20 Summer Engagement Photo Outfits for Him and Her

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Summer Engagement Photo Outfits and summer engagement photo ideas

Summer Engagement Photo Outfits and Ideas

Summer is a great time to take engagement photos, especially in the evening.

If you are searching for summer engagement photo ideas or summer engagement photo outfit ideas, you are in the right spot!

Continue scrolling for beautiful and fun summer engagement photo outfits and summer engagement photo dresses.

Summer Engagement Photo Outfits for Her and Him

Here are a few ideas for inspiration!

1. Floral Print Flirty Dress for Her + Slacks and Vest for Him

Summer Engagement Photo Outfits
Dress: Sizes X-Small to XX-Large

View Dress on Amazon

2. Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress for Her + Black Slacks and Collared Shirt for Him

summer engagement photo dress off shoulder
Dress; Sizes Small to XX-Large

View Dress on Amazon

3. Pink Wrap Dress for Her + Burgundy Collared Shirt for Him

Summer Engagement Photoshoot Idea
Fun and Flirty!

View Dress on Amazon

4. Cute Cream Dress for Her + White Shirt and Black Slacks for Him

summer engagement photo idea with maxi dress
So Cute!

View Dress on Amazon

5. Red Maxi Dress for Her + Slacks and Collared Shirt for Him

summer engagement photo outfits for her and him
Summer Engagement Photo Outfits

View Dress on Amazon

6. White Tank Top and a Pink Skirt for Her + Dark Jeans and White Shirt for Him

spring outside engagement photo with pink skirt
White Top and a Pink Skirt

View Skirt on Amazon

7. Maxi Dress for Her + Jeans and Collared Shirt for Him

March and April or summer engagement photo with brown maxi dress outfit
Maxi Dress Engagement Outfit

View Dress on Amazon

8. Green Dress for Her + Green Shirt for Him

casual summer engagement photo outfits
Dress: Sizes X-Small to x-Large

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9. Green Flowy Dress for Her + Green Shirt and Khakis for Him

Summer Engagement Photo Idea with Green Dress
So Pretty and Cute!

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10. Simple Black Dress for Her + Jeans and Jacket for Him

You can’t go wrong with a classy black dress!

Piedmont Park in Atlanta engagement photo shoot location and ideas for photoshoots in Atlanta for engagements this fall
Fall Engagement Photo Shoot in Atlanta, GA at Piedmont Park

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You can wear a simple $30 dress and your fiancée can wear simple shorts and a short-sleeve collared short. Here are a few pictures for inspiration!

11. Sundress for Her + Khaki Pants and Polo for Him

casual summer engagement photo outfit with short blue dress
Short Blue Dress

View Dress on Amazon

The good thing about taking engagement photos in the summertime is that you don’t HAVE to dress up. You can go the casual route!

12. Maxi Dress for Her + Short Sleeve Shirt and Pants for Him

casual summer engagement photoshoot with maxi dress outfit and man in jeans
Casual and Fun Engagement Photoshoot!

View Dress on Amazon

I LOVE this casual summer engagement photo idea!

13. White Maxi Dress for Her + Yellow Collared Shirt for Him

Summer Engagement Photo Outfit Idea and White Dress for Her with Jeans for Him
So Pretty for Summer!

View Dress on Amazon

14. Casual Summer Engagement Floral Dress for Her + Short-Sleeve Collared Shirt for Him

A fun, short engagement photo dress with flowers is flirty and makes for cheerful, bright photos.

Engagment photos in Atlanta, GA on the Beltline near Inman Park and Old Fourt Ward for engagement photo shoot
Engagement Proposal Photo Shoot on the Atlanta Beltline Near Ponce City Market

Photo by A Creative Pear Photography.

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15. Navy Blue Dress for Her + Collared Shirt for Him

Outdoor engagement Photo Idea for summer for couples with woman in flower print maxi dress and man in blue shirt
This engagement photoshoot pose is so cute!

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Are your engagement photos in August or September?

This is the perfect late summer engagement outfit for her and him!

16. Red Dress for Her + Blue Shirt for Him

late summer photo engagement outfit with red dress
The perfect red dress for photos!

View Dress on Amazon

17. Tropical Maxi Dress for Her + Collared Shirt for Him

late summer maxi photo engagement dress and engagement photo in the water
Maxi Dress for Beach Photos in Late Summer

View Dress on Amazon

18. Yellow Summer Engagement Photo Dress for Her + Suit for Him for an Outdoor Mountain Shoot

summer formal engagement photo outfits
Photo by Isaac & Amanda Photography.

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A bright yellow dress stands out when taking photos outside. I love this bright, cheery yellow dress for a mountain engagement photoshoot.

19. Boho Dress for Her + White Collared Shirt for Him

summer engagement photoshoot outfits with red boho dress
Dress: Sizes Small to XX-Large

View Dress on Amazon

You will LOVE this boho dress for a summer engagement photoshoot.

