23 Sexy Christmas Boudoir Outfits and Ideas


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Christmas Boudoir Photos and Christmas Boudoir Outfits

Christmas Boudoir Ideas

Want to get a Christmas boudoir photoshoot, but have no idea what to wear and where to begin?

Christmas boudoir photoshoots are fun and festive. Plus, Christmas boudoir photos make for an excellent Christmas for your hubby! 😊

If you are searching for sexy Christmas boudoir outfits and Christmas boudoir photoshoot ideas, you are in the right place.

This photoshoot guide is all about Christmas boudoir photoshoots.

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoots: How to Get Started

Basically, all you need for a Christmas boudoir shoot is a great photographer, sexy Christmas pajamas, and an indoor space with Christmas decorations.

Continue scrolling to get Christmas boudoir shoot inspiration. You’ll find Christmas light boudoir photos and plus-size Christmas boudoir photo ideas too!

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Without further ado, let’s dive in!

23 Sexy Christmas Boudoir Photo Ideas and Outfits

Have a great time getting your Christmas boudoir photos taken. You will have so much fun!!

1. Wear Angel Wings

Christmas Boudoir with Angel Wings
Image via @kindaja

View Similar Angel Wings on Amazon

Dressing up as an angel isn't just for Halloween. Wear angel wings and a red Christmas boudoir outfit for stunning photos.

2. Pair a Santa Outfit with Sexy Boots

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot with Boots
Image via Shedluv Photography

View Similar Santa Babydoll on Amazon

This is such a cute and sexy Christmas boudoir photo idea! 

3. Hide Behind a Red Christmas Bow

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot with Red Bow
Image via Divine Models UK

View Similar Red Velvet Santa Hat on Etsy

Want to leave a little bit to the imagination? Get your Christmas boudoir photos taken with you hiding behind a large bow. You are the present! 

4. Pose in Front of Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Boudoir Photo shoot with Christmas Ornaments
Image via Chris Ambrose

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The bed is a great place to take your Christmas boudoir photos. For easy decorations, pose with red Christmas ornaments.

5. Wear a Red Chemise 

Plus Size Christmas Boudoir Photo
Image via Chris Ambrose

View Similar Lace Bodysuit on Amazon

Get a close-up of yourself in a sexy red teddy lace bodysuit. So hot! Amazon sells lots of sexy bodysuits in sizes up to 4XL.

6. Get Cozy in a Sweater

Christmas Boudoir Shoot with Sweater
Image via Johanna

View Similar Sweater on Amazon

Want Christmas boudoir photos that are a bit more conservative? Wear a cozy sweater and pose in front of the fireplace or on a leather couch.

7. Hop Into Bed

Christmas Boudoir Photo on Bed
Image via Salottino Photography

View Similar Santa Hat on Amazon

This is such a cute Christmas boudoir photo idea! 🎁

8. Wear a Sweater and Knee High Socks

Christina Boudoir Photo with Sweater and Socks
Image via After Dark-Boudoir Photography

View Similar Sweater on Amazon

This Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea is great if you want something a little bit more conservative.

9. Get Lit

Christmas Boudoir Photo with Christmas Lights
Image via Pastel Polaroid Photography

View Similar Velvet Santa Costume on Amazon

No, not like you were thinking...get lit up with Christmas lights!

10. Get Cozy in Front of the Fireplace

Sexy Christmas Photo with Sweater
Image via Jordan Medeiros-Johnson

View Reindeer Sweater on Amazon

Christmas photos look so cute and sexy when you are wearing an off-the-shoulder Christmas sweater with socks.

11. Sip Hot Cocoa

cute Christmas boudoir photo idea with hot cocoa
Image via My Sweet Boudoir

View Similar Leg Warmers on Amazon

This Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea is so sweet and cute! 

12. Get Sexy in a Black Nightgown

sexy Christmas boudoir photoshoot with black nightgown
Image via My Sweet Boudoir

View Similar Lace Kimobo Robe on Amazon

This Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea is sexy and classy! Complete this sexy Christmas boudoir outfit with a black teddy bodysuit.

