits are such a classic look for family photos!

If you want your family to be the focus of your photos vs. the outfits, you can't go wrong with clothes in neutral tones. 

Light Blue Shirts and Navy Blue or White Pants

summer family photo outfits for beach photos
Image via @saltybroadstudios

Light blue and navy blue outfits (mixed in with white) are great for summer family photos if you are a fan of a preppier look. 

Pink and Blue Shirts and Dresses

pink and blue summer family photo outfits
Image via @andrejkaphotography

Pink and sky blue are great complementary colors to wear for summer family photos. These colors are perfect for spring family photoshoots as well!

Floral Dresses with Complementary Green and Blue Clothes

summer family photo outfits with floral dresses
Image via Amazon

View Floral Dresses on Amazon

Searching for easy and affordable summer family photo outfits? If you have a family with girls, you can buy matching floral dresses on Amazon.

Then, have the men (or boys) wear mint green and navy blue clothes.

White and Green Dresses, Shirts, and Pants

Family Photoshoot Outfits in White and Green for Spring/Summer
Simple and Classy!

View White Dress on Amazon

White is a great color to wear for summer family photos. To add a pop of color, add an accent color like light brown or olive green.

Light Pink and Khaki

pink and white summer family photo outfits
Image via Amazon

View Pink Dress on Amazon

Light pink clothes mixed in with beige and white are so classy for summer family photos!

Yellow and Blue Dresses, Skirts, and Shirts

summer family photoshoot outfits in yellow and blue
Image via @hannahgoodinphoto

Yellow and blue are complementary colors that are perfect for summer! If you aren't a fan of matchy-matchy family photoshoot outfits, just have everyone wear yellow, blue, and/or white clothes.

What are the Best Colors for Summer Family Photos? 

In general, bright colors like yellow, royal blue, and coral are great for summer family photos.

You also can’t go wrong with neutral tones like tan, khaki, off-white, and light blue.

What are the Best Places to Shop for Summer Family Photoshoot Outfits?

Amazon has lots of affordable clothes for the entire family, but don’t limit yourself to Amazon!

Below are ideas on where to shop for summer family photoshoot outfits.

For Mom

Anthropology: Anthropology always has beautiful maxi dresses and floral dresses that are just perfect for moms.

Lulus: Lulus has lots of affordable midi and maxi dresses in pretty spring colors.

For Dad

Crew: J. Crew always nails classy and attractive clothing for me. J. Crew has lots of coordinating outfits for men to wear.

Banana Republic: Banana Republic is similar to J. Crew. Banana Republic always has smart-looking clothes for men that are just perfect for family photoshoots.

For Kids

Gap: Gap always has affordable clothes for kids that are super cute too!

Target: You don’t have to spend a lot to find cute outfits for your kids! Target has cute summer dresses for girls and smart-looking outfits for boys.

For Teens

Teens can always be difficult to shop for! Lulus has great dresses for teen girls and J. Crew has attractive clothes for teen boys.

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