20. White Dress for Her + Collared Jeans and Shirt for Him

white dress for engagement photos
39+ Colors on Amazon

View on Amazon

This casual summer engagement photo dress is so, so cute! 

The Best Heels to Wear in Your Summer Engagement Photos

Here are my top picks of the best heels to wear with your engagement dress.

Best Summer Dresses for Engagement Photos

Here are a few of the best dresses for a summer engagement photoshoot!

Best Colors to Wear for Summer Engagement Photos

Not sure of the best color for summer engagement photos?

Popular summer colors include cobalt blue, coral, pink, white, and red.

Unlike spring engagement photos, summer engagement photo outfits tend to be brighter. Think more along the lines of bright blue versus light blue and emerald green versus a mint green.

You really can’t go wrong with what color you pick, just don’t wear a boring black or brown!

If you are blonde, consider wearing one of these colors.

Summer Engagement Photo Outfits for Him

If you are taking casual engagement photos, your guy may look sharp in khaki shorts or light blue or green shorts and a button-up colored shirt. Demin jeans and a simple polo shirt work well too! Just make sure his shirt is a solid color versus something with a lot of patterns on it.

For more semi-casual engagement photos, he can wear jeans and a nice, collared shirt or pants (gray, khaki, black) and a button-down shirt.

What to Wear for Him

  • Black slacks + collared shirt
  • Dark blue jeans + collared shirt
  • Khaki shorts + polo (for casual photos)

This men’s casual blazer is also AMAZING for summer photos. It’s the perfect mix between dressy and casual.

mens light blue linen blazer for summer engagement photo outfits
Men's Sky Blue Linen Blazer for Summer

View Jacket on Amazon

mens light slate gray and blue linen blazer for summer outfits
Men's Casual Suit Blazer Jacket

View Jacket on Amazon

Summer Engagement Photo Locations

Not sure where to take your spring engagement photos? 

Ask your photographer for their recommendations! They probably know the best spots in town.

Ideas include:

  • Parks and Hiking Paths (anywhere outside!)
  • Local Colleges
  • Local Tourist Locations
  • By Lakes or Beaches
  • Outside Your Home (on the front porch steps)
  • On Local Walking Paths and Bike Trials

More Summer Engagement Outfit Ideas 

Check out the Very Easy Makeup Pinterest page for more engagement photo shoot inspiration and ideas!

Atlanta engagement phoot outfit ideas and engagement photo dresses and ideas for fall, spring, and winter engagement photos by Very Easy Makeup
Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas on Pinterest by Very Easy Makeup

Engagement Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas on Pinterest

Summer Engagement Photoshoot Locations in Atlanta, GA

Live in Atlanta? Here are a few locations/spots to have your spring engagement photos taken!

  • Along the Beltline
  • Outside Berry College 
  • Cator Woolford Gardens
  • The Swan House
  • Lake Acworth
  • Kennesaw Park
  • East Palisades Park
  • Piedmont Park (and by their steps on the active oval!)

FAQs about Engagement Photos

What should I wear for summer engagement photos?

Maxi dresses (ankle-length dresses) look great in summer photos!  You also can’t go wrong with a simple cotton dress for summer engagement photos.

What to Wear for Her

  • Maxi dress + sandals
  • Long, maxi skirt + crop top
  • Floral print, knee length dress + wedges

What should I wear for mountain engagement photos?

Long dresses look great in mountain engagement photos! Go with a floral print dress for a softer look or a deep burgundy or bold, bright color for more contrast.

I personally like bold colors and no patterns on dresses for mountain photos. It's less distracting and makes the photos more focused on the couple and the scenery versus the outfit itself.

See below for inspiration.

Fall-Engagement-Photoshoot-Dress-Mountain Engagement Photo
Mountain Engagement Photo

View Dress on Amazon

What should you not wear for engagement photos?

Avoid clothes that are too tight or too bright (like bright orange). You can wear white, but it's usually not recommended. 

You can wear t-shirts and jeans if you want, but I'd personally recommend steering clear of going casual. Dress up for your engagement photos in a nice dress and have your fiancee wear nice, dark jeans or black slacks and a collared shirt.

How far in advance should you take engagement photos?

Most couples take engagement photos 1-2 months after getting engaged. So there's no need to wait! 

Many couples are also using their engagement photos as a nice collage on the "save the date" postcards.

What time of day is best for engagement photos?

Most photographers recommend 2-3 hours before sunset. Work with your engagement photographer to determine the best time for photos. He/she should know the best lighting for the time of year.

How much do engagement photos cost?

Most couples end up paying $200-$500 for engagement photos.

You can also ask a friend to take photos for you if you are okay with less professional-looking photos! Sometimes a photographer friend will be happy to take the photos as their wedding gift to you.

Summer Beach Engagement Photos

Want to get your photos taken on the beach? Check out this post with beach engagement photos and outfits for inspiration.

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