15 Cutest Christmas Sweaters for a Cozy Winter!

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cute Christmas sweaters for women

Cute Christmas Sweaters

Happy holidays!

With Christmas around the corner, you are probably busy decorating your house (or condo!) for Christmas, getting your holiday shopping done for everyone on your list (don’t forget gifts for your hairdresser!), getting excited to wear your favorite red Christmas dress, and maybe even getting treating yourself to some fun and sexy Christmas nighties.

When it comes to finding the best Christmas sweater, you don’t have to wear an Ugly Christmas sweater this December.

Why not get into the holiday spirit and wear a cute Christmas sweater that’s attractive?

Christmas sweaters don’t HAVE to be red and green, or even have Christmas trees or snowflakes on them (but of course many of them do!). The cutest Christmas sweaters for women include warm and fuzzy sweaters, bright red sweaters, and classy Christmas sweaters.

This holiday guide is all about the best Christmas sweaters for women.

1. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

cute Christmas sweater for women
Image via Pink Lily

View Christmas Sweater on Pink Lily

You will LOVE this Christmas sweater! It's simple and cute! This cute 

2. Holly Jolly Vibe! (Sizes: Small to 3XL)

Cute Christmas Sweater Holly Jolly Vibe!
So Cute!

View on Pink Lily

This white, green, pink, and red Christmas sweatshirt is so cute! This Holly Jolly Vibes Christmas sweater comes in sizes small to XL and is adorable! 

3. Snowflakes and Reindeer 

ZAFUL cute white and red reindeer Christmas sweater
Cute and Sweet

View on Amazon

This cute Christmas sweater by ZAUL looks great when paired with white jeans.

You may also like the red Christmas sweater by Anna-Kaci, which is very similar.

cute Anna-Kaci Women's Christmas Sweater Long Sleeve Reindeer and snowflakes sweater
Under $30 on Amazon

View on Amazon

4. Happy Holidays 

cute red and white Christmas sweater with tassels
Cute Sweater by Tipsy Elves

View on Amazon

This fun Christmas sweater says “Happy Holidays” and features Christmas tree tassels. It’s definitely unique and fun!

You can buy this cute Christmas sweater in either red or black on Amazon.

cute black Christmas sweater with tassels
Perfect for Parties!

View on Amazon

5. Merry Pink 

Cute Christmas Sweater for Women
Sizes: Small to 2XL

View on Pink Lily

This holiday sweater is so cute! You will love the light pink and hot pink lettering.

6. North Pole Cookie Company (Sizes Small to 2XL)

cute Christmas sweater for women
Image via Pink Lily

View on Pink Lily

You will love this cozy and cute Christmas sweater. I mean, who can resist wearing a cute sweater that talks about The North Pole? You'll love how this holiday sweater looks with pajamas or black leggings.

7. Green Christmas Trees and Reindeer

cute green off the shoulder Christmas sweater
Cute and Sexy Christmas Sweater

View on Amazon

Women say this Christmas sweater is so, so soft!

Plus, it’s trendy and cute with the off-the-shoulder style.

8. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal (Sizes Small to 2XL)

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal sweater
Image via Pink Lily

View on Pink Lily

This cute Christmas sweater is under $55 and comes in sizes up to 2XL. Plus, it’s so darn cute!

9. Cute Snowflakes

cute green and white snowflake Christmas sweater
Super Soft with a 4.5/5 Star Review

View on Amazon

This Christmas sweater is “extremely warm” according to one Amazon review and super cozy too!

10. Baby It's Cold Outside (Sizes: Small to X-Large)

Cute Christmas Sweater Baby It's cold Outside
Image via @livingfashionablylate

View on Pink Lily

This Chirmast sweater is perfect for pairing with black leggings and snow boots! 😍❄️

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11. Fun and Festive Red Reindeer 

Cute Christmas Sweater for Women Reindeer
Sizes: Small to XX-Large

View on Amazon

This red Christmas sweater is just so darn cute! It will make you stand out and is fun. It’s also a great Christmas sweater outfit for teachers.