13. Go Outside

Christmas Boudoir Photos Outside Plus Size
Image via @thevintagepunk

View Similar Green Babydoll on Amazon

If you so dare, take your Christmas boudoir photos outside!

14. Lay on Your Back

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot on Back in Red Corset
Photo by Tokyo Rose Pinups

View Similar Plus Size Lace Bodysuit on Amazon

Get a close-up Christmas boudoir photoshoot! Wear a red corset and fake eyelashes for this boudoir photoshoot idea.

15. Wear a Cute Santa Outfit

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot Santa Outfit
Photo by Rob Donato

View Santa Babydoll Outfit on Amazon

Baby, it's cold outside! This Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea is so cute and sexy!

16. Wear White and Christmas Lights

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot Idea with White Babydoll
Photo by Christina Gressianu

View Similar White Babydoll on Amazon

This Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea is sweet, innocent, and sexy.

17. Wear a Feather Robe

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot Green and Red
Photo by @mk_boudoir

View Similar Robe on Amazon

A sexy red feather robe with a green teddy bodysuit is so sexy and perfect for Christmas!

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18. Kneel and Pose Sideways

Plus Size Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot
Photo by @mk_boudoir

View Similar Plus Size Velvet Bodysuit on Amazon

This pose for a Christmas boudoir photoshoot is perfect for curvy women and plus size women.

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19. Be a Little Naughty

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot showing off butt
Photo by @mk_boudoir

View Similar Christmas Boudoir Outfit on Amazon

Got a cute butt? Then show it off in your Christmas boudoir photoshoot! Wear red velvet heels for a little something extra!

20. Show Off Your Best Assets

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot on Curvy Woman
Photo by Kootenay Girl

View Similar Velvet Bodysuit on Amazon

Do you have great legs or great boobs? Then get a Christmas boudoir photoshoot outfit that will show off your best assets! 

P.S. – If you LOVE the idea of wearing a Mrs. Claus bodysuit, search Etsy for “sexy Mrs. Clause bodysuit.” I found two very similar Mrs. Clause bodysuits with a plunging neckline and a sexy belt.

21. Wear Velvet

Plus Size Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot Idea
Photo by Melissa

View Similar Velvet Bodysuit on Amazon

Velvet is perfect for Christmas. You will look so touchable and sexy in a velvet Christmas boudoir outfit! Pose in front of a Christmas tree for this Christmas photo idea.

22. Wear Fishnets and a Santa Hat

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot with Fishnet Tights
Photo by AB Artistry

View Similar Santa's Helper Velvet Outfit on Etsy

This Christmas boudoir photoshoot outfit is so sexy. You can pose next to a Christmas tree or pretend to hang Christmas lights for this Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea.

I'd recommend these fishnet tights from Amazon to copy this Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea.

23. Cover Yourself with a Red Sweater

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot with Red Sweater
Photo by Romina Abraham

View Similar Christmas Beanie on Amazon

This Christmas boudoir photoshoot idea is perfect if you want to be sexy but don't want to show off too much.

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Christmas Boudoir Outfits

Most women wear a red babydoll, a sexy green chemise, or a sexy black robe for their Christmas boudoir photoshoot.

Wearing a soft off-the-shoulder sweater with cozy socks is another Christmas boudoir outfit idea.

If you aren’t sure where to shop for sexy Christmas boudoir outfits, head on over to Amazon and search for “Christmas Boudoir Outfit.” You’ll find lots of sexy red, green, and black outfits online, including plus-size Christmas boudoir outfits.

Best Christmas Boudoir Outfits on Amazon

Best Plus Size Christmas Boudoir Outfits on Amazon

Backgrounds for a Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot

Most women have Christmas boudoir photos taken in front of a Christmas tree, on the bed, or in front of a fireplace.

Other Christmas boudoir photoshoot locations are on a couch (usually a velvet couch) or on stairs.

Just google “Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot” under Google images for ideas.

Summary – Christmas Boudoir Photo Shoots

In summary, there are so many outfit options when it comes to getting your Christmas boudoir photos taken. You can wear a sexy off-the-shoulder sweater, thigh-high socks, cute teddies and babydolls, and sexy robes.

You have so many options!

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