15 Affordable Elopement Dresses for 2024


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best elopement wedding dresses under $300 and $200

Elopement Dresses

Are you searching for a wedding dress that’s just perfect for eloping?

If yes, you are in luck. There are SO many casual and elegant wedding dresses that are just perfect for an elopement. 

But what are the best elopement wedding dresses?

Whether you are searching for beach elopement wedding dresses, boho elopement wedding dresses, or plus-size elopement wedding dresses, you will find just the perfect elopement wedding dress below.

This wedding dress guide is all about the best elopement wedding dresses under $300.

This guide with the best elopement dresses includes:

  • Elopement wedding dresses under $100, under $200, and under $300
  • Classy white elopement dresses
  • Modern white dresses for an elopement
  • Plus size elopement dresses

Best Elopement Dresses Under $300

Below are the best elopement dresses under $300 for your wedding. Have a great elopement!

Love In Your Eyes Ivory Mermaid Maxi Dress (Sizes: XS to 3X)

mermaid elopement dress under $100
So Pretty!

View on Lulus

This elopement dress is so sexy and so classy looking! You wouldn't believe this elopement dress is under $100 on Lulus...but it is!

Women say this elopement dress is simple, timeless, and classic.

Your Hand in Mine White Lace Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress (Sizes: XS to 3x)

Elopement V neck Wedding Dress with sleeves and slit
So Pretty!

View on Lulus

One woman said this wedding dress is packable, simple, and sexy. She said "Loved this dress for my elopement" and said this dress is form fitting, nice looking, surprisingly beautiful, and practical!

White Beaded Elopement Maxi Dress

White Beaded Elopement Dress
Sizes: XXS to 3X

View on Lulus

This white beaded elopement dress is so pretty! One woman said, "Perfect for Vegas. I ordered this after deciding last minute to get married in Vegas.. it was here in 2 days and was perfect! " - Jillian B.

This white elopement dress also comes in plus sizes up to 3X.

Bambi Gown by Katie May (Sizes: 0-12)

simple ivory elopement dress Bambi Gown
Sexy and Pretty!


This ivory elopement dress is oh-so-sexy!! This elopement dress is $295 on REVOLVE and is positively stunning! 

Tuscany Maxi Slip Dress (Sizes: XXS to XXL)

casual elopement dress Tuscany Maxi Slip Dress
Simple and Sexy

View on Show Me Your Mumu

This white elopement dress is so stunning!! One woman said, "Perfect Elopement Dress! The cowl neck front is flattering and the dress is simple, elegant, and gorgeous!" - Julie W.

white dress for elopement with cowl neck
Love the Cowl Neck!

View on Show Me Your Mumu

BerryGo V Neck Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress (Sizes: 0 to 14)

casual beach elopement wedding dress
Love This!

View on Amazon

This white elopement dress is less than $50 on Amazon. If you want a casual elopement dress..this is the one to buy! 

white beach elopement maxi dress under $50

View on Amazon

This elopement dress also has a flattering A-line cut too!

Best Midi Elopement Dresses Under $300

These midi-length elopement dresses get amazing reviews online. All these elopement dresses online are under $300 too!

White Lace Midi Dress with Pockets

White Midi Lace Elopement Dress
Sizes: XS to XL

View on Lulus

Women say this is the perfect wedding dress! This elopement dress has pockets too!

One woman said, "Perfect Dress! I was very surprised at how great quality this dress is! Very comfortable and the pockets are a huge plus. The lace is beautiful and made it perfect for my elopement dress. I got a lot of compliments :)" - Alexandra P.

White Elopement Midi Lace Dress with Pockets
Classy and Comfortable!

View on Lulus

Tiffany Blanc Dress by Bronx and Banco (Sizes: XS to XL)

lace boho elopement dress Tiffany Blanc


This midi-length elopement dress is so, so pretty! This elopement high-low dress has boho vibes too.

This lace elopement dress is slightly over $300 on REVOLVE, but you will fall in love with this dress!

Time to Fly White Butterfly Lace-Up Midi Dress (Sizes: XS to XL)

Casual Elopement Dress
Image via Lulus.com

View on Lulus

Women say this wedding dress is perfect for a wedding, stunning, a show-stopper, and beautiful!

Best Short Elopement Dresses

These elopement dresses are knee-length and include elopement dresses with long sleeves.

Simple A-Line White Cocktail Dress with Short Sleeves 

simple, casual a-line dress for an elopement, a casual wedding, or a courthouse wedding with short sleeves or for plus size women
A-Line Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves

View on Amazon

This simple wedding dress with short sleeves is perfect for an elopement! 


This elopement dress is under $50 on Amazon. Women who described themselves as having a curvy figure LOVE this casual wedding dress.

