10 Best Winter Nail Colors


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winter nails 2022 and winter nail polish colors

Happy winter!

As the days become shorter, it’s time to cozy up on the couch, hang up your holiday decorations, put on some cozy pajamas, and enjoy a night in.

This beauty guide covers the up-and-coming trends for winter nail colors.

Popular Nail Polish Colors for Winter 

If you want fun and trendy nails for winter, check out these trending nail polish colors.

Hot (or should I say cool and sweet, since it is getting to be the holidays? 😊) winter nail colors include bright and cheerful reds, soft and feminine pinks, and shimmery and glittery nail polish colors.

Below are the trending winter nail colors that I love right now. Cheers! 

1. Deep Red

A bright and cheery red is perfect for Christmas nails, but a burgundy/deep red nail polish is perfect for winter weddings and cool January months.

OPI Bogata Berry deep red nail polish for winter
OPI: Bogata Berry

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2. Shimmery Blue


This shimmery blue nail polish by ILNP is called "First Snow." Perfect for winter!

ILNP First Snow shimmery blue metallic blue nail polish for winter nails
ILNP: First Snow

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3. Speckled White

This Christmas Cookie nail polish reminds me of snow and sparkly Christmas lights!

ILNP Christmas Cookie white sparkly nails for winter
ILNP: Christmas Cookie

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4. Sparkly Light Pink

This shimmery pink nail polish is perfect for January and February.

essie Bonbon Nuit winter nail polish in light sparkly pink
essie: Bonbon Nuit

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5. Rich Purple

Want a bold winter nail polish color? Then this rich purple nail polish will be just perfect for you!

OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid deep purple nail polish for winter
OPI: Good Girls Gone Plaid

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6. Snowflake Blue

This blue nail polish will remind you of winter snowflakes.

ILNP blue sparkly Perano Blue nail polish for sparkly, winter nails
ILNP: Perano Blue

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7. Sparkly New Year’s Pink

Are you ready to celebrate New Year's?! This glittery nail polish is perfect for late December/early January.

sparkly pink nail polish for winter or New Year's by essie in A Cute Above
essie: A Cut Above, Pink Glitter

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8. Shimmery Pink

This shimmery pink nail polish is girly and cute! 

ILNP Yes Please pink holographic shimmery nail polish in light pink
ILNP: Yes Please

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9. Sparkly Gold or Gold Sparkles Over Red

China Glaze gold glitter nail polish in Counting Carats for Christmas or winter nails
China Glaze: Counting Carats

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Add the China Glaze nail polish in "Counting Carats" over a deep red nail polish to copy the winter holiday nails below.

Christmas and winter nails with gold sparkles over red nail polish by China Glaze
China Glaze Over Red Nail Polish

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10. Classic Red

A classic red nail polish is perfect for December and February (for Valentine's Day!).

essie Limited Addiction classic red nail polish for winter and Christmas nails
essie: Not Red-y for Bed

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In conclusion, some of the top winter nail colors include ruby red, winter blue, and shimmery pink.

Which winter nail color will you be rocking this season? Please leave a comment below to share!

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trending and popular winter nail color ideas and nail designs for winter by Very Easy Makeup
Trending Winter Nail Colors

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