12. Holiday Cheer

cute v-neck Christmas sweater with gingerbread men
Cute Sweater by Tipsy Elves

View on Amazon

This Christmas sweater is cute. It also works great for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

candy cane v-neck cute Christmas sweater
Cute with Candy Canes Too!

View on Amazon

13. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

red, green, and light grey cute Christmas long sleeve shirt
Lightweight and Cozy

View on Amazon

This cute Christmas “sweater” is a long-sleeve t-shirt. It’s cute and perfect if you want a thinner, lightweight Christmas sweater.

14. Cute Reindeer and Snowy Days

cute green and white Christmas sweater
Reindeer Holiday Knit Sweater Pullover

View on Amazon

Women LOVE this Christmas sweater on Amazon. It’s definitely NOT an ugly Christmas sweater. It’s cute, comfy, and warm.

This Christmas sweater looks great in green or red. You can also buy it in dark blue or light gray on Amazon.

cute red and white Christmas sweater
Over 1,000 Positive Reviews!

View on Amazon

15. Merry Everything and Happy Always Christmas Sweater (Sizes: Small to 2X-Large)

Cute Christmas Sweatshirt Merry Everything & Always Happy in Light Tan
Pair with Black Leggings!

View Christmas Sweatshirt on Pink Lily

Not a fan of wearing red or green for Christmas? This tan Chrimast sweatshirt is cheerful but a nice change from the bright red and green! 

P.S. You can buy the EXACT same black leggings shown above on Pink Lily. Shop the black leggings here.

Cute Christmas Sweater Outfits for Women

The Christmas season calls for so many different Christmas outfits!

Of course, there are cute women’s Christmas outfits, Christmas holiday party outfits, and warm and cozy loungewear outfits to wear by the fireplace at night.

This is also the time of the year for warm and festive Christmas pajamas, Christmas onesies, and of course…Christmas outfits with fun, festive, Christmas sweaters.

Below are a few fun Christmas outfits for women with Christmas sweaters.

1. Christmas Sweater Outfit with Jeans and Moccasins

Pair dark gray or black jeans with moccasins and a fun Christmas sweater.

Christmas sweater outfit idea for women with jeans
Photo by SherSheGoes

View Christmas Sweater on Amazon

2. Christmas Sweater Outfit with Light Jeans and Pink Flats

If it’s slightly warm where you live, go with light jeans, pink shoes, and a pretty blue Christmas sweater.

women's Christmas sweater outfit with Chillin with my Snowmies sweater
Photo by SherSheGoes

View Christmas Sweater on Amazon

3. Disney Christmas Sweater Outfit with a Skirt and Thigh High Boots

This sexy and relaxed Christmas sweater outfit is so cute and fun!

Disney Christmas sweater outfit with thigh high boots
Photo by SherSheGoes

View Christmas Sweater on Amazon

4. Christmas Sweater Outfit with Beanie Hat

You can’t go wrong with cute pigtails and a warm hat with a Christmas sweater!

women's ugly Christmas sweater outfit with beanie hat
Cute and Fun

View Christmas Sweater on Amazon

5. Christmas Sweater Outfit with White Jeans

Simply pair your favorite Christmas sweater with white jeans for a classy and fun look.

ugly Christmas sweater outfit with white jeans
Wear Any Sweater with White Jeans

View Christmas Sweater on Amazon

6. Christmas Sweater Outfit with Red Velvet or Suede Pants 

Suede and velvet pants (or leggings!) are very in this winter. They are warm, cozy, and fun.

cute Christmas sweater outfit with red velvet leggings
Cute and Cozy!

View Christmas Sweater on Amazon

You can find red velvet leggings on Amazon for under $30.

Funny Christmas Sweaters for Women

If you want a slightly funny Christmas sweater for women, these Christmas sweaters are funny AND cute.

funny women's Christmas sweaters
Funny Christmas Sweaters

These Christmas sweaters are a little bit prettier than an ugly Christmas sweater…and they are funny!

1. Get Lit Funny Christmas Sweater

Get Lit funny Christmas Sweater
Get Lit Christmas Sweater

View on Amazon

This Christmas sweater is so much fun! The lights will be a hoot at your next Christmas party.

2. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal funny Christmas Sweater
Pair with Leggings for a Funny Christmas Outfit

View on Amazon

Who can say no to a fun sweater that says, “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal”?

Pair this funny Christmas sweater with festive leggings and a bralette for a cute Christmas outfit.

3. OH DEER! Christmas Sweater

funny women's reindeer Christmas sweater
Cute on the Front...

View on Amazon

This funny Christmas sweater says, “Oh Deer!” on the back and has fun pom poms in the front on the reindeer’s nose.

Oh Deer! funny Christmas Sweater
Funny on the Back!

View on Amazon

4. Too Lit to Quit Christmas Sweater

Too Lit to Quite funny women's Christmas sweater
It Lights Up Too!

View on Amazon

This Christmas sweater lights up! Women say it’s too cute to be ugly!

This funny Christmas sweater can be (depending on where you work!) work-appropriate for sweater contests and a fun, festive holiday sweater.

Where to find the best Ugly Christmas Party sweaters

Need an ugly Christmas sweater for an Ugly Christmas party?

The best ugly Christmas sweaters are 3-dimensional with glitter, sequins, pom-poms, or all of the above!

Here’s where I recommend you shop for the best Ugly Christmas sweater.

1. The Salvation Army

Check out the Salvation Army or your local thrift store for the best cheap and tacky Christmas sweaters. 

2. Walmart

Go to Walmart in early December (they sell out quick!) to find cheap and funny Ugly Christmas sweaters. They usually have a lot to choose from!

3. Marshalls or TJ Maxx

I absolutely LOVE TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx (or Marshalls) usually has a few affordable and fun Christmas sweaters that would be perfect for an Ugly Christmas sweater party.

4. Kohl’s

Kohl’s usually sells great holiday clothes (and Christmas decorations!). If you live near Kohl’s, check them out for funny Christmas sweaters.

Where to Buy Cute Christmas Sweaters

Want to check out more cute Christmas sweaters for women?

Here are my recommendations on where to find cute Christmas sweaters this holiday season.

1. Pink Lily

Pink Lily has some really cute Christmas sweaters. Pink Lily also sells cute Christmas pajamas!

Pink Lily also sells cute plus size Christmas sweaters in sizes up to 3XL.

2. Amazon

Amazon has TONS of Christmas sweaters for women online. Whether you want a cute, funny, or sparkly Christmas sweater…Amazon has it.


SHEIN, like Amazon, has a LOT of cute Christmas sweaters for women. Just make sure to read the reviews online before you buy.

4. Target

Target comes out with festive and fun holiday sweaters every season.

5. Walmart

Want a cheap sweater for an ugly Christmas sweater party? Head on over to Walmart. They always have Christmas clothing…just snag it FAST! Walmart runs out quickly.

Makeup for Wearing with Christmas Sweaters

When you have a bright and fun Christmas sweater on top, you don’t need to overdo it with makeup.

Christmas holiday makeup
Holiday Makeup Essentials

My favorite makeup to pair with a Christmas sweater is simply bright red lipstick, glittery eyeshadow, and warm and rosy blush.

1. Red Lipstick from Revlon (and it’s Cheap!)

red lipstick for the holidays in Constantly Coral
Revlon ColorStay in Constantly Coral

View on Amazon

2. NARS Blush (My Go-To Blush for Year-Round)

pink blush for holiday and Christmas makeup
NARS Blush in Orgasm

View on Amazon

3. Too Faced Sparkly Eyeshadow (and It Smells GREAT!)

sparkly brown and nude eyeshadow for holiday makeup that smells good by Too Faced
Too Faced Limited Edition Salted Caramel Mini Eye Shadow Palette

View on Amazon

Nail Polish for Christmas Sweater Parties

For your nails, why not pair a fun and wintery nail design with your Christmas sweater?

I love glitter nail polish the most for the Christmas season. It’s easy to apply yourself and it’s fun.

red sparkly Christmas nail polish by ILNP in Cherry Luxe
ILNP Cherry Luxe Nail Polish

View on Amazon

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