This white dress is also perfect for outdoor engagement photos.

elopement dress for curvy women
Image via Amazon.com

View on Amazon

Sexy Off-the-Shoulder Lace Dress – Perfect Short Wedding Dress for Curvy Women (Under $40!)

Midi Elopement Dress
Image via Amazon.com

View on Amazon

This scoop-neck elopement wedding dress is perfect for courthouse weddings.

Vintage Floral Lace Off-Shoulder Swing Dress

This casual wedding dress is so pretty and works as an elopement wedding dress or a graduation dress!

Atnlewhi Womens Vintage Floral Lace Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Swing Wedding Mini Dress for Party Cocktail
Vintage Floral Lace Wedding Dress

View on Amazon

This lace elopement dress is so pretty! Add a belt to this casual wedding dress to dress it up a little bit.

lace elopement wedding dress under $50
Image via Amazon.com

View on Amazon

Short Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves for Eloping

This lace wedding dress with three-quarters-length long sleeves is so pretty!

casual wedding dress that is knee length (short) with lace and long sleeves for a wedding elopement, a beach wedding dress, a small wedding, or a casual wedding dress for plus size women
Short Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves and Lace

View on Amazon

Best Plus Size Elopement Dresses

These elopement dresses come in plus sizes up to 2X and 3X.


Your Hand in Mine White Lace Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress (Sizes: XS to 3x)

plus size white elopement wedding dress with sleeves and slit
So Pretty!

View on Lulus

This is also a great white plus-size elopement wedding dress...this dress comes in sizes up to 3X and is under $100 on Lulus!

Taliana White Lace Button Back Maxi Dress (Sizes: XXS to 3X)

plus size elopement dress white
So Pretty!

View on Lulus

This maxi dress comes in sizes XXS to 3XL, making this one of the best plus-size elopement dresses. Plus, this affordable elopement dress is under $100 on Lulus!

Elopement Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves for Plus Size Women

This simple lace elopement wedding dress looks great on plus-size women and comes in sizes X-large and XX-large.

short, casual wedding dress ideas for plus size women in search of a wedding dress under $100 and under $200 recommended by Very Easy Makeup
Casual Wedding Dress Plus Size

View on Amazon

How to Choose a Dress for Elopement

Choosing a dress for eloping can be a special and personal decision, and it largely depends on your personal style, the location of the elopement, and your preferences. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect dress for your elopement:

Consider the Location

Think about the setting where you'll be eloping. Whether it's a beach, a forest, a cityscape, or a courthouse, your dress should complement the surroundings.

For a beach elopement, you might want a flowy and lightweight dress, while a city elopement might call for a more sophisticated or modern look.

Reflect Your Style

Your elopement dress should reflect your personal style and make you feel comfortable and confident.

If you're a bohemian spirit, consider a relaxed and flowing gown. If you prefer a classic look, a timeless and elegant dress might be more suitable.

Think About Practicality

Keep in mind the practical aspects of your elopement. If you'll be hiking to a remote location, you'll want a dress that is easy to transport and not too cumbersome.

Consider the weather, especially if you're eloping outdoors. A lightweight dress is suitable for warmer climates, while a longer sleeve or a wrap may be needed for cooler temperatures.

Choose a Color that Speaks to You

Traditional white or ivory may be your preference, but don't be afraid to choose a dress in a color that resonates with you. Soft pastels, blush tones, or even bolder colors can be beautiful for an elopement.

Embrace Comfort

Since elopements are often more intimate and personal, comfort is key. Choose a dress that allows you to move freely and enjoy the moment without feeling restricted.

Consider the Season

The season can influence your choice of fabric and style. Lighter fabrics like chiffon and lace are great for spring and summer, while heavier fabrics like velvet and satin may be suitable for fall and winter.

Factor in the Time of Day

If your elopement is scheduled for a specific time of day, consider how the lighting might affect your dress choice. A dress with subtle details may be more suitable for daytime, while sparkles and embellishments can shine in the evening.

Personalize Your Look

Consider adding personal touches to your elopement outfit. This could be through accessories, a unique veil, or even a custom-made dress that reflects your personality.

Where to Buy a Dress for an Elopement

If you aren't sure where to buy a dress for an elopement, I highly suggest checking out Lulus (my top pick!), Amazon (for affordable dresses for an elopement), and Show Me Your Mumu (for plus size dresses).

Any white dress would be perfect! For a romantic look, choose a silky white dress. For something a little bit more playful, search for a white dress that is knee length or a floral white dress.

More Elopement Wedding Dress Ideas

For more elopement wedding dress ideas, check out this Pinterest board with 100+ elopement dresses and elopement wedding dress ideas.

casual wedding dresses for under $100 from Very Easy Makeup, including simple dresses for beach weddings, short wedding dresses, casual plus size wedding dresses, and elopement or courthouse wedding dresses
Elopement Wedding Dresses and Short Wedding Dresses

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